Best Deep Pocket Sheets

By Katie Dyal

We’ve all been there- breaking a sweat just to make our bed. The fitted sheet is always the one that brings the trouble. You have three of the four corners tucked and it’s time to conquer the last corner. With all your might, you pull as firmly, yet gently as possible- to ensure all the other corners stay in place. You’re tired, sweaty, and your bedding is so tight; it just looks uncomfortable. There has got to be a better way.

Good news- there is! Not all fitted sheets are created equal because every mattress is a little different. If your mattress is thicker than 14 inches, standard sheet sizes might fit a little too snug. Although fitted sheets are meant to tuck the majority of mattresses, that’s not always the case.

If this sounds like you, read along to discover our top picks for the best deep pocket sheets, how they vary from traditional sheets, and why you might need them.

Our Picks for the Best Deep Pocket Sheets

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nestl bedding deep pocket sheets

Best Overall

Deep Pocket Hotel Sheets by Nestl Bedding

Promised to be softer and more durable than Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, or 1800-thread count sheets, the Nestl Deep Pocket Sheets are luxurious to touch and provide the perfect fit.

Designed for mattresses with memory foam toppers or mattress pads, these sheets provide 14 to 16-inch deep pockets. The sheets are made of premium microfiber, tightly woven, and doubled brushed on each side to provide a silky smooth feel for every touch.

A stretchable elastic band is designed around the sheet entirely to secure the sheet in place all night long. The Nestl Sheets are machine-washable and pet-friendly. 

california design den deep pocket sheets

Best Designs

400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet by California Design Den

With 24 color and pattern options available, you can find the style and comfort you need with the California Design Den Deep Pocket Sheet Set.

Each set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillow cases. These sheets are made with 100-percent pure cotton into a sateen luxe weave that offers an ultra-soft, satin-like feel. The fitted sheet offers a 16-inch deep pocket, accompanied with an elastic band that ensures the sheet stays in place all night long. The authentic cotton makes these sheets cozy, breathable, and long-lasting. 

CGK deep pocket sheets

Best Microfiber Option

Extra Deep Pocket Sheets by CGK Unlimited

Easily fits mattresses that are 18 to 24 inches deep, the CGK Unlimited Deep Pocket Sheets are a great option for your bedding.

Designed with microfiber properties, these sheets are hypoallergenic, allergy-resistant, and super soft. They remain breathable, even though they are designed with an extra elastic band that holds the sheets down in place no matter what. This bed sheet set comes with six pieces including four pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. 

sweet home deep pocket sheets

Best Budget

Sweet Home Collection Sheets 6 Piece 1500 Thread Count Deep Pocket Hypoallergenic Brushed Microfiber Soft and Comfortable Bedding Set

Made with 100 percent fine-brushed microfiber polyester, the Sweet Home Deep Pocket Bedding Set is affordable, functional, and insanely comfortable.

This six-piece set is 100-percent hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, and machine-washable. The fitted sheet provides a 16-inch deep pocket to fit the thickest of mattresses. Lined with an elastic property that is stretchy and adhesive guarantees no movement throughout the night. This set includes four pillow cases (two for a twin-size set), flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. 

What are deep pocket sheets?

Deep pocket sheets are designed with deeper measurements to provide thicker mattresses the proper fit. Unlike regular sheets, deep pocket sheets can measure 15 to 22 inches deep. Regular sheets are typically seven to 14 inches deep. 

Designed for thick mattresses, deep pocket sheets are made with more depth in the corners, allowing you to stretch them over the thickest of mattresses with complete ease. 

Why would you need deep pocket sheets? 

It all depends on the thickness of your mattress. Some mattresses are naturally made thicker to provide extra comfort. For instance, pillow top mattresses typically offer an additional two-inch layer to the overall mattress. The standard thickness of a mattress is typically six to nine inches, but there are mattresses that range from 12 to 18 inches thick to offer more comfort, plush, and luxury. 

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Deep pocket sheets work best on thick mattresses, mattresses with pillow tops, or mattresses that have been given an additional layer with a mattress topper. Whether your mattress wasn’t as comfortable as you were expecting or it’s gotten flat with old age, a mattress topper offers an extra layer of cushion that makes all the difference in the level of comfort. However, once you add your mattress topper to your bedding, you may notice a difference in the way your standard fitted sheets cover, which leads you to potentially upgrading to a deep pocket sheet set.


Deep pocket sheets can be a great investment. There are lots of advantages but there are a few things to steer away from as well. Here are some pros and cons to deep pocket sheets. 


  • Full Coverage: Deep pocket sheets are known to adequately cover an entire mattress without lifting on the sides or fitting extremely tight.
  • Functionality: Unlike traditional fitted sheets, most deep pocket sheets are designed with a fitted band, typically made of elastic that ensures secure placement all night long.
  • Added Protection: Especially for memory foam mattresses, deep pocket sheets help protect your mattress from stains, moisture, or any other germs and bacteria that could come in contact with your mattress.


  • Price: Deep pocket sheets are typically more expensive than regular sheets. You can find deep pocket sheets that include a matching bed set or you can purchase just the fitted deep pocket sheet. It depends on your budget.
  • Materials: Not all deep pocket sheets are created equal- make sure your sheets are made of high-quality properties. Deep pocket sheets are typically made of less luxurious materials than regular sheets so you have to be careful while shopping.

How to choose the best deep pocket sheets

There are a couple things to consider when choosing the best deep pocket sheets for your bed. 


Before purchasing deep pocket sheets, measure the thickness of your mattress to ensure you get the proper fit. When shopping, look within the product details for “pocket depth.” If your mattress is thicker than the listed measurement, you may need to shop for extra deep pocket sheets. 


Always make sure the materials that are designed within your deep pocket sheets are of high quality. Pay less attention to the thread count and more attention to the actual percentage of properties that make up the sheets entirely. High percentages of cotton and microfiber are safe options for comforting materials. 


Deep pocket sheets make bed-making easier for thick mattresses. Whether you have a pillow top mattress, mattress topper, or your mattress was built thicker than the average, deep pocket sheets can help you obtain a better night’s sleep. 

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