Best desk monitor risers

By Amanda Lasater

More than likely, your computer monitor sits at about neck height – a convention that can negatively impact your health and wellbeing overtime. Whether you use your computer for work or fun, keeping your monitor at neck height causes you to slouch, impacts your posture, and even takes its toll on your energy levels.

Before you go out and spend a fortune on an adjustable desk, we suggest that you consider purchasing a desk monitor riser to elevate your monitor to a height that is ergonomic and healthy. To help you on your hunt for the perfect desk monitor riser, we’ve reviewed the most popular risers on Amazon and compiled them here.

The best desk monitor risers

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Best overall

Plenty of space and a great design

This Office Oasis monitor riser was originally designed to support two monitors, however, the extra-large design offers far more possibilities. The sturdy, stainless steel legs, non-slip rubber feet, and large surface space of the riser will support your heaviest computer monitors.

Aside from just supporting your computer monitor, this monitor riser can be used to support a TV, a printer station, a computer and speaker setup, and much more. And, you can store your office accessories and supplies under your monitor to provide you with more desk space. The monitor riser is made from sustainable bamboo and features a modern design that will be a stunning addition to any desk. The stand comes in three finishes including natural bamboo, brown, or black.

Best storage

Strong and supportive

SimpleHouseware’s monitor riser provides you with everything you need in a monitor riser. The riser is made from a durable metal construction that comes in either black or silver.

It is built with four side storage pockets that are perfect for storing all your desk essentials. The monitor riser also has a sliding drawer that can easily fit your tablet and other office accessories. SimpleHouseware’s monitor riser is 20.25” long and 11.5” deep and has a height of 5.8”. Overall the monitor riser by SimpleHouseware is a sturdy riser that gets its job done without costing a fortune. 

Most durable

Skid proof and sturdy

The Husky Mounts monitor stand is a highly-rated riser that many people swear by.

The riser is made with a durable steel construction that will hold up to 44 pounds, far heavier than your computer monitor or TV screen. Each riser is 14.5” long and 9.3” deep and features adjustable legs that allow you to raise your monitor to the perfect height for comfortable viewing. The feet of this riser are capped with skid-proof rubber so you won’t have to worry about this stand sliding around on your desk.

Most adjustable

Ergonomic and prevents overheating

This monitor riser from HUANUO was designed to give you control over how elevated your monitor screen is. The riser offers three adjustable height levels which allow you to choose the most ergonomic, healthiest, and most comfortable viewing angle while you work.

To adjust the riser’s height, you simply press down on a button on each leg and adjust to your preferred height – either 3.9”, 4.7”, or 5.5” tall. The riser has large holes cut out on the top of its shelf to provide your monitor with increased airflow and prevent overheating. It comes with non-slip legs and anti-skid rubber feet that increase stability and protect your laptop and furniture from damage. Installation of this riser takes less than 60 seconds – simply screw in the legs and you are ready to work. The dimensions of this riser are 14.5” long and 9.1” deep and holds up to 44 pounds, so it is perfect for your laptop or your printer.

How to find the best desk monitor risers

Finding the best desk monitor riser will be a piece of cake once you consider the following:

Construction: You want to find a durable, sturdy, and heavy-duty monitor riser that offers a weight capacity that fits your needs. We recommend staying away from plastic frames and instead opting for steel, which is always a safe choice when it comes to durability. Your monitor riser should be able to support at least 40 pounds and have non-slip feet to prevent slipping and damage to your desk. 

Size: You should measure your desk before you start shopping for a monitor riser to ensure that you purchase one that fits perfectly. Check that the riser provides you with ample space for your monitor as well as ample space underneath for your computer accessories. Avoid a monitor riser that does not provide you with much space underneath, as this can end up causing a cluttered workspace.


These risers increase the height of your monitor to eye level, which prevents eye and back strain and improves your posture and overall health.

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