The Best Essential Oils on Amazon to Help You Sleep

By Dr. Sheryl Grassie

Essential oils have been used for centuries to improve health. Now specific blends for sleep are available to help ease you under and keep you slumbering. Essential oils have traditionally been sold through MLM (multi-level marketing) companies but are now available through retailers like Amazon. To save you time and energy we have investigated the best sleep blends which are profiled below.

Our Picks for the Best Essential Oils on Amazon

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goodsleep blend

Best Overall

Healing Solutions Good Sleep

Good Sleep is 100% pure therapeutic grade oil in an amazing blend that supports sleep. The extracts come from plants grown in areas where they will have a high concentration of nutrients.

The oil is FDA registered, they are manufactured in a certified GMP (product quality standard for pharmaceuticals) facility and are kosher. There is a full refund if you don’t get the results you desire.

essential oil kit

Best Kit

Healing Solutions Best Blend Essential Oil Set

Healing solutions also offers a set of oils that can all support better sleep. These include Head Blend, Deep Muscle, Breathe, Good Sleep, Health Shield, and Stress Relief.

They are all kept to the same high standards of GMP and ISO 9001 manufacturing criteria, are kosher and FDA registered. Health Solutions guarantees exceptional results or a full refund.

artizen good sleep

Best Value

Artizen Good Sleep Blend Essential Oil

The Artizen good sleep blend that is half the price of many other brands, yet high quality and effective. It is a therapeutic grade oil that is exceptionally potent and concentrated for effectiveness.

The blend has no fillers and is designed for sleep. There is a lifetime warranty and guarantee on all their products. Full refund or replacement.

edens garden essential oil

Most Eco-Friendly

Edens Garden Good Night Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Edens Garden, a California based company, is dedicated to both the quality of their product and stewardship of the environment.

Their products are vegan and cruelty-free and sourced from growers using sustainable practices. They have been voted the #1 non-MLM (Multi-level marketing) essential oil company through a nationwide poll.


How Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep

You may or may not be familiar with essential oils and the field of aromatherapy. A simple way to understand it, is that all humans are comprised of sensory organs. We hear, see, feel, taste, and touch. All these senses can be affected in ways that promote health and relaxation, lower blood pressure, and induce sleep. Your senses can also be negatively affected creating tension, stress, and sleep problems like insomnia. If we hear loud distasteful music, a dog barking, a chainsaw cutting wood, these things can keep us awake. Whereas the sound of rain, water running, or birds may actually put us to sleep.

Just like soothing music can help you relax and sleep well, soothing smells can too. Research has explored what smells, alone or in combination, have the greatest impact on helping us relax and sleep. These smells have been manufactured in concentrated oil forms that can be put on a pillow, on your body, or diffused into your room; they should not be taken internally. The oils may have properties that help with relaxation and sleep and can be found in other forms like teas, creams. The oils have been combined into highly effective formulas designed specifically to induce and maintain a good night’s sleep.

The essential oils that seem to have the greatest effect in creating healthy sleep are lavender, chamomile, clary sage, copaiba, balsam, sandalwood, sweet marjoram, ylang ylang, bergamot, lime and vanilla. They may be used with several in combination or all together. There is not one perfect essential oil formula when it comes to sleep. Different combinations of oils can all be effective.

How Do I Choose The Right Oil?

Because there is not just one blend that works for sleep, choosing the right essential oil can seem daunting. Here are some things to consider in order to narrow your search or choose from the oils we have listed above.

  • Smell – Because essential oils are appealing to your sense of smell, find one you enjoy. You can check out testers in retail stores or look at the ingredients online. If you like the smell of lavender, find a formula where lavender is a primary ingredient. If you like ylang ylang, find one that includes that. If you are buying online and don’t have the luxury of checking out the smell ahead of time, find a brand with an easy return policy in case you don’t enjoy the smell of that particular formula.
  • Purity – Essential oils, through smell, affect the brain and cause responses like relaxation in the body. In order to do this effectively they need to be concentrated. Shop for oils that have high concentrations and are not diluted. Look for 100% pure therapeutic grade oils.
  • Company – Different companies have different ways of doing business. If you have specific criteria you want, like they are environmentally conscious, give back to their communities, are run by all women, or other criteria, do a little research on the company so you can feel good about your purchase.
  • Price – Along with most things in the marketplace, there is a wide range of what you can pay for an item. Essential oils are no exception and can range in price from a few dollars a bottle to hundreds of dollars per bottle depending on the blend and the company. All the oils profiled in this article are affordable and high quality. When comparing, make sure you are comparing similar quality items.
  • Warranty & Returns – In the event you would need to return an oil, make sure you know ahead what the manufacturer’s warranty parameters are, along with their return policy. Do you pay for shipping, does it have to be within 30 days? Knowing how a company manages customer issues can be helpful in both deciding on a purchase and being informed if any problems might arise.
  • Effectiveness – You are buying an essential oil to help with something in particular, in this case sleep. How can you tell if it really works? Beyond manufacturers’ claims, reading the reviews on a product can give you some idea how other consumers are experiencing the product. You may also discover tricks to making it work better, like if you use a diffuser you might get better results than with drops on your pillow.


Essential oils can be a terrific sleep-aid. Look for 100% therapeutic grade oils that are concentrated and blended specifically to address sleep. Amazon has a number of essential oils for sleep available and we have profiled 4 in different categories including; best all-round blend for sleep, best essential oils kit, most cost effective sleep blend, and most eco-friendly essential oil company. Try one of our recommendations and smell your way to a better night’s sleep.

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