The Best Fuzzy Blankets to Keep You Warm

By Sheryl Grassie

What is it about a soft blanket that is so appealing? Warm textures that are soft against the skin when you’re wrapped in the blanket signals your brain to relax and your body to feel good. These fuzzy feel-good blankets come in all sizes and can be used for anything from a lap throw to a king-sized bed cover.  With a beautiful array of colors and patterns at a price point that will make you smile, they are great as a gift, a dorm room accessory, a holiday throw, or a staple on your bed. See below for some wonderful options in warm fuzzy blankets.

Our Picks for the Best Fuzzy Blankets to Keep You Warm

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Best Basic

Bedsure Fleece Blanket

When you need a great blanket for your bed and have a budget you need to stick to, this Bedsure fleece blanket can be the perfect pick. It is lightweight and warm, made from breathable flannel microfiber.

It comes in 17 different colors and sizes including twin, queen, king, and a lap throw to meet your every need. The fabric doesn’t pill, is fade and wrinkle resistant, and anti-static. The elastic nature of microfiber helps it keep its shape. It is machine washable, quick drying, and it comes with a 1-month return policy and a lifetime of customer service. Pick a bright new color and dress up your room.


bedsure sherpa

Best Reversible

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket

This two-sided blanket from the Bedsure line is a lush Sherpa on one side and a super soft fleece on the other. It is an incredibly plush blanket. Wrap yourself on the couch or use it on your bed, as the microfiber polyester stays smooth and will not bunch.

This fuzzy blanket comes in 22 color options that include solids and plaids. Sizes come in twin, queen, king, and throw for use on any bed or couch. A 1-month return policy and a lifetime of customer service, Bedsure ensures happy customers. See if this reversible blanket isn’t the perfect fit for your needs.

tache faux fur

Best Faux Fur

Tache Faux Fur with Sherpa

Faux Fur has a texture that is hard to stop touching. You’ll want to stroke it just like your favorite pet. This Tache blanket has Sherpa on one side and faux fur on the other. It is designer focused with a line that includes pillow covers in both decorative and European sham sizes.

The blankets come in twin, queen, and throw sizes, with a number of animal prints in addition to solid colors. They can all be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dried on a low setting to help maintain the shape of the blanket. The textured faux fur side of this fuzzy blanket will add style to your room.

genteele sherpa

Best for Gifting

Geneteele Sherpa Throw Blanket

Blankets and throws make great gifts. Everyone can use an extra super soft throw around the house to cuddle up in, and this Genteele Sherpa is available in three different throw sizes for your lap as well as queen and king sizes for the bed.

It also comes in 9 fun, bright colors and 3 charming holiday/winter prints for the perfect holiday gift. It is a reversible blanket with white Sherpa on one side and color/print fleece on the other. The microfiber is machine wash cold and comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy one for each of your kids, a favorite friend, or indulge yourself with this super soft throw.

Which Fuzzy Blanket Is Right For Me?

Picking a fuzzy microfiber blanket is really a matter of a few simple considerations.

  • Material – Consider how thick of a blanket you want and if you want the higher pile Sherpa as part of it. You can choose from plain fleece, Sherpa/fleece, and fleece/faux fur. The majority of fuzzy blankets are made from synthetic materials, but there are natural and organic versions, which generally come at a higher price point.
  • Size – What are you going to use your fuzzy blanket for? Will it cover your bed in place of a comforter? Will it primarily be used on the couch as a throw or will it travel from room to room to keep you warm? Assess how you will use the blanket to help determine the right size; bigger for beds and smaller strictly as a throw.
  • Style – There are endless choices of colors and fabrics and prints when it comes to fuzzy blankets. Do you want a bright color for a kid’s room, an animal print for the living room, or a solid for that chair in your den? You can sort by color, texture, and pattern when browsing online.
  • Price – Most microfiber blankets have a reasonable price point with throws starting under $20. You can even get a king size blanket starting under $50. Figure out what you want to spend and look at blankets in that price range to start.


Fuzzy blankets are a versatile favorite around the house. They work wonderfully as a warm and light bed covering or as a permanent decorative throw on a couch or chair. They are generally made from microfiber that is super soft, long-wearing, and easy to care for. There are thicker blankets with Sherpa or faux fur that all come in a myriad of colors and prints. Modestly priced, they are great for around the house or to purchase as a gift.

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