Best Gifts for Babies

By Katie Dyal

When it comes to getting a gift for a newborn baby, there are so many options and routes you could take to shower this brand-new little one with so much love. 

As tempting as it is to get the cutest stuffed animal and softest baby blanket, do the parents and favor and stick to things that are practical, useful, and essential to their new parenthood journey. Because at the end of the day, you’re buying more for the parents- not just the baby.

Here are our top picks for the best gifts for newborn babies and why they’re sure to love it, as well as their parents. 

Our Picks for the Best Gifts for Babies

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HALO Sleepsack

Best Wearable Blanket

HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle and Wearable Blanket Gift Set

The HALO Sleepsack Swaddle is more like a wearable blanket than anything else. You talk about cute- it doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Gift the precious moment of sleep, which new parents will quickly love! This wearable blanket is made of 100-percent cotton and designed with a three-way adjustable wrap that allows baby to sleep in its preferred sleeping position.

There are over 25 color schemes and designs to choose from, as well as a gift set size that comes pre-packed and gift-ready. 

fisher price rocker

Best Rocker

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Parent or not, everyone knows Fisher Price is a reputable brand to buy baby gear from.

The Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is an excellent gift for a newborn baby to grow up in. The rocker starts out as a stationary seat/rocker with toys overhead and as the child grows, the toy bar can be removed and it turns into a toddler chair!

The rocker offers features that include calming vibrations that help soothe and comfort; a secure three-point restraint, fold-out kickstand, and two-position seat recline. The seat pad is machine-washable and there are six style options available. 

swaddle up

Best Swaddle

Love To Dream Swaddle UP

The award-winning baby swaddle that offers an innovative design like no other on the market is sure to be an item a newborn baby loves.

The Love to Dream Swaddle UP allows baby to sleep in their natural sleep position which is typically with their arms up! It’s designed with 93-percent cotton and seven-percent elastance which gives a soft, yet stretchy material so baby is comfortable and able to move freely.

A dual zipper makes baby changes easy since parents won’t have to completely unwrap the entire swaddle to remove the wet diaper. These swaddles contain zero flame retardants and any other harmful chemicals. 

fisher price projection mobile

Best Projection Item

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

How precious is this 2-in-1 Planet Projection? The cutest animal figurines from all around the world twirl around to the sound of soft, baby music and a soft projection of light.

This is sure to capture the attention of a newborn baby, making them calm and care-free before taking a nap. Overtop the twirling animals is a little canopy that keeps the newborn’s focus on the animals. The projection offers three musical settings based on which the baby likes and the plush animal characters promote healthy brain development. 

Why newborns (and the parents!) will love these gifts

Shopping for a newborn baby can be so fun, but it’s also a waste of money if they don’t understand the purpose of it, which is typically the case. As much as you want to get them the cutest stuffed animal, they aren’t going to remember it. Not to mention, everyone else is going to do that, so be unique and get something that they actually will use and need for this stage of life.

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The best thing that you can do for a newborn is to get them gifts that will help make their new, little world less intimidating and more relaxing. It’s also the best thing you can do for the parents, as they take on this new journey of parenthood. It’s not easy knowing what’s best as a new parent for a newborn and having options on nights that get hard will be a life saver. 

Your thoughtfulness and mindfulness of their baby’s age will have them appreciate you more than you know. 

Why you should give the gift of sleep

Obviously, newborns are required to get lots of sleep but it’s not always easy for them. Some will sleep like rocks, while others may have a harder time adapting to the outside world. The beauty of having so many options to choose from on the market means that your child is bound to fall in love with one of the many. Swaddles can be a life saver, but it can be tricky to find out which one a baby will love. Who knows, you may just gift the right one! 

Sleep should be the primary goal for a home with a newborn baby. It’s essential for parents and baby to get adequate sleep, so it only makes sense to give gifts that will encourage and support that goal.


A newborn baby deserves the best sleeping products to ensure it’s fully recharged before starting the next day. Give the gift of sleep to ensure this new angel on earth remains happy and healthy as it continues to grow. 

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