The Best Euro Pillows

By Amanda Lasater

Jun 13th, 2022

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When it comes to bedroom decor, your bed is the staple piece. From the headboard all the way down to the bed skirt, your personal design style has the opportunity to shine through. Most people focus on their bedding to complete their interior look. 

Euro pillows are an excellent additional touch to give your bedding depth, extra comfort, and an overall, finalized look. Find our top picks for the best euro pillows below, what to look for when shopping your own, and frequently asked questions.

Our Picks for the Best Euro Pillows

foamily pillow

Best Overall

 Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow Insert

The Foamily Premium Pillow Insert has a variety of sizes to provide all your additional pillow needs.

Each insert is made with high-grade polyester microfiber filling. With such high-quality materials, these pillow inserts are 100 percent hypoallergenic and dust mite, mildew, and mold-resistant. These inserts are available in the standard euro pillow size, 26 by 26 inches, and seven other sizing options. 

cozy bed

Also Great

Cozy Bed European Sleep Pillow (set of 2)

The Cozy Bed European Sleep Pillow is another excellent choice to add the final touches onto your bedding.

Available in a set of two, these euro pillows measure 26 by 26 inches. They are made of a polyester blend, which makes them hypoallergenic. With a dual-layer construction, this pillow set is designed with a soft, microfiber cover.


Best Variety

Pillowflex Synthetic Down Pillow Insert for Sham Aka Faux/Alternative

Made with design in mind, the Pillowflex Synthetic Down Pillow Insert is best at providing the perfect loft inside your desired pillow shams.

Made with a faux down polyester fiber, these euro pillows have the same weight, feel, and characteristics of a traditional down, yet have hypoallergenic properties. The pillow is encased with a high thread count, poly-cotton-blended fabric that is machine-washable. There are over 40 sizing options, so it’s safe to say you’ll find the right fit. 

allerease pillow

Best Hypoallergenic

AllerEase Cotton Allergy Protection Hypoallergenic Euro Pillow

With complete allergen protection, you can accent your bedding and promote a clean night’s sleep. The AllerEase Cotton Allergy Protection Euro Pillow is made from an allergy-proof fabric and stuffed with a hypoallergenic fill.

This provides complete barrier protection against dust, pollen, pet dander, and other unwanted bacterias. The outer layer of the pillow is made with 100 percent, breathable cotton that is soft to the touch. You can machine wash the entire pillow knowing it’ll come out with the same shape and loft as it did when you first purchased it. This euro pillow is available in a single or two-pack set. 

What to look for in your next euro pillow

When shopping for a euro pillow, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Maintenance: Make sure the euro pillow you choose is easy to clean and maintain. Some retailers will provide a removable cover that is machine-washable. Regardless of not using these accent pillows for sleep, you should always clean your bedding regularly to promote proper sleep hygiene.
  • Filling: There are a variety of fillings to choose from that make up your euro pillow. Base the materials off of your allergies, feel preference, and overall look. Some materials such as feather/down are less lofty than materials like fiber blends.
  • Depth: Consider the overall look of how you want your pillows to appear as a whole on your bed. Would it be better to have a lightweight or firm euro pillow placed in the back? This will help you determine the amount of “filling” necessary to give you the depth you want.


What are Euro Pillows?

Euro pillows are large, square pillows that are usually placed behind the pillows you sleep on. They are meant to serve as an addition to your bedding for decor purposes but can also be great for sitting up more comfortably in bed. 

What is the traditional size for a Euro Pillow?

The traditional size of a euro pillow is 26 by 26 inches, but retailers provide smaller sizes so individuals can determine which size euro pillow would look best based on their mattress size. 

What’s the purpose of a Euro Pillow?

Euro pillows are meant to add to your interior style and tie your bedding together. Sometimes, your sleeping pillows and the shams included with your bedding just aren’t enough to bring the depth to your bed that you’re looking for. Euro pillows are intended to provide just that, and they’re also great for propping yourself up in bed more comfortably!

Can any pillow sham be used on a Euro Pillow?

As long as you find a pillow sham that measures the appropriate size for your euro pillow, you can have any design, pattern, or pop of color you want as your euro pillow’s sham. Euro pillows serve as a pillow insert so you can let your personal preference come out.


Euro pillows help design the overall look of your bedding. Not only do they provide depth and a personal touch to your bedroom decor, but they also serve as an additional item for comfort and support.