Best desk decor

By Amanda Lasater

Your office space or desk is the area in which your work takes place. With that said, your desk decor doesn’t have to be a snore. In fact, we think it’s important to add some style and personalization to your desk. By giving your workspace a homier feel, you’ll feel more comfortable and content when you’re clocked in. 

If you don’t feel positive or inspired in your workspace, you’re more at risk for work burnout, higher levels of stress, and a less-than-great quality of sleep. These consequences will affect your mood negatively, which will, in turn, make it even harder to stay motivated while at work. To turn your frown upside down, add an item of desk decor that makes you smile and adds convenience to your life. Here’s what we’ve picked for the best desk decor.

The best desk decor

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Best desk pad

Colorful and protective

Whether you’re trying to protect your desk or bring new life to it, a desk pad will instantly add much-needed decoration. 

We love this desk pad for its bright colors, protective qualities, and large size. This option measures in at roughly 31 inches by 16 inches, ultimately covering a broad section of space. It comes in a variety of reversible color options, from “purple/pink” to “light blue/silver” and everything in between. This product acts as a waterproof barrier for your desk. 

Why we love it:

  • Double-sided 
  • Great selection of colors
  • High-quality stitching
  • Waterproof

Best desk plant

Inspirational and cute

It’s nice to be reminded of nature while spending hours upon hours indoors. 

This trio of faux desk plants will lighten the mood as you work diligently. These fake succulents look identical to the real thing; however, they don’t require watering or any additional care. Their rose gold tins each feature a motivational quote in pretty cursive lettering and are sure to breathe positivity into your work routine. 

Why we love it:

  • No watering necessary 
  • Motivational 
  • Faux rose gold tins add luxury to your desk 
  • Small enough to fit on any desk
Simple Houseware

Best desk organizer

Neat and compact

There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly organized desk. 

This desk organizer features plenty of compartments, allowing you to store your supplies of all shapes and sizes. Made in a 13-inch by 13-inch size, this option will barely take up any space. With that said, it will save you space by neatly storing knick-knacks, papers, books, and more. With this product, you’ll keep your stuff accessible while simultaneously storing clutter out of sight. 

Why we love it:

  • Plenty of compartments
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact size
Simple Houseware

Best laptop stand and organizer

Simple and helpful

Who doesn’t love a dual-purpose desk accessory? This item works both as a laptop stand and organizer. 

Give your laptop a little lift with this helpful metal riser. By bringing your computer closer to eye level, you’ll improve your posture and prevent back pain, which ultimately will improve your sleep. This space-saving contraption also provides several opportunities for storing supplies. Its built-in shelf is a great place to store your phone, calendar or whatever else you see fit. 

Why we love it:

  • Keeps office tools neat and organized
  • Improves back posture
  • Fully supports laptop
  • Easy set-up and maintenance

Best hanging photo display

Whimsical and charming

To make your desk or office space a little homier, we recommend surrounding it with photos of your loved ones. 

Instead of opting for photo frames that take up space, let this hanging photo display dress up your decor. This versatile option installs in a couple of seconds and will fit perfectly in any room. It acts as both a wall hanging and a photo holder and allows you to attach pictures anywhere you see fit. You’ll have so much fun customizing and personalizing this whimsical photo display. 

Why we love it:

  • Easy to install
  • Multi-purpose
  • Clever way to display photos
  • Great for kids’ bedrooms
Simple Designs

Best desk lamp

Understated and sophisticated

No desk is complete without a lamp, especially if you find yourself working at night. 

For a desk lamp that’s minimal yet highly functional, we recommend this sophisticated option. The simple design of this desk lamp sports a vintage feel without looking too overdone. Subtle decorative qualities are found in its selection of finishes and chic glass shade. It’s made in a small size and offers just the right amount of light, meaning it won’t overpower any desk. 

Why we love it:

  • Comes in four elegant finishes
  • Vintage look and design
  • Perfect size 
  • Goes with any decor

How to find the best desk decor

Desk decor can mean anything from functional organizers to purely decorative chotskies, and everything in between. When outfitting your desk area, consider what it is that you need, whether it be help with storage or just a little more visual interest. When shopping, consider the factors of style, color, and function. These three categories will help you get clear on what kind of desk decor you’re looking for. 

Style: What’s your personal style? When choosing decor for any room, make sure it matches pre-existing pieces. If you’ve just started decorating, take a second to consider what style you want your office or desk space to portray. 

Color: One way to make your desk look cohesive is through the use of a color palette. Choose a select few colors that you love, and then stick within these shades when buying decor. This way, every piece in your office will eventually match in perfect harmony. 

Function: Desk decor doesn’t only prettify your desk; it can also add convenience as well. If you could use more storage space or you’re trying to protect your desktop, mouse, iPad, or other technology, choose a piece of decor that can step up to the plate. 


Desk decor comes in all shapes and sizes, and can add both aesthetic and functional value to your office area. We hope you’ve found a favorite in our list of best desk decor. 

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