Best Digital Thermometers

By Katie Dyal

You can take all the precautions and still get hit with a cold out of nowhere. Did you know that you can get sick just from a lack of sleep?

Needless to say, if you start feeling under the weather, it’s necessary to know the extent of your sickness. A digital thermometer can provide you with an accurate reading of your fever before heading to the doctor’s office. Although every household should have a thermometer handy, it’s especially important for young families. Below, we share our top picks for the best digital thermometers ranging from best for adults to best for baby. Read along to discover the best fit for your home and what to look for when shopping for these lifesavers yourself.

Our Picks for the Best Digital Thermometers

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Braun Digital Ear Thermometer

Best Overall

Braun Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500

The Braun Digital Ear Thermometer can read an accurate temperature for every member of your family which is why it’s at the top of our list. 

This ear thermometer is designed with an innovative ThermoScan that measures the infrared heat that’s generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue to provide a trustworthy report. With a pre-warmed tip and disposable filters that are soft to the touch, this thermometer is non-threatening and the farthest thing from painful for young children. This BPA-free thermometer is designed with easy-to-use controls and displays a digital measurement within seconds. 

iProven Digital Medical Thermometer

Best Budget

iProven Digital Medical Thermometer

Cost should never stop you from taking care of yourself and your family. The iProven Digital Thermometer makes it possible with its affordable oral and rectal reading device.

With an optimized algorithm, this digital thermometer gives you accurate results on your fever in just 10 seconds. Designed with a flexible waterproof tip, you can take your baby’s temperature rectally, thoroughly clean the tip, and then use it on yourself orally. Smiley faces will indicate the seriousness of your displayed temperature with sad, indifferent, and happy faces. Whenever the measurement has been indicated, a soft alarm will go off, alerting you to remove the device and read your results.

Mosen Baby Thermometer

Best For Baby

Mosen Baby Thermometer

Clinically proven to provide accurate results, the Mosen Baby Thermometer is our top pick for infants. 

This four-in-one infrared thermometer uses infrared technology to measure temperatures through the ear and forehead. In one second, your result will appear so there’s no guessing or waiting period to ensure your little one is okay. Since this thermometer offers two modes, you can interchange them as often and efficiently as you want. When the cover is left on, it’s intended for the forehead measurement; whereas, no cover will report through an ear temperature. This thermometer also provides additional temperature measurements including the temperature of your baby’s milk and the overall warmth of a room.

iProven Ear Thermometer for Kids

Best For Kids

iProven Ear Thermometer for Kids

Another great option for kids is the iProven Ear Thermometer for Kids. Serving as a dual-mode device, this can also be used on babies as well. 

This digital thermometer provides a reliable ear measurement, as well as forehead function. In seconds, this thermometer can provide accurate results through revolutionized technology. With two buttons designed on the device, the functionality is simple, straight-forward, and trusting. The temporal mode reads temperatures in just one second and lets off a beeping noise when it’s found an accurate temperature. The forehead mode gives an indicative quick scan and is suitable for all ages, including parents!

What to Look For in Your Next Digital Thermometer

A thermometer is an item that you want to be very methodical at picking out. Not all thermometers are created equal and appropriate for all ages. Here’s what to look for to ensure you get the best digital thermometer for your household.

  • Type Based on Age: The first thing you have to decide is what type of model you would like your thermometer to be. Different models are suited for different age groups. The most common types of thermometers can measure your temperature orally, in the ear, rectally, under the armpit, or on the forehead. If you have a child who is under six months old, the only accurate result you can receive is through a rectal thermometer. Once your child gets older, ear and forehead thermometers are most common. Adults typically use oral thermometers.
  • Features: Going digital means there’s an opportunity for your thermometer to offer more than just body temperature readings. Some models can hold a report of body temperatures, which may be helpful if someone in your family is constantly getting sick. Other features include alert noises that you have the thermometer placed correctly or it’s done reading your temperature. This can be helpful with little ones so they know how long they need to keep the device in place.
  • Accuracy: When it’s time to pull out the thermometer, it means that someone is feeling pretty rough. You want to ensure you get an accurate result every time and quickly. Digital thermometers are constructed in an efficient way and typically offer body temperature results within one to 10 seconds. As long as you are using the correct type of thermometer based on the person’s age, you can trust the results.


There’s nothing fun about being sick, but it’s something we all have to prepare for. One way to keep your home healthy is by staying aware of everyone’s body temperature. A digital thermometer can provide accurate results to always give you the peace of mind to know your family is okay. When you do have a sick family member, the best thing you can do to stop the sickness from spreading is to clean your mattress– considering that’s where you spend the most time when you’re not feeling well. 

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