Best Fitted Sheets of 2023

Fitted sheets (the ones that stay put) are available in a wide range of materials, colors, and sizes.

By Sheryl Grassie

Apr 21st, 2023

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Cotton, bamboo, or silk? Natural or synthetic? Eight-inch mattress or 16-inch? How do you replace just that bottom sheet with something that feels good and fits? Fitted sheets (the ones that stay on) come in many different fabrics, colors, and materials, but there’s one that is just right for your bed and décor.

Browse our selections for the best fitted sheets and learn more about this under-appreciated bedding accessory.

Best Fitted Sheets of 2023

Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Overall Fitted Sheets

Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set


The Nolah Bamboo Sheets are available in all standard sizes, and the fitted sheets can fit mattresses as thick as 16 inches. We tested these sheets in the Mattress Advisor sleep lab and found them to be light and breathable with a satiny finish.


They are also naturally hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and have OEKO-TEX 100 certification. Allergy sufferers should be able to enjoy these sheets (and more restful nights) for a long time.



  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 10-year warranty


  • Pricey (starting at $179 for twin-size)
  • Cold water washing only


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Luxome Luxury Sheets

Best Value Fitted Sheets

Luxome Luxury Sheet Set


With so many different brand names and products on the market, it can be hard to find a fitted sheet that’s high-quality and not too expensive. While it is known as a luxury option, the Luxome Luxury Sheets cost $155 for a queen set (before discounts). Considering its impressive materials and construction, this is set at a great value.


Because these sheets are made from viscose, a material derived from bamboo, sleepers can expect a luxurious sleeping experience. These sheets help regulate sleepers’ body temperature, and the bamboo provides a silky texture many shoppers search for.



  • Eight color options
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Fits mattresses up to 17 inches in height


  • Twin and twin XL options only have one pillowcase
  • Some prefer a crisper feel
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Luxury Sheets

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set


If you’re looking for a set of high-end sheets that make you feel like royalty, then check out the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets. These fitted sheets are made of viscose derived from bamboo, so they’re naturally cooling.


While these sheets do have a high thread count, Cozy Earth acknowledges that thread count isn’t everything. They take great pride in their durable and high-quality materials. You can find this set in many different sizes: twin/twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king. This set is machine washable for added convenience.



  • Fits mattresses up to 20″ deep
  • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial
  • Free shipping


  • Not ideal for budget shoppers
  • Not many color options
saatva lofton sheets

Best Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets

Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets


Saatva’s organic sateen sheets are soft, luxurious, cooler than you might expect, and Mattress Advisor’s choice for best overall fitted sheets. The intent behind Saatva’s choice of materials and design really shines through.


Long-staple cotton woven into a sateen weave translates to a smooth finish and silky feel. The 300-thread count provides more coolness and breathability than typical sateen sheets. Also, they’re designed to work with any model of Saatva mattress and they’re available in all standard mattress sizes plus split king, king upper flex, and more.



  • High-quality organic material
  • Cool and breathable
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • More expensive than typical sheets
  • Limited color selection

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Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocketed Tencel Sheets

Best Soft Fitted Sheets

Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket Tencel Sheets


Those shopping for a fitted sheet and always put softness as a priority should check out the Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket Tencel Sheets. Sleepers should find these sheets have a silky, gentle feel.


The material Tencel, which is what these sheets are made of, is known not only for its softness but also its sustainability. Tencel is also a cooling material; it works to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. So, these sheets are a great option for hot sleepers.



  • Fits mattresses 15 to 17 inches tall
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Shiny, luxurious finish


  • Available in only three colors
  • Not ideal for those who like a crisp feel
TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set

Most Breathable Fitted Sheets

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheets


The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheets were built for fitted sheet shoppers who sleep hot. With a construction designed to be lightweight and breathable, you shouldn’t wake up from overheating at night.


Tempur-Pedic incorporates a material called Tencel, which is eco-friendly and works to wick moisture away from sleepers. Plus, the incorporated cotton is breathable as well. Tempur-Pedic also uses special bands to help keep the sheet fitted. They should stay on the whole night, even if you tend to toss and turn.



  • There are four different color options
  • Comes in split California king, a rare sheet size
  • Free shipping and a one-year warranty


  • Unable to return this product
  • Not for budget shoppers

What Is a Fitted Sheet?

A fitted sheet is the bottom sheet on your bed with elastic to hold it snug, so it doesn’t untuck as you move around. You can use a fitted sheet without a top sheet, especially if you use a duvet. Although sheets often come in sets, you can purchase just a single bottom or fitted sheet. This allows you to easily replace worn bottom sheets or redecorate with a minimal investment.

How to Choose the Best Fitted Sheet

Here are some things you might consider when purchasing a fitted sheet:

Type of Fabric

  • Percale sheets are tightly woven cotton fibers that create a crisp sheet that’s lightweight and breathable and ideal for warmer nights.
  • Microfiber sheets are made from finely woven synthetic material such as polyester or rayon. They are more durable and require lower maintenance than natural cotton sheets.
  • Sateen sheets are woven to create a smooth surface with a luminous sheen. They are generally thicker and better for cooler nights.

If you want a particular fabric like cotton or silk, if you want something natural or organic, if you love microfiber, check out fitted sheets that come in the material you desire.

Pocket Depth

How deep/tall is your mattress? Make sure the sheet is designed for mattress depth or it will be sloppy or too tight.

Pocket depth refers to how deep of a mattress the fitted sheet can accommodate. Standard-pocket sheets typically fit up to 12-inch-high mattresses. Deep-pocket sheets can fit mattresses up t 15 inches high. Extra-deep-pocket sheets can accommodate mattresses from 16 to 22 inches high.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch in fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Thread counts usually vary from about 200 to 800, though some sheets come in 1,000 or more. Thread count usually applies to cotton sheets but not microfiber ones since they are made with synthetic fibers. 

Full Elastic

Some fitted sheets have elastic only at the corners, but many brands are fully elastic, meaning they have elastic all around the perimeter of the sheet. This helps the fitted sheet stay in place. 


Most fitted sheets come in standard sizes to fit Twin-, Twin X-L, Full-, Queen-, King-, and California King-sized mattresses. If you’re not sure what size mattress you have, measure it and purchase sheets based on the size.

Care Instructions

Don’t take for granted that all sheets are machine wash and dry. Although a minority, there are still sheets that need to be line dried or hand washed. Consider the amount of work involved with the sheets you are contemplating.


Compare our top-rated fitted sheets below:

Product Material Best for
Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set Bamboo Overall
Luxome Luxury Sheets Bamboo Value
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set Bamboo Luxury
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets Sateen Deep Pocket
Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket Tencel Sheets Tencel Soft
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheets Tencel Breathable

Check the pocket depth you need, find your color and fabric, and make sure the sheets are easy-care. Then enjoy your new fitted bottom sheet for a better night’s sleep.

How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

If there’s one drawback to owning fitted sheets, it makes itself evident on laundry day. Fitted sheets just don’t fold the same way as regular sheets. Unless you take your fitted sheet straight from the dryer to the mattress, you should know how to fold it so that it doesn’t get wrinkled in the bedroom closet.

Watch the video above, or read our how-to guide for more details.