Best CPAP Accessories on Amazon

By Katie Dyal

For individuals that suffer from sleep apnea, using a CPAP device can be an effective treatment to help gain a better night’s sleep. Once you become a part of this diagnosis, there are several terms and tools that can be foreign and intimidating in the beginning. 

Here are our top picks for the best CPAP accessories on Amazon. From cleaning supplies to replacement tubs and cushions, you are sure to find something that will enhance your sleeping experience with your CPAP machine. Read on to learn more about a CPAP machine and how choosing the best accessories can help you sleep better. 

Our Picks for the Best CPAP Accessories

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cpap mask wipes

Best Cleaning Wipes

RespLabs Medical CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes

An additional way to effectively clean your mask quickly and safely. RespLabs Medical CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes come with 110 wipes and two travel packs in every order. The wipes are biodegradable, unscented, and lint-free.

With a simple wipe down, you are preserving your mask and preventing built-up grime and other forms of unwanted bacteria. Simply open the dispensing flap and start wiping the surface. Once you have wiped down the entire mask and accessories, allow them to air dry fully prior to use. Dispose of the wash in the trash and experience a refreshing sleep at all times.

cpap hose

Best Replacement Hose/Tube

RespLabs CPAP Hose, Black-Out Tubing

It’s always a smart investment to have a replacement tub ready for your CPAP machine. This tube measures six feet long with 22mm cuffs. It’s compatible with most respironics and ResMed devices including AirSense Series, S9 Series, Dreamstation, PR System One, and many more.

You can order this hose in pink, grey, or all black. Designed with a high-quality plastic, this replacement will come in handy if something happens to your current tubbing. 

cpap cartridge

Best Filter Replacement

SoClean Replacement Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 2 Machines

If you use any version or style of SoClean machines, these are the best filter replacements for you. With guaranteed compatibility, this kit can serve you for up to six months. For best results and protection, you should replace your filter and valve every six months.

It takes minutes to assemble and doesn’t require a complete disassembly of the entire unit. With step-by-step directions, you can simply remove the old filter and replace with a brand new one with ease. Each order includes one replacement filter cartridge and a check valve assembly. 

resmed mask

Best Cushion Replacement

Resmed Airfit F20 Cushion replacement

If you ever need an extra cushion or cushion replacement, look no further. The Resmed Airfit F20 Cushion is the perfect quality and fit for most individuals. Designed in a medium size, this mask can fit most faces comfortably and effectively.

It’s suggested that mask cushions and pillows should be replaced every 30 days to ensure the best health during your CPAP therapy. Each order includes one replacement cushion. 

What is a CPAP machine? 

A CPAP machine is a treatment option for individuals that suffer from sleep apnea. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This machine helps people with sleep apnea breathe easier throughout the night to prevent abnormal breathing patterns. 

The CPAP machine increases air pressure within your throat by providing a constant steam. This steam opens up your airway, which in turn, helps you to breathe properly throughout the entire night. 

How the right CPAP accessories can help those with sleep apnea rest better

With the proper accessories, you can enhance the effectiveness of your CPAP device which will result in better sleep. There are different treatments and devices that can be used to treat sleep apnea, but most individuals find that CPAP is the most effective. 

With the best CPAP accessories, you can improve the overall effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. Additional accessories and cleaning tools can provide more comfort, safety, and convenience when using your machine. Although we have listed our top picks on Amazon, there are several CPAP accessories out there not listed such as batteries, cords, chin straps, mask liners, cushions, travel bags, softwares, and pillows.

When you invest into your accessories, your overall experience will improve. Finding products that are compatible with your device or make your life easier when traveling are worth the initial investment. 

How to choose the best CPAP products

When you decide to use a CPAP device for treatment, it’s essential that you wear it properly and throughout the entire night. It does no good if it doesn’t get worn. Finding additional products to enhance your CPAP machine can be super beneficial to your overall satisfaction while wearing and caring for it. 

Once you’ve accomplished the proper style and fit of your CPAP mask, it’s best to be prepared.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s always a smart decision to have a back up tub that is compatible with your device, mask cushion, and pillow. If anything happens as you’re going to use your machine, you can be prepared and handle the situation immediately. 

Cleaning Supplies 

Since you will be using this device every night, you should know how to properly care for it to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. Consider different cleaning supplies that are safe from harming you and specific in treating your machine. 


Your device does require some upkeep. You will need to replace the filters, mask liners, etc. typically after six months. This will ensure that your machine runs smoothly and provides the best treatment each night. By keeping up with your maintenance, your machine will serve you for a longer period of time.


There are several accessories that can improve your CPAP machine. It’s important that CPAP users take care of their devices by replacing items when needed and cleaning the device properly and carefully. There are some additional items that may not be necessary but can help an individual enjoy their CPAP experience more which will lead to a restful night’s sleep.

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