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By Katie Dyal

We take care of our clothes by laundering with the safest detergents, putting them through the right drying process, and taking them to the dry cleaners if need be. With that said, this level of care shouldn’t stop when they get to your closet.

The hangers you use can actually have a negative effect on your clothes if you’re not careful. Check out our top picks for the best hangers and what to consider when purchasing your own. You may be surprised to find out the benefits of certain hangers.

The best hangers

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Durable and supportive

Best value

With Sharpty’s Black Plastic Hangers, you’ll have a hanger for every item in your closet.

This value pack comes with 60 standard-sized black hangers made of thick plastic. They are constructed carefully to provide heavy-duty support for all kinds of garments. Whether you’re hanging up a strappy dress or a thick winter coat, these resilient hangers are ready for the job. You’ll sleep well knowing all your garments are in order. These hangers by Sharpty will save you space, thus improving the feng shui of your room as well as your quality of sleep

Why We Love It: 

  • Durable
  • Great value
  • Generous number of hangers
  • Standard size
  • Thick plastic
Utopia Home

Slim and thick

Best premium

The Utopia Home Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers will instantly upgrade your closet.

These hangers are our premium pick due to their plethora of great qualities. This option comes in a pack of 50, with each hanger outfitted in luxurious velvet. This material creates a non-slip surface that won’t damage your garments, no matter their fabric. The build of these are slim and sleek, meaning they’ll fit seamlessly in your closet without adding unnecessary clutter. Although these look delicate, they’re sturdily built and can hold up to ten pounds. Last but not least, the fully rotating hook is a user-friendly touch which allows you to effortlessly hang and select items of clothing. 

Why We Love Them: 

  • Non-slip
  • Luxurious aesthetic
  • Slim
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rotating hook
Utopia Home

Basic yet high-quality

Best plastic option

The Utopia Home White Plastic Hangers for Clothes is our favorite choice for simple yet efficient hangers.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to organize all of your garments, this is it. This selection comes with a value pack of 50 plastic white hangers, each measuring 42 inches by 23 inches. Their standard size is just substantial enough to provide durability but slim enough to not overwhelm your closet. Built-in grooves will support the shoulders of each garment, therefore maintaining the structure of your clothing. They also feature notches which are useful for strappy items. Whatever you’re hanging, these products by Utopia Home will do the trick. 

Why We Love Them: 

  • Simple design
  • Shoulder grooves
  • Strap notches
  • Good value
  • Slim

Luxurious in design

Best non-slip

Zober’s Non-Slip Velvet Hangers will make even your heaviest clothing stay put.

With this purchase, you’ll receive 50 hangers made in an ultra-thin size and ivory color. Each piece is covered with finely textured velvet. This covering will keep your clothes from slipping and sliding without adding any damage. Considering this is this option’s strong suit, we recommend using these for heavier clothes or dress clothes like suit jackets. If you plan on hanging strappy garments, built-in notches allow you that opportunity as well. You’ll find these hangers extremely easy to use with their swiveling chrome hooks. 

Why We Love Them: 

  • Ultra-thin
  • Elegant look
  • Fully outfitted in velvet
  • Swiveling chrome hooks
  • Built-in notches

Small size with velvet detailing

Best slim option

The AmazonBasics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Clothes Suit Hangers will set your closet up with sleek sophistication.

These hangers are covered in luxurious black velvet and feature shiny silver hooks. Each one can hold up to ten pounds and is made in a 17-inch by 9-inch size. Their super slim silhouette allows you to organize all of the contents of your closet without taking up any extra space. Hang jackets, dresses, pants, and accessories on these handy hangers – they can take all of your garments on. These hangers come shipped in a frustration-free packaging and are ready to use right out of the box. This option comes in a generous pack of 50. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Extra-slim
  • Small size
  • Great value
  • Velvet detailing

Smooth edges and supportive

Best budget

The Sharpty plastic hangers are your best bet for a set that fits your budget.

With that said, don’t confuse cheap with cheaply made. These are strong pieces that are sturdy enough to hold heavier items of clothing for years to come. With this purchase, you’ll receive a 20-pack of white plastic hangers. They all sport smooth, reinforced edges, which means you won’t have to worry about your clothing snagging on rough plastic seams. These durable garment holders also feature notches for straps and reinforced shoulders. Lessen your mess and unify your closet with these white plastic hangers made by Sharpty. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Inexpensive
  • Smooth edges
  • Durable
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Strap notches

How to find the best hangers

Are you making over or re-organizing your closet? If so, you want to make sure you implement the right moving parts. Storage bins and other kinds of closet organizers are important; however, hangers truly have the biggest impact on the flow of your closet. In order to find out which hangers you should get, we recommend looking at a few factors first. Consider material, design and functionality, and you’ll soon be on the right track. 

Material: Material is important when it comes to hangers for a few reasons. One, it affects the way they look. Two, it will impact how the garment stays on the hanger. Three, it affects the weight capacity. 

Design: When checking out design, make sure the hangers you’re looking at come in the right size and shape for the garment you’re planning on hanging. 

Functionality: Some hangers feature added elements of design, like strap notches or reinforced shoulders. Consider all of your options before settling on a set. 

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