Best Floor Lamps

By Katie Dyal

For decades, floor lamps have been used as a staple piece throughout most American homes. It’s one of those items that goes unnoticed from time and time, but also manages to stay as a constant trend.

A floor lamp is intended to provide extra light to a space and also serve as a stand-alone fashion piece that compliments well with other home decor. A floor lamp may be just the thing you need to create your ideal space and bring a little more light to your life(style). 

Read on to find our top picks for the best floor lamps and how to choose the right one for your space. 

Our Picks for the Best Floor Lamps

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Brightech Sky LED Lamp

Best Lighting

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

If you need to brighten up your space, the Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp is the way to go. This floor lamp is capable of mood and task lighting with its 30-watt LED lighting capabilities. The head of the lamp can pivot to a specific direction easily or it can also serve as a dimmable corner lamp. With its modern and sleek style, it fits in tight quarters without dampening your interior design. The lamp is approximately 63 inches tall, while the base has a diameter of 10 inches. It’s easy to assemble and can be operated using wall switches or smart plugs.

Brightech Leaf - Touch LED

Best Overhead

Brightech Leaf – Touch LED Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is the perfect lighting to have overhead while reading or working at a desk. The Brightech Leaf Floor Lamp provides 1,150 lumens, lighting up any specific area with ease. The lamp’s design includes a modern, stand-alone pole with an adjustable pivoting head that allows the light to go directly over a specific space. You can customize the light with the touch switch dimmer that offers three different levels. It’s 53 inches high and weighs about eight pounds total. You can purchase this lamp in black, gold, or silver.

Ikea Floor Lamp

Best Basic

Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp

If you’re looking for a basic floor light to brighten up your space, this is the lamp for you. Designed by IKEA, this lamp is super affordable and functional. It might not have all the bells and whistles, but it distributes a strong amount of light and is compatible with most lamp shades. It’s 69 inches tall with a base diameter of 10 inches. The cord length is about 7 inches long and it requires opal light bulbs.

Simple Designs Home Linen Shade Lamp

Best Design

Simple Designs Home LF1014-WHT Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf Linen Shade Floor Lamp

If you want your lamp to serve as a fashion statement, the floor lamp created by Simple Designs is the perfect choice. Not only does this item work as an extra light for your space, it also provides extra storage space! The floor lamp is designed with a three-shelf construction that allows you to showcase your lamp with all your favorite, small trinkets such as a picture frame or favorite book. A linen shade comes included that offers a soft, warm glow. This lamp is 62.75 inches tall and each shelf measures 10 by 10 inches. The lamp switch is offered as a pull chain, making it super easy to switch on and off. You can purchase this lamp in seven different colors including aqua, black, gray, light pink, navy, tan, and white.

What to look for in a floor lamp

When it’s time to select a floor lamp for your home, there are a few things to consider before making your final purchase. Choosing the right floor lamp is a little different from choosing the best bedside lamp. Here’s what you should look for when picking out the perfect one for your home. 

    • Purpose: Obviously, a floor lamp is meant to bring light to your space but you may be more focused on your interior design, rather than creating more light. Consider your purpose for buying a floor lamp. This will help you understand where to start looking, what features matter and which don’t.
    • Height: Floor lamps are typically life-sized but there are several heights available. It’s important to consider the size of the room and the floor-to-ceiling measurements to find a floor lamp that looks natural and appropriate for your space.
    • Style: Most floor lamps consist of a base, pole, and lampshade. Lamp bases are typically made of wood, glass, metal, or ceramic. A wide and thick base will provide more stability; whereas a small base is more lightweight and simple. As for lampshades, this is where you get to customize the way your lamp looks, as well as how much light is protruded from the lamp. Different materials provide a different amount of light to the overall space.
    • Light Amount: Lastly, consider how much light your room is in need of. Decide whether you are looking for ambient, task, or accent lighting. 


A floor lamp is an excellent way to bring more light into your home and add to your interior style. Consider the additional amount of light you need within your space, the height limits, and the overall purpose before purchasing the best floor lamp for your home. 

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