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By Katie Dyal

There are many steps to an effective cleaning process. When it comes to your bedroom, you probably focus on your sheets first. A night of clean sleep is so important, and sheets should be washed regularly. If your bedroom has carpeted floors, you probably know to vacuum them consistently. But what about dusting? Are you overlooking the harder-to-reach places? To achieve a truly clean bedroom, dust and dirt build-up must be managed.

Dust is dangerous because it carries germs. These germs may not come in direct contact with us immediately; however, they transfer into the air we breathe. Ultimately, the air quality of your bedroom makes or breaks your sleep health. To make sure you’re keeping up with this essential bit of maintenance, keep a duster in your cleaning kit. Here are the best dusters.

The best dusters

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oxo duster

Extra-long and thick

Best overall

Dust and dirt definitely loses when up against the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster.

This substantial duster has an extra-long head made of thick and fuzzy microfiber. Shaped into a conveniently slim profile, this duster tackles large areas and hard-to-reach places simultaneously. When it’s starting to look a little worse for wear, simply unsnap the microfiber and throw it in the wash. This option quickly and easily air-dries. 


Lightweight and easy

Best delicate

The OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster is your best bet for treating more fragile items.

Made light, fluffy microfiber strands, this option traps dust gently yet effectively. This item makes use and upkeep easy. The handle is made of comfortable, non-slip material, and the top can be removed for machine washing. When you’re done using this duster by OXO, it’s hanging hole makes this item easy to store.


Everything you need

Best duster kit

The DocaPole Dusting Kit by DOCAZOO includes everything you need to make your home completely dust-free.

With this purchase, you’ll receive a 5 to 12-foot extendable pole and three dusting attachments. The cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, and chenille ceiling fan duster all feature different textures and materials to effectively clean specific surfaces. All of these add-ons are easy to change out and wash. With this product by DOCAZOO, you can start paying attention to the places out of your reach.

The Multi Surface Duster Refills by Swiffer

Unscented and low-maintenance 

Best disposable 

The Multi Surface Duster Refills by Swiffer are a no-nonsense option that’s affordable and easy to use. With this purchase, you’ll receive a pack of 18 duster add-ons made in an unscented scent.

These grab on to the dust, allergens, dander, and other bacteria you don’t want in your house. When it starts to get visibly dirty, simply remove this addition and replace it with a new one. This product works in tandem with any version of the Swiffer Duster Handle. In order to be all set, make sure to have that piece as well.

How to find the best duster

After reading the bulk of this article, it’s probably become clear that everyone should own a duster. With that said, choosing the right duster is where it gets tricky. These cleaning tools come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials. They also have different instructions for care, and range in their recommended uses. Review the following factors to narrow down your search. 

Material: The material of your duster head will tell you just how effective a product will be. Many are made of varying thicknesses and forms of microfiber. Whatever the material may be, thicker options will likely be more heavy-duty while delicate options will be more gentle. The material of the handle also matters. We recommend a durable material like stainless steel or plastic. 

Use: Dusters can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces and products. Electronics, fans, cars, ceilings, furniture, and blinds are just a few. To make sure your duster can step up to the plate, get clear on what you’re using it for first. 

Maintenance: Eventually, you will need to clean or replace the head of your duster. Some prefer disposable options, while others may opt for the machine-washable variety.


Dusters are a necessary part of every home’s cleaning crew. Instead of just focusing on your floors or easy-to-spot messes, make sure you’re also cleaning up germs that aren’t so easy to see. Over time, dust and dirt will accumulate on the surfaces in your household. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean adding on hours of time to your cleaning routine. With a duster, a simple swipe or two will get the job done. We hope you’ve found your perfect duster in our list of best dusters.

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