The Best Fleece Blankets

By Katie Dyal

For an affordable price, you can feel luxurious when snuggled up with a super soft fleece blanket. Not only do fleece blankets provide an incredibly soft feel that you can’t get from other blankets, but they also can truly keep you warm.

Lightweight, comfy, and warm? Why wouldn’t you want your own? Discover our top picks for the best fleece blankets, what to look for when buying yours, and frequently asked questions regarding all things fleece.

Our Picks for the Best Fleece Blankets

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bedsure fleece

Best Overall

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Throw Size

The Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket is the perfect accent blanket for everyone’s home. Made with 100-percent microfiber, this flannel fleece blanket is super soft, durable, and lightweight.

It’s constructed of a double-sided design with one side providing a smooth feel, while the other side embraces a fuzzy, fluffy feel. With neat stitching and premium microfiber layers, this blanket is sure to keep you warm at all times. These fleece throw blankets are available in standard bed sizes and come in 20 different solid colors. 

richave fleece

Also Great

Richave Fleece Queen Size Blanket

With a proven thermal-insulated ability, the Richave Fleece Blanket is a must-have for every season. Although this blanket is known for keeping in warmth, it’s breathable enough for year-long use. It’s made with a high quality microfiber material that is softer and warmer than other blanket materials, such as cotton.

You can easily toss this blanket in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and it’ll come out looking and feeling the same as when you first purchased it. The double-sided design features a short-haired side that provides a smooth finish; whereas the other side is long-haired offering a deeper warmth and fluffy finish. This fleece blanket is available in twin, queen, and king sizes and comes in 11 different solid color options.

kingole fleece

Best Variety

Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket

With a variety of unique color options, you can match your bedroom decor with one of the Kingole Flannel Fleece Throw Blankets. These super soft blankets are constructed of a premium microfiber polyester that feels cozy, yet remains lightweight.

Suitable for all seasons, these blankets are shrink-resistant, anti-pill, anti-fade, and wrinkle-free. You can machine wash your fleece blanket and choose which texture style you want. These blankets are available in three different styles: a solid color blanket, a solid color with grid pattern, or a Jacquard-weave style. Twin, queen, king, and travel/throw sizes are available for purchase. 

LOMAO fleece

Best Style

LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket Fuzzy Soft Throw Blanket

With such a unique and beautiful design, it’s hard to say no to the LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket. These blankets are constructed of a dual-sided design with coral fleece, a Jacquard face, and sherpa fleece reverse.

A high-grade microfiber polyester material makes up each blanket to provide a soft and durable construction. It’s super fluffy on the inside and adorably cute on the outside. It’s machine-washable and available in four size options, making it the perfect accent blanket in a bedroom or throw blanket for guests on the couch. There are six color options to choose from.

What to look for in your next fleece blanket

Although every fleece blanket looks super cozy, they aren’t all created equal. Here’s what to look for to ensure you get the best fleece blanket on the market. 

  • Material: All blankets are made up of different materials including fleece, cotton, polyester, wool, and much more. Each type of material offers a different feel and quality. When it comes to fleece blankets, several materials make up the overall finish.
    Here are a few types of fleece finishes: 
    • Sherpa fleece: Sherpa fleece is light, fluffy and super soft. This is a very breathable option for a fleece blanket. 
    • Plush fleece: Plush fleece is what the term suggests, luxurious in feel. It’s best at trapping in heat and providing the softest feel to touch.
    • Microfiber fleece: This type of fleece is dense and made of 100 percent polyester fabric. It’s moisture-wicking, extremely soft, and very durable. It’s a great option for everyday use. 
    • Faux fur: Faux fur gives the same feel as animal fur. It’s super soft, light, and naturalistic. 
  • Size: Consider the size you want for your fleece blanket. Will you be using this on the couch as a throw blanket or do you want it to cover your entire bed? Consider whether you’ll share it with a partner. This will help determine the size that’s best suited for your situation. 
  • Washing Instructions: You can wash fleece in a variety of ways based on the properties that make up the construction and finish. Make sure you look at the washing instructions before purchasing your fleece blanket to ensure you know how to properly clean it. 


What kind of material is fleece?

Fleece is typically made of a polyester construction with a variety of material finishes. It’s best known for trapping in heat and keeping people warm. 

How do you wash a fleece blanket? Are there machine-washable options available? 

There are fleece blankets that can be washed using a washing machine. It’s important to read the cleaning instructions before washing your blanket, but typically a cold or delicate cycle will do no harm to the blanket. Always be sure to check the tag for washing instructions before cleaning your blanket. 

Is a fleece blanket the best option to keep warm? 

Fleece is an excellent choice for keeping warm since the properties within the blanket are moisture-wicking. When you are cuddled up in a fleece blanket, all the heat from your body will stay trapped inside unless you let air in.


Fleece is an excellent choice of material to cuddle up with inside a blanket. It is sure to keep you warm and feel super soft on your skin. 

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