Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Check out our top picks for the best Egyptian cotton sheet set online, plus learn how to properly care for these luxurious sheets.

By Laura Mohammad

Aug 25th, 2022

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Egyptian cotton sheets are considered to be the gold standard for luxury when it comes to comfort for your bed. These types of sheets are made from handpicked long-stapled or long-fibered cotton which gives them the highest quality standards available on the market.

The cotton used in Egyptian cotton sheets grows along the River Nile and since it’s long and pliable, it results in an extra-fine fabric when it’s woven.  These sheets only become softer and softer with time, yet still, maintain their durability. Egyptian cotton sheets are typically used in world-class resorts and hotels. However, not every kind of Egyptian cotton sheet is created equal — they differ in variety, thread count, weave, and dye. That’s why we have created this guide to help you navigate the world of these luxurious sheet sets.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

What to Look For in Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When shopping for the best Egyptian cotton sheets for you, it’s important to be mindful of the thread count, the weave, and the dye used in making the sheets. You may also want to consider the type of cotton used, such as Pima cotton, a type of high-quality cotton grown in the US.


This is the first factor one should consider when it comes to purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets. The way the sheets are woven determines how the sheets are going to feel on your skin. For instance, some prefer a cool and crisp feel from sheets, while others want a more silky smooth feel. The weave will determine how the sheets feel more so than thread count.

Thread Count

Speaking of thread count, this refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads that exist in one square inch of the sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. As the thread count increases, the price typically follows suit. The best Egyptian cotton sheets tend to have a thread count ranging from 200 to over 1,000. It’s important to note that a lower thread count doesn’t necessarily mean lesser quality sheets. There are other things that come into play other than a high thread count such as the material, the finish, and the weave quality.

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The dye used in the sheets is another factor to consider, as you’ll want to choose a color that doesn’t easily fade. Since Egyptian cotton sheets have a higher thread count and are much higher in quality, they tend to hold dyes much better than other fabrics. This means that the color should last as long as the sheets. Dyes will also help dictate the breathability of your sheets. Darker dyes tend to reduce air flow, thus, trapping heat more easily.

Types of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The different styles of Egyptian cotton sheets available are typically differentiated by the type of weave that’s used to make each style. Below we’ll cover some of the most common types of weaves and styles of Egyptian cotton sheets to help you find the style that’s right for you.

Standard: This refers to a basic cotton weave most commonly used in standard Egyptian cotton sheets and fabrics.

Sateen: Cotton sateen weaves provide the smooth, silky feel most sleepers love. A sateen weave also has a luxurious sheen finish. This style of Egyptian cotton sheet uses combed cotton yarn to achieve its soft touch. It also removes the shorter fibers so that only the strongest long fibers are used in the fabric. Egyptian cotton sheets of the sateen weave should be washed on a gentle cycle to help preserve the sheen and prevent pilling. Sateen sheets are a bit heavier and less breathable in comparison to the percale weave, and are best used in milder climates or on a chilly night.

Percale: The percale weave is known for its crisp feel on the skin and is ideal for anyone living in a hotter climate as it’s lightweight and breathable. Percale sheets have a matte finish and are an easy style of sheet to care for. Plus, they tend to become softer the more they’re washed. Egyptian cotton sheets with a percale weave require a minimum thread count of 180.

Twill: This type of weave has a distinct pattern and is known to be wrinkle-free. The twill weave is crafted using a diagonal weave with parallel ribbing and is very durable. In fact, it’s the twill weave that is most commonly used in clothing.

Pinpoint: Sheets with a pinpoint weave are often more durable and less soft than the other styles, although the cotton used in a pinpoint weave is lightweight and fine. The appearance of this type of weave is much like a basket weave and is commonly used to make clothing such as dress shirts for men. Cotton woven pinpoint style can be machine washed and ironed or professionally cleaned and pressed for a neater appearance.

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Online

Now that we’ve gone over the different types of Egyptian cotton sheets and some characteristics that separate one style from the next, it’s time to cover our top picks for the best Egyptian cotton sheets currently being offered on the market. There are so many brands of Egyptian cotton sheets, and even knockoffs that claim to be Egyptian cotton, but in reality, they are not all authentic and do not always have as high of a thread count as is claimed. With that being said, here are our five favorite, authentic and legit, options.

Best Luxury Value

Royal Egyptian Bedding$124.99
  • Thread Count: 1,000

These sheets are made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton grown along the Nile River Basin. They offer a high-quality, high thread count sheet option for a more affordable price than others of its kind. These sheets are made with a sateen weave so they will be silky and smooth.

They are machine washable, wrinkle-free, shrink resistant, and will not fade. They’re made with a deep pocket that’s designed to fit over the thickest of mattresses and come in a variety of colors. Available in all sizes.

Best Luxury

Luxor Linens Valentino Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set – $329
  • Thread count: 1,200
  • Weave: Sateen

These best luxury sheets are an excellent option for someone who wants high-quality cotton sheets with minimal sheen and sturdy durability. These sheets are made from 100% extra long staple mercerized Egyptian cotton. They have a cool, crisp, and soft feel on the skin – the best of both worlds as far as style is concerned. Available in all sizes with the option to personalize with your monogram.

california design den sheets
  • Thread count: 600
  • Weave: Sateen

These sheets are certified “Made in Green” in India, and produced with 100 percent Long Staple Pure Cotton – Sateen Weave.

These 600-thread count sheets are eco-friendly and get softer with every wash cycle. They’re perfect if you’re on the search for sheets that make you feel like you’re laying on luxurious hotel bed.

  • Thread Count: 450
  • Weave: Sateen

The Mellani Egyptian cotton sheet set has a 450-thread count and is chemical-free. Woven from extra long staple Egyptian cotton, these sheets offer a smooth, sateen weave. They are breathable, fade-resistant, durable, and have deep pockets. The best part about the Mellani brand is that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

  • Thread Count: 800
  • Weave: Sateen

It can be difficult to find the right color when shopping for Egyptian cotton bed sheets. This is because they tend to come in only a handful of the most basic dyes. However, Chateau Home offers them in 12 different colors. These sheets offer a smooth sateen finish and are cut with a deep pocket for thick mattresses up to 15 inches.

  • Thread Count: 800
  • Weave: Sateen

Mayfair offers a set of cotton sheets that is both budget-friendly and easy to care for. These sheets are breathable and durable, woven from long staple Egyptian cotton. They fit mattresses up to 18” thick and come in over 12 different colors and a variety of sizes including Split King and Twin XL. These sheets are hypoallergenic and will also help preserve the life of your mattress as they wick away moisture to help prevent bacteria and mold growth. They’re also cost-effective at under $100 per set.

How to Properly Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There are a variety of different styles, weaves, finishes, and thread-counts available for Egyptian cotton sheets and the care for each set will depend greatly upon the style that you choose. It’s always best to review the care instructions for your set before washing them. While most sheets can be machine washed, a sateen weave should be handled delicately to help prevent pilling.

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