Best Firm Pillows

By Laura Mohammad

May 19th, 2022

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There’s no such thing as the one best pillow for everyone. Comfort can be a softer landing to one person, and an ultra-firm cushion to the next. Beyond preference, firm pillows can be beneficial to your health by promoting proper alignment and alleviating pressure. Even if you’re experiencing slight back pain, you might want to make the switch to firm pillows to avoid problems later on. 

Some people don’t want to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. If you tend to lean towards a firmer density in your pillows, these options are made for you. Continue reading to see our top picks for the best firm pillows.

The Best Firm Pillows


Best Budget


With the Ventilated Gel Foam Memory Pillow by Weekender, you can kiss uncomfortable sleep goodbye. This pillow is a win-win, offering the right kind of support at the hard-to-beat price. 

It’s made of incredibly moldable memory foam that helps to alleviate pressure while creating a soft place to rest your head. This foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that it’s completely free of harmful substances. This pillow measures in at 16 inches by 25 inches, with a slim yet supportive loft of five inches. It comes with a removable cover that can easily be thrown in the wash for a quick cleaning process. If you like a firm sleep from head-to-toe, consider adding a firm mattress topper to the mix as well.


Best Luxury


Beautyrest’s Extra Firm Pillow is a bedding accessory that will help you get your beauty sleep.

This super plush option is soft to the touch, and fluffy yet firm. It’s covered in 100-percent Pima cotton fabric that boasts a luxurious 400 thread count. This material will allow for excellent breathability and a satisfyingly smooth surface. It’s interior is filled with NaturesLoft fiberfill, a pleasantly airy substance that is extra durable and hypoallergenic. Don’t let the fluffiness fool you; this pillow can stand up to nightly use and will provide you with incredible back and neck support. In fact, this pillow especially caters to back and side sleepers due to its firm support.


Best Adjustable 


The My Pillow Classic Series by MyPillow can adjust to meet anyone’s sleeping needs. 

Covered in a luxurious cotton cover, this pillow is filled with an interlocking fill that is firm, dense and cushy. It’s even resilient enough to withstand the spin of your washer and dryer without compromising its shape. A special feature of this 18-inch by 28-inch pillow is the option of adjustable levels. The fill can easily be taken out or put back in based on preference. Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, you can create a pillow that’s perfect for you.


Best for Alignment


Milemont’s Memory Foam Pillow definitely means business. This contour pillow is ergonomically designed to get your spine, neck, and shoulders back into the right alignment. 

It features a slight curve that makes for a perfect pocket to rest your head. Made of premium memory foam, this product has a safety stamp of approval from CertiPUR-US. This pillow plus a memory foam mattress will make sleeping feel like heaven on earth. This pillow offers excellent ventilation, which is quite the feat considering the density of this built-to-last product. Tiny air holes allow for breathability, which will keep your pillow odorless, cool and comfortable. This product also comes with a zippered cover for quick and efficient cleaning.

Firm Pillow Buying Guide

To find your perfect pillow, all you really need to know is your sleep style preference. Keep reading to meet your match. 

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers do best with an extra lofty pillow that is of a firm or even extra-firm density. 

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers prefer a lower loft, slimmer pillow. A medium to firm density is best. 

Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers need much less loft than other sleepers. In fact, stomach sleeping on a thicker, firmer pillow can cause spinal alignment issues. 

Combination Sleepers: As the name suggests, combination sleepers can do well with a combination of different pillows. For a good middle ground, medium density with ample loft is the best way to go.

How to Find the Best Firm Pillow

If you’re shopping for a firm pillow, you’ll want to make sure that it checks off every box on your list of criteria. Unsure of what’s on that list? We can help. Check out a pillow’s outer material, inner material and process of care to get to an option that works for you. 

  • Outer Material: When looking at outer material, you’ll want to go with a fabric that is, of course, cozy, but also breathable. Oftentimes, firm pillows are made of a foam that requires airflow to work properly and stay fresh. 
  • Inner Material: As mentioned above, firm pillows are often made with different types of foam. Foam materials naturally have a higher density and offer a conforming support. Other materials like poly-fill and goose down can also work just as well. 
  • Shape: When it comes to this factor, firm pillows often sport a traditional shape. However, some are ergonomically designed, meaning that the shape in itself provides support. If you’re buying a firm pillow to target a specific area, you may want to consider your ergonomic options. 
  • Maintenance: Maintenance comes down to a case-by-case basis when it comes to firm pillows. Depending on the material, some may be easier to clean than others. It’s also worth checking to see if it comes with a removable cover. If it doesn’t, you can always opt for one of these cooling pillowcases.


As you can see, firm pillows do important work while you sleep. We’re firm believers that pillows of this density are the best option for your spinal health. By consulting this list, we hope that you’ve found the firm pillow of your dreams.