The Best Headboards on Amazon

By Amanda Lasater

Jun 6th, 2022

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There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve created a bedroom that is an ideal space for sleep. A headboard may not be much of a necessity, but it does bring the whole style and feel of your room together.

Headboards are a great way to offer more support while sitting up in bed or draw more attention to your desired interior design. Whatever your reasons are for wanting a headboard, we have selected our top picks for the best headboards and tips on how to choose the best one for your bedroom. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Headboards on Amazon

lifehome premier headboard

Best Overall

Life Home Premiere Classics Cloth Light Beige Cream Linen 51″ Tall Headboard Platform

This headboard brings luxury and beauty to your overall bedroom interior design. The Home Life Headboard Platform is made of premium polyester linen that appears beautifully and upholds well.

This headboard comes with sturdy wooden slats, preventing the need for a box spring. It supports any type of mattress, but is especially great for inner-spring and memory foam mattresses because the construction will prevent sagging. The design within the upholstered linen offers a tufted button accent with metal studs that look sophisticated and modern. It’s 51 inches in height and requires little to no assembly. This headboard is available in six different bed size options.

zinus jessica headboard

Best Budget

Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Upholstered Metal Headboard

If you’re shopping for an attractive headboard on a budget, look no further. The Zinus Headboard is not only affordable, but classic in style.

Available in a grey or brown design, this headboard is neutral enough to fit perfectly in any kind of space. Designed with a foam-padded upholstery and metal framework, this headboard is sturdy, supportive, and comfortable when sitting upright in bed. It’s available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

lucid mid rise

Best Customized

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard

The LUCID Mid-Rise Square Tufted Headboard is durable, lightweight, and accommodating. It makes for an excellent choice for all bed types because it’s customizable. This headboard mounts directly onto the wall to accommodate higher profiles when necessary.

It’s compatible with most bed frames and offers a classic design that looks great with any bedroom style. The headboard is upholstered with linen-inspired fabric, while the frame is made with solid Siberian Larch wood to provide a sturdy construction. The headboard can adjust in two-inch heights and comes with pre-drilled legs, modification plates, and optional wall mounts. You can purchase this headboard in four different sizes, two different styles, and six different colors. 

flash furniture headboard

Best Variety

Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered

Inspired with a contemporary style, the Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Headboard is the perfect addition for a bedroom. Designed with a beautiful button tufting and diamond-stitch pattern, this headboard will allude luxury every time you walk in the room.

This headboard includes metal stands and adjustable bed rail slots, making it compatible with many different mattresses. It’s available in 12 different color options, allowing you to showcase your true personality and style. You can order this headboard in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

How to Choose the Best Headboard

A headboard doesn’t go unnoticed once it’s placed into a bedroom. Here are a few tips on choosing the best one for your space. 

  • Width: The most important part in selecting a bed frame is making sure that it will fit well with your bed frame. Most headboards will fit your frame, as long as you get the width of the headboard to match the width of the bed frame.
  • Materials: Be thorough about the makeup of your headboard. The materials used will determine how durable, supportive, and stylish it will be. Pay attention to the type of wood, fabrics, and other materials that make up the piece.
  • Function: You want a headboard that is going to enhance the overall look of your bedroom, not complicate your experience. When it comes time to make your bed, you’re going to want to have a headboard that allows room to tuck fitted sheets and place padded comforters on comfortably.


Headboards are a great way to add style to your bedroom and emphasize the main piece of furniture within your room- the bed. When you’re shopping for a headboard, make sure to consider the width, the materials that make up the headboard, and the functionality so you can continue to get your best night’s sleep in style.