Best Gift Ideas to Give 7-Year-Old Girls

By Katie Dyal

Seven-year-old girls are sassy, smart, and undeniably cute. Gift-giving can get tricky when you’re dealing with a mini diva who knows what she wants. 

Save the tutus and stuffed animals for another time- we have something else in mind. Here are our top picks for the best gift ideas to give a seven-year-old girl and why she’s guaranteed to love it. 

We believe in giving the gift of sleep, so throughout this gift guide, our theme is creating gifts that promote a better night’s sleep. You’ll discover the coolest night light to the best bath essentials and once you’re done reading, you’ll understand why it’s the best gift you could give your favorite little princess!

Best Gift Ideas to Give 7-Year-Old Girls

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soft unicorn hooded bathrobe

Best Dress-Up

Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Bath time just got way more fun with this Unicorn Bathrobe! What little girl doesn’t love unicorns?

This bathrobe is made of premium polyester and comes in a number of different sizes. From two years old to 13 years old, the coolest girls wear this after bath time. This Unicorn robe is available in 17 different color options including bright rainbow, pink galaxy, purple star, and so many more.

atopdream projection light

Best for Sleep


There’s no better way to fall asleep than to the 360-degree rotating star night light! This night light projector can let out four different colors up to 15 feet in distance.

Your favorite seven-year-old will look forward to turning off the lights and watching the full starry sky in action as they doze off to sleep. The nightlight has a removable white dome and HD projection design. It’s powered by high LED light and can run off batteries or DC power supply. There are three button features that offer a steady warm white light, color changing capability, and rotation switch. 

snoozies slipeprs

Best for Comfort

Snoozies Pairables Womens Slippers

Everyone loves a good pair of slippers! These foot coverings are designed with an adorable fox pattern and covered with endless furriness inside to keep you feet super warm and comfortable.

Snoozies are made with a brushed fleece exterior and lined with soft Sherpa fleece inside, making them ultra soft all around. Each pair is made with a non-skid sole, so there are no accidents while roaming around the house before bed. They’re perfect for keeping feet warm, as well as getting cozy and cute! The non-shrink material is also machine-washable!

kids bath bombs

Best for Bath-Time Fun

Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set with Surprise Toys

What better way to get excited for bath time than with one of these awesome bath bombs?

Sky Organics created 100-percent vegan bath bombs for kids that contain zero sulfates or phthalates. Each bomb is packed with essential oils, coconut oil, epsom salts, and of course, some fun surprises! The gift set includes six different fragrances including gummy bear, grape soda, dreamsicle, bubblegum, cotton candy, and galaxy! Once the bath bombs touch the water, they start to let off fun colors and bath “sprinkles” which makes the water sparkle. Last but not least, each box contains a surprise toy! 

Why 7-year-old girls will love these gifts

Seven-year-old girls love anything that involve sparkles and rainbows. Gift giving is about getting gifts they want, not what they necessarily need. With these gift choices, you’ll be giving them something they’ll love, while still remaining practical and useful.

By gifting a super cool night light or bath bombs, you’re encouraging bedtime and bathtime. Once children start to understand that these “routines” can be made fun, they’ll be more likely to enjoy it and embrace it when it comes. Lastly, these gifts are unique and comforting. Whether you’re giving something that they’ll use for the years to come or a bath time experience that they’ll never forget, they will be over-the-moon happy with your choice. 

How the gift of sleep is great for young girls

Every woman needs her sleep, including the little ladies! Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is essential to anyone’s health, but especially children. A lack of sleep can be very harmful to young children and can be the cause of several developmental and behavioral issues. 

As long as you’re making a gift fun, you can make it about anything! You may not be able to convince them eating brussel sprouts is cool, but you can convince them taking a bath is cool with the best bath bombs. Reinforcing that sleep is important by gifting them things that make it fun and less intimidating can help them get a better night’s sleep which is great for everyone! 

Some children are stubborn about going to bed or winding down and some are afraid or paranoid about being alone or having nightmares. You could have an impact on how they think of sleep and make it a better experience. 


Throughout these gifts, you can make a seven-year-old girl excited about her night time routine. Spoil her with one or two of these options and get ready to receive your biggest thank-you yet.

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