Best handheld vacuum cleaners

By Katie Dyal

Many of us like to outfit our bedrooms with carpeted floors or festive area rugs. This provides a cozy look; however, it can sometimes be hard to clean. By keeping a handheld vacuum in your room, you can quickly tidy up as needed. Remember – to get your best sleep, you’ll need a clean bed and a clean room. Here are our favorite handheld vacuum cleaners.

The best handheld vacuum cleaners

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Best value

Lightweight and mobile

The handheld machine by Shark is is wonderful for a number of reasons.

Its cord is a generous length of 15 feet, which offers you great mobility and freedom from charging responsibilities. To clean, simply empty the dust cup – no disposable bags are necessary. This option is also super lightweight, surprisingly stylish and will help you blaze through any cleaning task. You’ll feel like a superhero toting around this extremely powerful and sleek machine.


Best luxury

Functional and feature-packed

This handheld vacuum by Dyson is cord-free and looks more like an expensive sculpture than a cleaning product.

Its design alone is worth marveling at; however, it’s functionality is even more impressive. This option is cordless, lightweight, and battery-operated. This motorized tool is more like a vacuum gun; simply power the trigger to suck up any dust, pet hair, or debris you may encounter. When it’s time to clean, one button will empty out this cleaner without you ever getting in contact with germs.

The BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Efficient and easy to use

Best user-friendly

The BLACK and DECKER handheld vacuum cleaner is a no-frills option that’s so easy to use.

It’s battery-operated, meaning you won’t have to mess with annoying cords or constant charging. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months. An extendable crevice tool is attached to the nozzle and can pull out when you need help with hard-to-reach places. This option is also extremely lightweight, adding to its all-around great efficiency.


Best lightweight option

Small and simple

Shark’s handheld vacuum is super small and sports a simple, streamlined look.

With that said, it is definitely not lacking in power. Weighing in at one-and-a-half pounds, it’s suction capabilities act at an incredibly high speed. This option features a tapered nozzle, making it especially great for tight spaces. There’s no need to hide away this product either – the aesthetic design of this cleaner and it’s charging dock will look great on your countertop.


How to find the best handheld vacuum cleaners

If you’re used to using old school vacuum cleaners, you may be unsure when shopping for handheld vacuum cleaners. These days, these cleaning tools are anything but basic; in fact, they’re quite advanced. Consider factors of operation, design, and charging method to get a clear idea on your perfect pick.

Operation: When looking at a handheld vacuum cleaner, consider how it operates. These options range in the way their functions work, and you may like one product’s approach better than the next. 

Design: If aesthetics are important to you, modern handheld vacuum cleaners can actually be pretty stylish. The design also contributes to how comfortable you’ll be while using it. 

Charging Method: Handheld vacuum cleaners can be charged through cords, docks, or batteries. Choose this factor based on personal preference and efficiency.


Benefits abound when it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners. These tools are especially great for college students or people who live in small apartments. They’re also great to stash in spaces like your office or car for quick cleaning. They’re so easy to use, you’ll find yourself wanting to vacuum more than you ever have before. We hope you’ve found a favorite in our list of best handheld vacuum cleaners.

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