Best Dimmable Light Bulbs

By Katie Dyal

Step up your lighting game with a dimmer switch and accompanying dimmable light bulbs. One of the easiest ways to add personalized ambiance to a room is through dimmable lights. With these light bulbs, you’ll be able to get the lighting to be exactly the way you want it with the scroll of a switch. You’ll also save on your energy bill and cut down on energy waste. 

Dimmable light bulbs add luxury and elegance to any space. Set the mood by setting up a dimming system in your home, office, or business. Finish it off by adding the right furniture and decor, and you’ve got a room that you’ll adore. We’ve listed our top picks for the best dimmable light bulbs below.

Our Top Picks for the Best Dimmable Light Bulbs

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Best Luxury


You’ll be thrilled when you see how stylish and functional the Dimmable Vintage LED Edison Bulbs by Ascher are. 

Coming in a set of four, these incredibly elegant bulbs have a retro look that will definitely upgrade any light fixture. This set is also a great option if you have a light fixture that showcases exposed bulbs or serves as a design focal point. These bulbs have a “wow factor” that keeps up with any illuminated statement piece. In terms of functionality, these bulbs work in place of any 60W incandescent or 6W LED bulb. The dimming power smoothly transitions from a 10-percent use of light to its maximum light (700 lumens.) The color of this light is a soft warm white, which matches the elegance of their design. You may spend a couple of dollars more upfront on these; however, they look like a million bucks and can save you up to 90-percent on your electricity bill.


Best Budget


The Relax Four-Pack of 60 W Equivalent Dimmable Bulbs from GE is the perfect starter pack of adjustable light bulbs. 

These last twice as long as the basic LED bulbs made by the same brand. This option radiates a soft white light that will suit any room in your home. Because these are LED, their color is more enhanced; therefore, they offer a full brightness throughout their duration and they don’t contain any mercury. Coming in a pack of four, you’ll be able to keep a couple on hand should one run out of juice. On average, you’ll save approximately 84 dollars on your electricity bill per bulb.

Philips LED

Best Non-Dimmable

Philips LED

This 16-pack of LED Non-Dimmable Frosted Light Bulbs by Philips LED will make your home just as happy as the other options on this list. 

They may not be adjustable, but other benefits are available from this choice. With this set, you’ll be set for years. You’ll receive 16 bulbs in one pack at an excellent value. The appearance of frosted light gives off a crisp, white ambiance that’s bright but not too overpowering. Just because they don’t dim doesn’t mean they’re not energy efficient. They use 80-percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts and last ten times longer than both incandescent and halogen bulbs. All in all, Philips delivers great results in a non-dimmable option as well.

Great Eagle Lighting Corporation

Also Great

Great Eagle Lighting Corporation

Purchasing the Great Eagle Lighting Corporation’s 100W Equivalent LED Light Bulb Six-Pack Set is a bright idea. 

This 5000k Daylight option gives off exceptionally high levels of brightness and clarity that’s comparable to a 100W bulb of the incandescent or halogen variety. These are great to use when you’re trying to light up a room with one floor lamp or a small number of light fixtures and needing to use as little bulbs as possible. With that said, it won’t be too harsh on your eyes. The external treatment of this bulb helps to soften the overall appearance of the light it emanates. These professional-grade light bulbs are of the highest quality and meet standards of safety that will put you at ease. Their status of quality also ensures that they are built durable. Through this purchase, you’ll receive six LED light bulbs and an energy reduction of up to 87 percent. 

What To Look For In Your Next Dimmable Light Bulb Set

If you want to get it right the first time, there are a few factors to consider when buying dimmable lights. Watts and lumens, voltage, and temperature will give you clarity on which bulbs are best for lighting up your given space. 

Watts and Lumens: The watts will tell you how much energy is required to light the bulb; whereas, the lumens will tell you how much light the bulb can produce. In turn, this will determine how energy-efficient your bulbs are, as well as how bright they will be. 

Voltage: This measurement, along with its base, will tell you if your bulb can measure up to the light fixture you want it to live in. Match this factor as precisely as possible when picking out specific bulbs for specific areas. 

Temperature: Temperature equals ambiance. Measured in degrees Kelvin (K), the temperature will tell you what the light will look like in terms of color. A light that’s highest in degrees Kelvin will mimic the most brilliant daylight found in nature. A lower Kelvin rating will emit a warmer and softer color, which creates an ideal napping or studying environment. You’ll find various versions of bright white in the middle of the spectrum.


Ambiance is all about the option to adjust. Your lighting expectations will be forever changed when you make the switch to dimmable light bulbs. When shopping for the best dimmable light bulbs, be sure to consider the watts, lumens, voltage, and temperature capabilities. This will help you be confident in your choice. Through this list of recommendations, you’re sure to find the right light for your home.

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