Best Deep Pocket King Sheets

By Katie Dyal

King beds are the most luxurious of options; however, dressing them can be a royal pain. If your king mattress is especially large, you’ll need a sheet set that is highly durable and completed with deep pockets that stay secure. There’s nothing worse than a fitted sheet that loves to slip. If you skip out on these details, your sheets will be tossing and turning along with you.  

With these factors in mind, we’ve chosen some top picks that don’t compromise style or comfort. Choose wisely and you’ll find an option that fits seamlessly into your decor and onto your bed. Save yourself the hassle and make your bed happily by learning more about the best deep pocket king sheets below. 

Our Picks for the Best Deep Pocket King Sheets

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Sweet Home Collection

Best Budget

Sweet Home Collection

The Sweet Home Collection Luxury Bed Sheets Set is a perfect fit for your king bed.

Available at an unbeatable price, this double-brushed microfiber set makes for a soft landing. Designed with 16-inch deep pockets, you can rest assured that your bedding won’t shift as you sleep. Caring for these sheets is easy; just make sure to wash them in cold water and they’ll stay looking brand-new. Browse through the vast selection of colors and you’re sure to find an option that speaks to you. 

Danjor Linens

Easiest Care

Danjor Linens

The Hotel Luxury Premium Bed Sheets Set from Danjor Linens is a go-to option that’s easy to care for and hard not to love.

These extra durable and long-lasting sheets are also hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, and fade-resistant. Deep pockets and luxurious microfiber will check off the remaining boxes on your list. Two extra pillowcases are included, rounding out this set to six pieces.

California Design Den

Best Luxury

California Design Den

California Design Den’s Combed Cotton Bed Sheets win Best Luxury for their unsurpassed softness.

Made up of 100-percent long-staple cotton fibers, its sateen weave creates a surface that is silky smooth no matter how many times you wash them. A 400 thread count adds comfort to this already opulent textile, while its detailed hem styling helps reach a high standard in aesthetics. The deep pockets on this set are designed to reach as far as they need to go. All of these factors guarantee a high-quality and long-lasting product.

CGK Unlimited

Also Great

CGK Unlimited

The Unlimited Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets by CGK Unlimited are a solid choice that can be used all year round.

The brushed microfiber is lightweight, making it a great option for summer months or for someone who prefers a breezy sleep. With this set, you’ll find breathability and a cool, comfortable snooze. With that said, these sheets will still keep you warm by trapping in heat during colder months. The fitted sheet is a universal fit, meaning that its claim to fit mattresses of all sizes isn’t a stretch. 

What to Look For in Your Next Deep Pocket King Sheets Set

So, you’re searching for a bed sheet set that will fit the bill by fitting your bed. Where do you start? In order to find your perfect choice, you’ll have to be on the look-out for a couple of important factors. Read on to find out why pocket size, durability, and materials matter most when selecting the best deep pocket sheets for your king bed.

  • Pocket size: Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a full-on fight with a fitted sheet. Most of us have, yet none of us have time for this pointless hassle. Make sure that the set you have your eye on contains a fitted sheet with ample pocket space. A 16-inch pocket should be more than enough to fit even the largest of mattresses.
  • Durability: Consider this factor to make sure that your chosen set can stand up to the test. Your sheets will be stretching; therefore, great construction and a strong weave is necessary if you want them to last.
  • Material: Comfort is king. When outfitting your king mattress with a fresh set of sheets, don’t compromise on this very important detail. Your best pick depends on your preferences. You probably have a type when it comes to softness, so pay attention to the type of materials used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still unclear about the importance of deep pockets? We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to make sure that you embark on your sheet shopping experience with confidence.

Why does pocket-size matter?

Stretching an ill-fitting sheet onto your king mattress will quickly damage your sheet. If you want to save money, time, and effort, choose bed sheets that have the correct pocket size.

What measurement qualifies for a deep pocket?

A range of 14 to 18 inches universally constitutes deep-pocket depth, although some mattresses can even measure up to 22 inches in depth.

What extra steps can I take to make outfitting my bed easier?

If wrestling with your fitted sheet is something you’re trying to avoid at all costs, choose one that’s fully elasticized. This provides an all-around stretch that is sure to hug your mattress fully and securely.

How do I best care for my deep pocket king sheets?

If you’ve purchased a standard set of deep pocket king sheets, chances are its 100-percent cotton or microfiber. If that stands true, normal machine washing will do. Always check the tag just to make sure that you won’t be shrinking or fading your set. 


There are a lot of sheet sets out there that cater specifically to king beds, but what if your king mattress stands taller than the rest? Choose one that features deep pockets if you want to avoid struggle and maintain the quality of your sheets. If your mattress and its sheets live in harmony, then making your bed will be a breeze.

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