The Best Crib Sheets

By Katie Dyal

Your baby spends a majority of their time in their bed in the first years of their life. From day one to one-month-old, your baby will sleep on average for 14-18 hours each day. With that in mind, it’s important that they are sleeping on quality sheets.  

Crib sheets serve as your baby’s primary bedding and helps showcase the overall design of your baby’s nursery. Read along to discover our top picks for the best crib sheets and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Picks for the Best Crib Sheets

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american baby crib sheets

Best Budget

American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet for Standard Crib and Toddler Mattresses

The Heavenly Soft Chenille Crib Sheet produced by the American Baby Company is made of high quality materials and provides optimal comfort for your little baby every night. The fitted sheet is designed to fit standard size mattresses measuring 28 inches by 52 inches.

The sheets are made of a velvety polyester and a three-panel construction for a smoother fit. With nine-inch deep fitted pockets, these sheets fit securely on your baby’s mattress while also including an elastic seal. These sheets are available in 23 different color options and can be machine washed cold. 

kids n such crib sheets

Best Luxury

Kids N’ Such – Crib Sheet Set 100% Jersey Cotton

Made with premium jersey cotton, these cribs sheets are lightweight, breathable, and ultra soft. These high-quality sheets are designed with nine-inch deep fitted pockets, including an elastic band that secures and provides a universal fit.

These sheets can be fitted on most crib and toddler mattresses with the help of the firm, elastic band. Each purchase includes two sets of sheets so you can always be prepared for late night changes. The jersey cotton sheets are machine-washable and available in a design that showcases arrows and stars.

burts bees baby sheets

Best Overall

Burt’s Bees Baby – Fitted Crib Sheet, Girls & Unisex 100% Organic Cotton Crib Sheet for Standard Crib and Toddler Mattresses

Burt’s Bees Fitted Crib Sheets are said to feel similar to your favorite t-shirt. Made with 100 percent organic cotton, these sheets are extremely soft and cozy for your little one. These GOTS-certified sheets are combed and ring-spun for durability and made with no-pill washing.

A jersey-knit bedding is the perfect choice for a baby with sensitive skin. Designed with safety in mind, the fitted sheet is fully encased with a premium elastic band that secures the sheet in place at all times. You can mix and match your favorite styles with over 24 different color and pattern options. 

stretchy fitted sheets

Best Patterns

Stretchy Fitted Crib Sheets Set-Brolex 2 Pack Portable Crib Mattress Topper for Baby Boys Girls

Allow your baby to sleep softly and safely each night with the Brolex Baby Bedding. These crib sheets are soft, breathable, and stretchy to provide the perfect fit on most crib mattresses.

Made with high-quality microfiber knit fabric, these sheets contain no harmful dyes or chemicals. The sheets are designed with a four-way stretch to make bed changes easy and seamless. It’s machine-washable and has three adorable patterns that accommodate both boys and girl styles.

What to look for in your next crib sheet set

There are a few things to consider when shopping for the best crib sheets. Here’s what to look for to ensure your little one gets the best night’s sleep in their crib. 

  • Fit: Before your purchase any standard-sized sheets (which is what you’ll typically see), confirm the measurements with your baby’s crib mattress to ensure it’s the proper fit. Your baby’s sheets should fit snug around the mattress with no baggage to prevent any unanticipated accidents from happening. 
  • Materials: Natural, organic fibers and 100 percent cotton material is best for your baby’s crib sheets. When you have a newborn, their skin is extremely delicate. It’s most important to ensure that the materials that make up your baby’s sheets are safe and ultra soft.
  • Style: Although safety and comfort should come first, the style of your baby’s crib sheets matters, too. Since it’s the only bedding being showcased, it deserves to be filled with cute patterns and colors that match the overall aesthetic that you’ve created in their nursery. There are a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from- just be sure it’s safe and soft for baby.
  • Timeline: Consider the length of time your child will be using their crib and need crib sheets. This will help determine whether you purchase a long-lasting, luxury sheet set or a temporary, more affordable set. 

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We’ve answered some frequently asked questions regarding crib sheets so you can make the best buying decision for your little one. 

How many crib sheets should I have? 

It’s best to have a minimum of two sets of crib sheets, so you always have a spare handy when the other is washing. 

How often should I wash my crib sheets?  

For starters, you should always wash brand new crib sheets before placing them on your baby’s mattress. Also, whenever your baby is sick, it’s suggested that you wash the sheets to prevent lingering germs. In terms of general washes, it’s recommended to wash your crib sheets every week. Be sure to follow the washing and drying instructions correctly to keep the same feel and quality throughout your time of use. 

What does standard size mean?

You’ll come across this term a lot when browsing crib sheets. Standard size crib sheets are referring to the fit of a standard crib mattress. Typically, crib mattresses are 28 inches wide and 52 inches long. Not all baby sheets and mattresses are standard-size, so be sure to measure your crib mattress to ensure you are purchasing the right size sheets. 


Crib sheets are one of the essential sleep items for your baby’s bedding. It’s important to consider the fit and materials when deciding which crib sheets are best. 

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