Best Feather Pillows

Nothing is softer or cozier than a feather pillow. Find out what makes them so comfortable, and check out our top picks for the best feather pillows available in 2021.

By Loren Bullock

May 14th, 2021

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Feather pillows have evolved along with modern technology to accommodate all sleepers who prefer a softer base. If you are wondering if a feather pillow might be the best pillow type for you, take a look at our favorite feather pillows and learn more about whether or not they are right for you.

The Best Feather Pillows

down feather co pillow

Down & Feather Co. — Extra Firm Feather Pillow

Best Feather Pillow for Side Sleepers

Filled with 100% Hungarian goose feathers, this extra-firm pillow provides excellent support for side and back sleepers—eliminating neck pain. Not only is it RDS certified, it was the first pillow in the world to do so.

The feathers are extracted humanely then shipped to the US where they undergo a multi-step washing and drying process. The down fill is cleaned using only environmentally friendly soap and recycled water. It is then tested by a third party to ensure fill materials are chemical and irritant free. All of this ensures the quality of the material and makes the pillow hypoallergenic.

continental bedding down pillow

Continental Bedding 100% White Goose Down Pillow

Best Feather Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers get peak luxury with this white goose feather pillow. The pillow is even wrapped in a soft egyptian cotton pillow cover. You have your choice of firmness options, and we recommend the soft for stomach sleepers in order to keep proper alignment. This high-quality pillow has a 550 fill power, meaning it should last you for years.


Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow

Best Feather Pillow for Back Sleepers

The Puredown feather pillow has a lot to brag about. It’s 95% goose feather fill and 5% goose down, making it firm and supportive—perfect for back sleepers. These pillows are wrapped in a 100% cotton shell for maximum breathability and comfort. This gusseted pillow is also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, following the Responsible Down Standard.

cuddledown pillow

Cuddledown Pillow

Best Feather Pillow for Neck Pain

The Cuddledown pillow is the pinnacle of luxury. Made with the rarest form of goose down, this plush pillow works for all sleeping positions. Even the cover is woven with luxurious long-staple cotton with a 300 thread count. The 700 fill power feathers are washed four time to rid themselves of allergens, so your neck can stay supported and you don’t have any adverse reactions.

downluxe pillow

Downluxe — Goose Feather Down Pillow

Best Goose Feather Pillow

Downluxe’s goose feather pillow is soft, hypoallergenic, and contains a fill of 90% goose feather and 10% down fill. This combination makes for an extra soft pillow with medium neck support. The down material is RDS certified, meaning it meets the Responsible Down Standards.

The interior is double layer wrapped in a Jacquard quality 100% cotton cover. Stitched with a 300 thread count, the cover keeps the feathers from escaping and poking you throughout the night. All products are OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals. Care comes easily as well—these pillows are machine washable and resistant to dust mites.

ja comforts pillow

JA COMFORTSDuck Feather and Down Bed Pillow

Best Duck Feather Pillow

Made of 95% grey duck feather and only 5% grey duck down, this set is super soft and down-proof. The feathers have been disinfected and underwent high-temperature sterilization. The feather-down combination is highly protected by four layers: two inner layers made of 100% polyester, and two outer layers made of 100% cotton—the feathers are not going anywhere. The cotton cover absorbs moisture, is breathable, and fluffy. JA COMFORTS pillows are machine washable, and with 2-3 hours of regular sunbathing, they are built to last.

What is Inside a Feather Pillow?

Ironically, feather pillows are rarely stuffed with 100% feathers. Feather pillows are usually a combination of duck or goose feathers and down filling. In order to be considered a feather pillow it must contain at least 30% feathers. The more feathers in the pillow, the firmer it becomes. The down material is typically placed on the edges while the middle fills with feathers. This combination is then cased in a fabric material (usually cotton or polyester) which is stitched tight to prevent the feathers from escaping. The higher the thread count, the less chance for escape.

Why You Need a Feather Pillow

Feather pillows are among the softest-feeling pillows and are an investment because they tend to be more durable and long-lasting. Feather pillows also tend to be more insulating which means they are cooling during every season. Packed with material, feather pillows are usually thick, making it one of the best support pillows. Overall, feather pillows have a luxurious feel backed up by great support.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Feather Pillow

All of the feather pillows on the market have something different about them, which can make it hard to choose the best one for you. Here is a list of things that should factor into your decision of which feather pillow to invest in.

Sleep Position

As previously mentioned, feather pillows tend to be thick: perfect for side and back sleepers. They offer the support these sleeping positions need to avoid neck pain. However, this thickness can actually cause neck pain for stomach sleepers through misalignment. But, there are brands of feather pillows made for all sleep positions, so stomach sleepers can experience the softness too.


When searching for a feather pillow, consider which size pillow fits into your sleep space. Standard sizes are the shortest pillow sizes, but the most common: about the size of your everyday pillow. Super Standard is about 2 inches longer than standard pillows for people who want something slightly longer. Queen is meant for those who toss and turn throughout the night; it is 4 inches longer than standard. King sizes are a whopping 10 inches longer than standard-size pillows. This size is for people who are restless sleepers or those who want a backrest in bed. Euro the name for square pillows that come in a variety of dimensions. Finally, body-sized pillows are what they sound: pillows as wide as a body, used to cuddle with at night.


Feather pillows are usually malleable and easily shaped, but the volume of feathers can determine the thickness. Thicker pillows are better for back and side sleepers, and less thick pillows are better for stomach sleepers. Regardless of the thickness these pillows will be 100% snuggle-friendly.


Though these pillows are soft and can be easily shaped, how they are stuffed can determine the firmness level. If you prefer a more firm pillow, look for a pillow with a higher volume of feathers. If you like it less firm, look for less feather volume. But beware if you are a light sleeper that higher volumes tend to be more noisy.

Feather Type

Feather pillows are stuffed with one of two feather types: goose or duck. The goose feathers that are inside feather pillows are from the wing and back and are naturally white. They are typically considered higher quality and more resilient. Because of this, they are more expensive. Duck feathers are considered lower quality, but are more affordable. Beware of duck feathers dyed white to emulate the look of white feathers. This type of duck feather is lower quality.

Down-to-Feather Ratio

The interior of feather pillows will either be a combination of feather and down filling or all feather. Down filling is the under layer of the feather on the bird. The down filling is soft, sustaining, and insulating. Feather is heavy and supportive while down is soft and protective. Because down gives the pillow a softer feel, the more down the more expensive the pillow. Pillows with primarily down filling are referred to down pillows. Check out our best down pillows guide for more information.


Just because you are allergic to bird feathers or have asthma, does not mean feather pillows are a no-go for you. Many feather pillows create their covers or clean the feathers to the point where they are hypoallergenic. Just make sure to check the notes from the manufacturer to be certain.


Because feather pillows can be delicate, most are typically dry-clean only. However, some brands crafted them so that they are machine washable. When washing at home, make sure to balance the washing machine by putting two pillows in the wash at the same time. Use any water temperature, detergent, and cycle that the instructions say. Make sure the cleaning instructions are compatible with want you want before purchase, or it could turn into a feathery mess.


The price point of feather pillows varies from $25 to $100. Knowing your budget first is the easiest way to choose a feather pillow your bank account will not regret. After that, search of the aspects you would like in a pillow: firmness, feather type, down level, size, etc.


On average, feather pillows last 2-3 years. Some high-quality feather pillows, like the Down & Feather Co. pillow we mentioned earlier, are built to last even longer. Splurging on a luxury feather pillow is an investment depending on your budget.


Feather pillows sleep cooler than other types of pillows because they do not retain the heat your body gives off—ideal for hot sleepers. Pairing it with a cooling comforter or cooling sheets will be sure to keep sleep temperature down.

Return Policy

Return policies and warranties vary by company. The best way to determine if the feather pillow of your choice has a return policy you are comfortable with is to read the fine print before purchase.


Reading reviews and looking at rating from previous customers is the best way to gauge how the pillow or pillow set ships, delivers, packages, and sleeps. Websites like Amazon have vast amounts of these reviews readily available.


Pillow Best for Customer Rating
Down & Feather Co. Extra Firm Feather Pillow Best for Side Sleepers 4.3/5
Continental Bedding White Goose Down Pillow Best for Stomach Sleepers 4.2/5
Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow Best for Back Sleepers 4.2/5
Cuddledown Pillow Best for Neck Pain 3.6/5
Downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow Best Goose Feather Pillow 4.2/5
JA COMFORTS Duck Feather and Down Pillow Best Duck Feather Pillow 4.3/5

For a pillow that is both comfortable and supportive, look no further than feather-stuffed pillows. These pillows are filled with goose, duck, or down feathers, creating a soft, cool sleeping experience. Feather pillows are built to last and are easy to care for. For a comfortable cuddle-friendly sleep, consider making feather your alternative pillow.