Best dryer sheets

By Katie Dyal

We all know that laundering our bedsheets regularly is a general expectation of good hygiene. For most of us, that means sending our bedding through a quick run in the washer and dryer. Yes, that may be all it takes for your sheets to get clean, but why do the bare minimum? Bedsheets shouldn’t just be clean. We recommend paying closer attention to the care of your bedding. 

A big difference happens when you take your sheets from “good enough” to especially fresh, clean, static-free, and soft. By turning your sleep space into a sleep haven, you’ll see your quality of rest transform overnight. Better yet, this added level of care requires practically no effort. All in all, the use of dryer sheets may be the easiest way to make a big impact on your bed. Keep reading to see our favorite options for dryer sheets.

The best dryer sheets

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Best overall

Fresh and soft

Your bed sheets will feel better than ever with the use of Bounce’s dryer sheets. 

Coming in a pack of 240 sheets, this option is an astounding value that will last you for a long while. This simple yet effective product does its job well – they reduce wrinkles and status cling while adding freshness and softness. “Spring & Renewal” is a delicate scent that adds just enough fragrance without being overpowering. You can also play around with the level of scent by adding multiple sheets to a dryer load. Bounce is a well-known brand, and through using its products you can expect quality and consistency.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Best eco-friendly option

Natural and refreshing

Make every day a clean day with the use of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day dryer sheets.

This pack of paper dryer sheets, coming in a count of 90, will freshen up your bedsheets while minimizing static friction. Mrs. Meyer’s is a company that takes their eco-friendly reputation very seriously. They use plant-based ingredients only and reject parabens, phthalates, or other additives. The sheets themselves are made from plant fibers, and the boxes are recyclable. In addition, they do not partake in any animal testing. You’ll feel safe and secure by using a product that’s designed with ethics in mind. Coming in the lovely, floral scent of honeysuckle, the use of this product will leave your snuggle-worthy sheets smelling naturally great as well.


Best professional results

Next-level laundering

These dryer sheets by Woolite will bring next-level laundering right to your own home.

Labeled an “at-home dry cleaner,” this product promises quality results akin to a professional service. Are you reluctant to buy silk sheets because you’re worried about damaging them? With this product by Woolite, you have the freedom to set that worry aside and go for the more delicate bedding fabrics you have your eye on. To use, simply spot-clean, and tumble dry – the sheet will collect dirt without imparting harsh chemicals. This kit also includes instant stain remover wipes to make your part in this process even easier. After Woolite gently works its magic, your sheets will come out odor-free, stain-free and wrinkle-free. This home dry cleaner comes with six cloths made in a fresh scent.  


Best scent

Lovely smells and eco-friendly

Method’s dryer sheets will win you over instantly through their great scent and impressive results.

With this purchase, you’ll receive six boxes of dryer sheets, each containing 80 sheets. You’ll be good to go for a while, and you’ll also feel good knowing you’re choosing a compostable product with a biodegradable formula. These eco-friendly sheets will be especially friendly to your bedsheets, leaving them soft and fresh-smelling after every tumble dry. We especially love this product for its “beach sage” scent. This unique scent smells naturally fresh and almost herbal in comparison to a lot of chemical-based products.

What are dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets are small pieces of paper or other absorbent materials saturated with fragrances, cleaning agents, and softener. When your dryer starts to heat up, the dryer sheet follows suit. It releases the powerful formula it’s coated with, which is then imparted on your clothing and home textiles. The end result is a load of laundry that’s extra-soft, fresh, and clean. By throwing one or two of these in the dryer, you’re giving your fabrics an extra level of care.

How to find the best dryer sheets

All dryer sheets are pretty unified in their purpose and design; they basically all look the same and perform the same job. To choose the best dryer sheets, look for the differences. Explore factors of scent, formula, and detergent, and you’ll find the set of dryer sheets that works best for you. 

Scent: Scent is purely a personal choice. We recommend going for a scent that’s fresh, subtle, and not too overpowering. 

Formula: Different brands achieve the goal of fresh, soft results in different ways. Read a product’s list of ingredients to get clear on what will be landing on your clothes and bedding. The formula will also tell you if a product is especially great at removing stains.

Detergent: Consider what detergent you’re using before the drying process. If your sheets aren’t coming out the way you want them, your detergent may be at fault. To rule out this possibility, we recommend using a laundry detergent that specifically caters to bedding.


As you can see, dryer sheets couldn’t be an easier solution to lackluster bed sheets. They may not be considered a necessary part of a basic laundering routine; however, we encourage you to go above and beyond. Treat your sheets with the utmost care, and you’ll find they’ll treat you nicer as well. We hope this list of options has led you towards a selection of dryer sheets.

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