Best Eye Pillows

By Katie Dyal

It may not be obvious at the moment, but sleep is such an important practice. By caring about the quality of sleep, you are essentially caring about your body, mind and the ways in which they’re nourished. How we sleep matters, so why not snooze in luxury?

The relief that eye pillows provide shows up in different ways, such as aromatherapy, material, and weight. The use of an eye pillow is a way to improve your sleep with absolutely no effort required. Read on to discover our top picks for the best eye pillows.

Our Top Picks for the Best Eye Pillows

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Best Budget


The Eye Pillow and Natural Herb Mask by DreamTime will put you comfortably to sleep in no time. 

This product is a perfect size of four inches by eight inches – just compact enough. Filled with flax seeds and other plant herbs, this pillow’s perfect weight and texture effectively relieves pressure. You can also freeze this pillow overnight to provide an extra level of relief. Herbs enhance your sleeping experience by giving you soothing comfort that is long-lasting and all-natural. Aromatherapy is good for your mental and physical state, and this pillow proves it. This option is offered in the pretty color and fabric choices of cranberry velvet, sage velvet, and purple/chocolate brown silk.

Savasana Now

Best Luxury

Savasana Now

The Eye Pillow by Savasana Now is a product that you’ll quickly add to your bedtime routine

Calming aromatherapy and pressure-relieving density makes this item a solid choice for anyone who’s trying to find relief while they sleep. If you’re experiencing more discomfort than usual, you can change the temperature of this pillow by popping it in the freezer. A fun feature of this one is the handy carrying bag that it comes with. It’s gorgeously embroidered design allows this pillow to sit on your nightstand without being an eyesore. When it’s time for bed, rest this pillow over your eyes silky side down. This option comes with a handy carrying bag, making it easy to transport.

The Happy Wraps Namaste Pillow

Best Value

Happy Wraps

The Happy Wraps Namaste Pillow will make you want to “namastay” in bed for as long as possible. 

This cute eye pillow is made of 100-percent breathable cotton and sports an adorable Om symbol design. This pillow is filled with organic flax seeds and whole lavender buds and gives off a beautiful scent. You can use a namaste pillow as either a cold or warm compress; simply throw in the freezer for the cold option, or stick in the microwave for 30 seconds for the opposite effect. This option is a fantastic value; one low-price purchase will get you a total of FOUR eye pillows. Give an extra to a friend, family member, or keep one or two in the freezer for back-up. Spend less time focusing on falling asleep and more time having sweet dreams.


Also Great


The AyaZen Lavender Pillow is a nighttime accessory that does its job very well. 

This French lavender and flax seed-filled product makes aromatherapy a priority. It’s intoxicating and all-natural scent will send you right into a comfortable and calming sleep. There’s also a use for it if you’re trying to escape into a yoga or meditation practice. This option can be made either warm or cold; we recommend warming it up to relieve sinus pressure or fight a cold. You’ll prefer this pillow chilled if you’re experiencing swelling or a headache. Whatever the ailment, you’ll find yourself grabbing for the AyaZen lavender pillow time and time again.

What to Look For in An Eye Pillow

When looking for the best eye pillow, keep your eyes peeled for an option that keeps your priorities in mind. You’ll discover that size, material, scent, and temperature control are the key factors that will lead you to your best choice. 

Size: Pay attention to size; a pillow that’s too big will weigh too heavy. Choosing one that’s smaller than you want won’t give you the results that you need either. 

Material: Whether it be velvet, silk, or cotton, it is necessary to choose a fabric that feels uber-comfortable against your most sensitive skin. 

Aromatherapy: An eye pillow with aromatherapy properties does a lot more than just smelling great. Essential oils and herbs can drastically affect your health and well-being in many ways. 

Temperature Control: Why go to room temperature when you can go warm or cool? By choosing a pillow that can be temperature-controlled, you can customize your experience to each individual use. 


Don’t turn a blind eye to the epic relaxation that this small object could offer you. Eye pillows aren’t a necessity for sleep, but they sure can enhance that experience. We hope that through this list we’ve led you to the eye pillow of your dreams.

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