Best Gift Ideas to Give 7-Year-Old Boys

By Katie Dyal

Whether you’re shopping for your own child or shopping for a nephew, it can become difficult to know what to get for certain ages. At seven years old, a child is completely aware of what they like and what they don’t like.

They’re creative, imaginative, and of course, still childish. They don’t want “practical” gifts but they also don’t want to be treated like a baby with beginner-learning books and onesies. Unless the onesie makes them look like their favorite superhero or dinosaur, we say pass.

We put together our top picks for the best gift ideas to give seven-year-old boys and why the little dude in your life is sure to love one of them.

Best Gift Ideas to Give 7-Year-Old Boys

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atopdream star night

Best for Sleep

ATOPDREAM Star Night Lights for Kids

A nightlight may seem like a lame gift but wait until you show them what their room will look like when all the lights are off with the ATOPDREAM.

This night light projector covers the ceiling and walls with a starry sky that captivates, calms, and changes the way a child sleeps. These night lamps can project up to 15 feet or 250 square feet of space. It’s safe around children since it’s protected by a dome cover and battery-operated.

As it projects a starry night throughout the room, it rotates at a 360-degree angle. They’ll sleep more soundly and peaceful, all while thinking they have the coolest mom, aunt, uncle, grandparents ever for getting them the best gift.


animal paw slippers

Best Silly

Animal Paw Slippers for Kids and Adults by LazyOne

Seven-year-olds still like to be goofy and play dress up! These animal paw slippers are the perfect gift to bring giggles and happiness to everyone around!

Let their imaginations run wild while walking- or should we say stomping- in their crazy paws! Available in nine different styles, you could potentially find their favorite animal, so they could learn how to “walk in their shoes” for the day. The slippers are made of 100-percent polyester and are machine-washable. 

leveret kids robes

Best Luxurious

Leveret Kids Robe Boys Girls Solid Hooded Fleece Sleep Robe Bathrobe

Do you have a seven-year-old in your life that acts older than he really is? Than he’d love one of these bathrobes from Leveret.

These robes are comfortable, affordable, and of course, absolutely adorable! Made up of 100-percent polyester, flame-resistant, and machine-washable, these robes are super cozy and safe for kids. They can be worn right once you jump out of the bath or over some PJ’s on cold winter nights. A hoodie is designed into the robe to make it that much better. 

kids floor pillow

Best Pillow Bed

Butterfly Craze Kids Floor Pillow

Kids always love to lounge around in their own way. With the Butterflycraze Floor Pillow, they’ll be excited to relax, unwind, and play on the most comfortable “couch” alternative.

This couch cover is made of premium fabric that’s super soft to the touch. Your purchase only includes the couch cover and requires five pillows that can be bought from any retail distributor. The floor pillows come in queen and king sizes and are machine-washable. 

Why 7-year-old boys will love these gifts

A typical gift to give a seven-year-old would be hot wheels or a lego set; not to say that those wouldn’t be great gifts, but sometimes it’s fun to step out of the norm. Each of these gifts serves a different purpose and is sure to catch your favorite dude by surprise. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, or another special occasion these gifts are as thoughtful as they are fun! There’s nothing like a silly pair of slippers or cozy lounge seat to read bedtime stories on. Seven years old can be a hard age to shop for but you can’t go wrong with embracing their imagination within a practical gift. 

Why the gift of sleep is great for young boys

It can be very dangerous if a child is not receiving the correct amount of sleep each night. Did you know that inadequate sleep in children can be associated with an increased risk of injuries, high-risk behaviors, drowsiness, hypertension, obesity, and depression? 

When a child has a lack of sleep, it affects them on a much greater scale than adults. When a child does get a sufficient amount of sleep, it’s proven that they demonstrate better behavior, learning, attention, memory, and much more. 

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to a bedtime routine for children but nobody said anything bad about a super cool projecting night light! Just know that if you give the gift of sleep, you’re not only helping the parents out but you’re helping the child as well.


At age seven, kids know what they like and what they don’t. You can always find practical gifts that still embrace their silliness and imagination. 

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