Best Dog Blankets

By Katie Dyal

Our pets are our family members, which makes our homes just as much theirs. Show your love by treating your dog to the comfy accessory of a blanket made just for them.

Sleeping is your furry friend’s favorite, most-practiced activity, so why not enhance that experience for them? Below are several options for dog blankets, each worthy of a thousand snuggles. Whichever you choose, you’ll be wishing your sleepy housemate sweet dreams in no time. Read on to discover our top picks for the best dog blankets on the market.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Blankets

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FurryBaby Dog Blanket

Best Budget

FurryBaby Dog Blanket

With a large selection of subtle colors and sizing, the Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket accommodates a wide variety of breeds.

The lovely feel of this blanket is accredited to its thick yet incredibly soft fleece, which is gentle enough for small puppies and older dogs alike. Choose this portable and packable lightweight option and clear bulk from your living space.  This blanket is also great for grabbing up for a quick trip to the vet or as a lining in your pet’s crate.

Furhaven Dog Blanket

Best Luxury

Furhaven Dog Blanket

If you think your pet is much more than just a hound dog, the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat is what you’re looking for.

This product has a built-in thermal mat that works with your dog’s body heat to perform at above-average warmth capabilities. The duality of terry fleece on one side and sherpa fabric on the other makes this blanket a very versatile option. The blanket’s interior has a waterproof coating that protects from whatever the world, or your dog, throws at it. Great for car rides and outdoor adventures, its large size can work to cuddle big dogs or cover large spaces.

Comsmart Dog Blanket

Best Value

COMSMART Dog Blanket

The Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket is easily the biggest bang for your buck.

Each blanket in this value pack of six sports a playful paw print that is sure to make you smile. Leave one in any location that your dog might wander, or keep them on hand to use as an impromptu mat or towel. Whatever their use, they are easy to care for and completely machine-washable. These aren’t dense or heavy blankets, but they still do a great job of providing warmth. The welcoming size of 24 by 28 inches aims to accommodate most pups.

Luciphia Dog Blanket

Best Variety

Luciphia Dog Blanket

The Luciphia Premium Fleece Pet Blanket is the most stylish of the bunch by offering a broad choice of adorable patterns, bright colors, and attractive neutrals.

Some of the styles are so pretty that they might even pass as your typical throwMade with coral fleece, this 100-percent polyester blanket is ultra-plush. The fade-resistant material also makes it incredibly easy to clean. Each order comes with a pack of three different styles at a great price. For an affordable option of the utmost quality, these pet blankets fit the bill.

What to Look For in Your Next Dog Blanket

When shopping for dog blankets, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Picking the perfect option for your pooch comes down to intended use, material, and durability.

  • Type of Use: Are you embarking on an adventure with your furry friend or do you just need something comfy that will make them feel at home? Softer, gentler fabrics are the coziest options; however, they probably won’t uphold after an outdoor excursion. Choose one that’s water-resistant if you plan on taking it outside.
  • Material: Dog blankets- like human blankets, are made from all kinds of materials. From microfiber to sherpa fleece and everything in between; it all depends on how much you want to spoil your sidekick.
  • Durability: Not all pets handle their belongings with care. Some dogs are more prone to chewing up their toys, blankets, and beds. If that’s the case, stick to an option that is advertised as long-lasting.


Pets make our lives better and deserve rewards of comfort in return. Exceed your companion’s expectation of slumber by improving their snuggle situation. When looking for dog blankets, it’s important to compare and contrast varying factors, ensuring that your final selection can step up to the plate. Pet accessories are always a good call for your good boy or girl. The inexpensive upgrade of a dog blanket will make your pooch forever grateful and more comfortable in their space.

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