Best garden sculptures

By Katie Dyal

It’s always the season for unique looking garden sculptures. 

Whether you want a humorous addition to your garden or you would like to spruce it up with some LED light sculptures, we have chosen the best garden sculptures for you. You will be able to take to delight in a cute or decorative sculpture as you take a stroll, pull weeds, or read in your outdoor area.

The best garden sculptures

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Bits and Pieces

Editor’s choice

Unique and decorative

Here is a garden sculpture that will attract butterflies and other beautiful insects to your garden.

This unique garden sculpture is beautifully designed and features colorful metal petals that spin around a glass globe. The three-inch globe is lit by solar power and lights ups and changes colors at night. Enjoy attractive red, blue, green, and yellow colors that will add some style and life to your home garden. 

Why we love it:

  • Creative design
  • Solar light 
  • Color-changing 
  • Features sturdy metal petals 
Design Toscano Zen Garden Gnome

Most realistic

Sweet and delicate

Add a little childhood life to your backyard or garden.

You will absolutely adore this garden sculpture that’s shaped into the likeness of a little girl fishing. This sculpture is crafted with stone bonded resin and finished in a lovely gray color. The little fisher-girl dons an adorable straw hat, a cute tie dress, and a fishing pole. She smiles sweetly at the little fish she caught on the end of her pole. This sculpture is perfect for setting near ponds or on benches in your garden.

Why we love it:

  • UV resistant
  • Made with stone bonded resin
  • Features a little girl fishing
  • Perfect for backyard ponds
Emsco Group

Best lion sculpture

Majestic and strong

Let this lion sculpture keep guard over your garden by day and night.

It is made with a stone-like resin material that features a natural grainy texture. The lion is hollow and made to add weights, like sand or dirt, so that it won’t fall over in inclement weather. You will be able to move this sculpture around your garden wherever it pleases you, as this sculpture is light in weight. It requires no assembly and will sit in your garden or on your porch majestically. 

Why we love it:

  • Made with stone-like resin
  • Lightweight
  • Hollow and ready for filling
  • No assembly required
By Mark & Margot

Most artistic

Fun-loving and quirky

If you have a fun-loving sense of humor, you will get a kick out of this garden sculpture. 

Tickle your friends and family with this quirky scene of a cat eating tiny garden gnomes. This sculpture is crafted with durable resin and hand-painted with vibrant colors. This sculpture is weatherproof and will sit well among your precious flowers or even on an outdoor shelf. It also makes a wonderful gift for birthdays or Christmas. 

Why we love it:

  • Humorous
  • Weatherproof 
  • Made with resin and hand-painted
  • Quirky and fun

Most mosaic

Color-changing and vibrant

If you spend time outside at night, let this mosaic garden sculpture light your path.

This mosaic glass ball is powered by LED lights that sit inside a beautiful and eclectic glass dome. This ball has four different color modes: bright white, red, blue, and green. You can even switch between colors or watch as the colors cycle through all night long. This light ball requires batteries, but it’s also powered by the sun through a solar panel located at the top. It will stay lit for eight hours when it’s fully charged. 

Why we love it:

  • Waterproof
  • Features a built-in solar panel
  • RGB and white LED colors
  • Programmed to cycle through all the colors at night
Design Toscano

Best garden gnome

Calming and cute

Chill out in your garden with this adorable garden gnome statue. 

You will love how zen and peaceful this little guy sits with his legs in Indian style. While he sits in meditation mode, a little bird is popping out of his beard to say hello. This gnome is made from hand-crafted stone-like resin that is hand-painted with sun-resistant paint. Set this little guy anywhere in your garden where you feel the most relaxed as a gentle reminder to stay calm throughout your day. 

Why we love it:

  • Made from a stone-like resin material
  • Sun-resistant
  • Calming demeanor
  • Eight inches tall

How to find the best garden sculptures 

Choosing the best garden sculpture isn’t tricky—with a few tips and tricks. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the choices of garden sculptures available, here are some things you should consider before buying one. 

Style: Before choosing a garden sculpture for your home, ask yourself how you would describe your personal style or the style you want to be reflected in your garden. Do you have more of a humorous outlook on life? Would you rather choose a sculpture that’s more decorative than one that tells a story? Choose a sculpture based on these questions to start your journey to choosing the perfect sculpture. 

Weather resistance: Since your garden sculpture will live outside, you will need to make sure it is completely weather resistant. Make sure your sculpture is made from materials like resin or stone and is painted in UV-resistant paint so that you can get the longest life out of your sculptures. 

Solar power: If you would like to choose a garden sculpture that lights up during the night, choose one that is either solely or partially powered by solar energy. Looking for an item like this ensures you won’t have to replace the batteries in your sculpture too often. It is also an environmentally-friendly thing to do. 


Now that you know how to choose the right garden sculpture for your garden, you can now sit in your yard and enjoy it. Show off your newfound purchase to friends and family members. You could even surprise them with a neat-lit garden show before bed. 

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