The Best Dog Relaxants For Your Anxious Pup

Dog relaxants are intended to improve the quality of your dog’s life. Don’t watch them suffer with the symptoms of anxiety, try a hemp-based treat to calm and relax your pet.

By Sheryl Grassie

An anxious dog may pace, pant, bark continuously, scratch excessively, destroy items in your home, lick their paws, become aggressive, hide under the bed, loose bladder control, or display other worrisome behaviors. Rather than treating the symptoms with things like a bark collar, try treating the underlying anxiety with one of our suggestions for calming dog treats.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Relaxants

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PREMIUM CARE calming dog treats

Best Price Point

PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs

Of the brands we surveyed, the duck flavored Premium Care Calming Chews was the most cost effective, while not lacking in quality, purity, or effectiveness. These chews tackle all anxiety related conditions including separation anxiety, fear of storms, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and general anxiety. They are made from organic and natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, corn, dairy, or soy. The chews include hemp seed, hemp protein powder, chamomile, valerian, L-Tryptophan, and ginger root. They are a great natural way to help your dog manage their stress and anxiety at a great price point.

FurroLandia hemp calming dog treats

Best Bacon Flavored

FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs

Who doesn’t love bacon? Especially if you have a picky eater, these bacon flavored chews are sure to please every canine. They are made from high-quality ingredients in a registered FDA facility. The chews are hemp oil based and both safe and natural with no GMO’s or gluten. For dogs of all sizes, the chews work on dogs under 10 pounds and over 90 pounds. The chews are great for situational anxiety like car trips and thunderstorms, or to keep your dog calm all day long. In addition to Hemp, the formula includes Valerian, chamomile, and passionflower extracts. Treat your dog to a delicious flavored chew and a calmer happier life.

Zesty Paws calming bites

Best Behavior Changer

Zesty Paws Calming Bites

This Zesty Paws formula adds an ingredient Suntheanine which is a form of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps to stimulate brain waves and promote relaxation without making your dog drowsy. The formula also contains Melatonin, which works with brain hormones to support relaxation. These ingredients, combined with other natural and organic elements like hemp, valerian, chamomile, L-Tryptophan, passionflower, and ginger, make for a potent formula that can dramatically change your dog’s behavior. The chews come in turkey and peanut butter, have no grains, corn, soy, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Try these natural calming bites for reduced anxiety, aggression, and hyperactive behavior.

PetHonesty hemp calming dog treats

Best Fast-Acting

PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs

These tasty PetHonesty treats are fast-acting with calming results in 30 minutes. They are manufactured under strict safety standards and have no sugar, corn, grains, or GMO’s. Both hemp powder and hemp oil are combined with valerian, chamomile, L-Tryptophan, passionflower, and ginger in a largely organic formula. Picture your pet calm, relaxed, and able to handle the stresses of a changing routine without anxiety. These treats reduce excessive barking, biting, chewing, and hyperactive behaviors due to stressful situations. They calm dogs for a trip to the vet, when unfamiliar people are in the house, or if you have to leave. When your dog needs help fast try these relaxing treats.

Why Your Dog May Be Experiencing Anxiety

You may be wondering why your dog is anxious? Anxiety can develop at a number of points in a dog’s life and for a number of reasons. When dogs are young, under 14 weeks, if they are isolated or separated from social interaction, they can develop a profound chronic anxiety.

Between 8 and 10 months there is a fear and withdrawal syndrome that can occur for unknown reasons in some dogs. At the age of social maturity, between 12 and 36 months for dogs, is when most anxiety or fears happen. This can include separation anxiety, fear of riding in the car, fear of storms, strangers, other dogs, aggressiveness, and other antisocial behaviors.

What causes the anxiety? Abnormal conditions externally or internally can cause anxiety. If a dog comes from a puppy mill, conditions can be stressful and cause anxiety. If they are abandoned and re-homed, they can become anxious. Neglect, lack of food, lack of exercise, and mistreatment can all cause fear, phobias, and anxiety in a dog.

Internally there are changes that can take place from exposure to toxic substances. Toxins affect the nervous system, things like lead or harsh chemicals, if inhaled or swallowed, can cause a dog to become anxious. Additionally, lack of proper nutrition can add to anxiety, and aging can begin to rewire a dog’s brain which may result in more fear and anxiety as they grow old.

How To Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Start by talking with your vet. They know your dog, the breed, and his or her history. They can suggest the most informed course of action. In general, providing a healthy life with enough exercise, stimulation, good nutrition, and love, can calm many dogs. However, there are equally as many anxious dogs that need additional support.

Herbal hemp formulas are a great aid in reducing a dog’s stress. Pick the one that is right for you by assessing the cost of the item, if your dog will like the flavor, if you require a formula that supports neurological functioning like with an older dog, and whether you need something fast-acting. Look for natural and organic ingredients that support dog health. Read reviews, and again, ask your veterinarian.


Hemp-based dog treats for anxiety are a great way to manage your pet’s anxiety. Whether separation based, fear of storms, riding in the car, or strangers, these hemp treats have formulas designed to calm, soothe, and increase the quality of life for your pet. Choose from our top picks above, and see your pet relax and enjoy their life.

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