The Best Down Pillows for a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

You don’t have to go to a store to find the best down pillows. Thanks to ample reviews, you can find a down pillow that fits your needs by doing a little internet research.

By Nicole Gleichmann

One of my favorite parts about staying in a luxury hotel is the bed…particularly, the fluffy pillows on said bed that make it feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. If you’ve ever reveled in the plush squishiness of a high-end pillow, you know the delight that a down pillow can bring.

Down pillows are some of the best pillows for bedtime comfort. The way that they cradle your head and conform to your neck while still feeling airy is unmatched by synthetic pillow alternatives. Plus, a quality down pillow can last you 10 years, which is far longer than most other pillow options.

Because down pillows tend to be on the pricier side, it pays to do some research before you commit to the pillow you plan to sleep with nightly for the next decade. We’ve scoured the web for the best down pillows and provided you with a breakdown to help you choose a down pillow that checks off the boxes most important to you.

The Top 5 Best Down Pillows

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1. Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillows, Set of 2

Puredown’s natural goose feather pillow set has made our list thanks to hundreds of positive customer reviews and a wallet-friendly price point. Coming in at $53.99 or less for a 2-pack of 100% goose feather pillows, you can sleep well knowing that you found a quality pillow at a competitive price.

The stuffing is made from 85% goose feather and 15% goose down with a 100% cotton shell. Thanks to their double-layered cotton fabric and inner layer of lush polyester peach skin fabric, you are unlikely to experience feathers poking through any time soon. Customers have given rave reviews thanks to these pillows helping with neck pain and providing optimal support for side sleepers.

Their materials are cleansed using Oxipower technology and certified by the Responsible Down Standard, ensuring that their products are of the utmost quality. And with removable pillow covers, you can keep your pillow nice and clean.

  • Price: $48.99-$53.99
  • Size: Standard, Queen, or King
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, 1,039 reviews

2. East Coast Bedding 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow

East Coast Bedding’s white goose down pillow is a good option if you’re on the market for a luxury down pillow. With a high fill power of 800, your pillow is likely to last you for many years, staying fluffy and comfortable throughout its life. Their 400 thread count cotton fabric shell ensures that feathers won’t stick out and that the fabric itself will be delightfully smooth and soft to the touch.

Because this pillow is 100% down rather than a combination of feather and down, it’s incredibly soft and fluffy. You will feel the quality craftsmanship and materials when you sink into this pillow each night. However, this does make it slightly less firm than pillows with down and feathers, so it’s best for those who are not looking for a firm pillow. Because of this, it is better for stomach sleepers than side sleepers, and may work well for some back sleepers.

  • Price: $129.99-$149.99
  • Size: Standard, Queen, or King
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 249 reviews

3. Downlite Extra Soft Flat Down Pillow

Stomach sleepers usually do best with a pillow that is flat and soft. Downlite’s extra soft white duck down pillow was designed with stomach sleepers in mind. The pillow is extra soft but not full, meaning that it’s soft, flat, and fluffy. It has a low fill power of 525, ensuring that the pillow doesn’t retain too much heat and allows for airflow and breathability.

This pillow is a great choice for someone who finds most pillows too full or too supportive. It is not going to offer the type of support that most side sleepers or back sleepers need. It’s hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for people with allergies.

  • Price: $73.49
  • Size: Standard
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 466 reviews

4. Royal Hotel Down Pillows, Set of 2

Royal Hotel’s down pillows are one of the few down pillows available that offer different levels of firmness, including soft, medium firm, firm, and adjustable. This allows you, the consumer, to decide what level of support you desire and go with that option.

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They advertise that they are 75% down and 25% feather, with the quantity of fill varying, dependent upon the level of support desired. The down is in-hand plucked from geese, and the covers are 500 thread count, allowing for a silky-smooth pillow feel.

  • Price: $149.99-$179.99
  • Size: Standard/Queen or King
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars, 514 reviews

5. Continental Bedding 100% Goose Down Pillow

Made in the USA from 100% goose down filling, Continental Bedding’s goose down pillows are luxuriously squishy and soft. Thanks to their 400 thread count Egyptian cotton shell, you will experience a silky soft sensation when you lie your head directly on the pillow. You can feel good with your decision thanks to their RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification that ensures that the geese have been treated humanely.

They offer either standard filling, which is a medium/firm down, or soft. The medium/firm is typically best for those who sleep on their back or side, and the soft is ideal if you sleep on your stomach. Plus, this pillow is hypoallergenic and, thus, a good option for people who suffer from allergies.

  • Price: $89.99-$114.99
  • Size: Standard, Queen, or King
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars, 781 reviews

Why Opt for Down Pillows?

Down pillows are one of the oldest and most comfortable pillow types. Before the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks, the pillows that were used around the world were made from hard materials like stone or wood. The ancient Romans and Greeks were the ones who began to use pillows made from softer materials, including pillows stuffed with down feathers.

This type of pillow has survived for thousands of years thanks to its versatility, comfort, and durability. A high-quality down pillow can last for many years, offering superb cushion. While most down pillows are fairly soft and conform to your head and neck like a glove, you can find some that are a bit firmer, allowing more support for those who need it.

Additionally, down pillows do not retain excess heat, making them a good option for people who struggle with sleeping hot. And with the option of hypoallergenic down, even people with allergies can enjoy their luxurious feel.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Down Pillow

The Type of Feathers and Down Used

If you don’t know much about down pillows, it would be easy to believe that all feathers are equal. However, the quality of your down pillow is dependent upon the types of feathers that are used.

Birds have an outer layer of feathers and a base layer of down. The down portion more closely resembles fluffy cotton threads rather than a typical feather. It’s this down basecoat that’s the best for use in pillows because they result in a softer, comfier feel.

Most down pillows contain a mixture of down and feathers: the percentage down is helpful in predicting how soft the pillow will be. The higher the percentage down, the more luxurious it will feel. Common down percentages in pillows range from around 50% to 95%.

Additionally, the type of bird feathers and down used impacts how comfy the pillow will be. Geese feathers are the highest-end option, and duck feathers are considered a lower quality in down pillows. There is one exception to this rule: down from Eider ducks is exceptionally comfortable, rare, and expensive.

The Percent Fill

Once you’ve determined what type of feathers are being used, the next question you want to ask yourself is how many of these feathers are being used. This is known as the fill. The higher the fill power, the higher the quality of the pillow. The fill power is not a measure of firmness, but rather determines how long the pillow will retain its shape and loft. So, a higher fill power pillow will tend to stay in better condition longer than one with a lower fill power.

Sleeping Position

Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers each have different pillow needs. Side sleepers need a firm, supportive pillow to allow their neck to rest in a neutral position. Usually a medium fill pillow is the right choice, but this will depend on how much space there is between your head, neck, and the bed when you lie down.

Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, can get away with no pillow at all. Too supportive or thick of a pillow will result in your neck being kinked in an uncomfortable position that can lead to neck and back pain. If you’re a stomach sleeper and you prefer to sleep with a pillow, be sure that it is a thin, soft pillow.

Back sleepers will usually need a medium or firm pillow with a low profile (think supportive but not hard and relatively flat, not fluffy). This allows proper spinal alignment and support without propping the neck up too much.

Third Party Verification

Not every down pillow is going to be made in a humane way; however, it is possible to harvest down without causing unnecessary distress to the geese or ducks. Look for the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification to ensure that the birds were treated humanely.

Customer Reviews

We always recommend scanning pillow reviews or customer questions if you have any specific questions or concerns. These can help you know what to expect when you receive your new down pillow.

Down Pillow Maintenance

Down pillows can be an investment, particularly if you want a 100% down pillow with a high fill level. The last thing you want is for your pillow to become flat or acquire dust mites in a short time. In order to keep your down pillow fresh and comfy, be sure to follow the washing instructions on the label.

Typically, a down pillow will be machine washable and dryable. Be sure to use cool water and mild soap and avoid softeners as they can damage your pillow. However, some must be dry cleaned, so do not assume that you can machine wash your down pillow.


Down pillows are considered the most luxurious pillow option available. In spite of their often-steep price point, they can last for many years when treated well. If you want a pillow that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud, down pillows are a great choice.

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