Best Hotel Pillow Reviews

Bring the comfort of a luxurious 5-star hotel pillow to your bedroom with our top hotel pillow picks.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Nov 10th, 2023

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Luxury hotels boast incredibly comfortable setups with some of the best pillows and bedding. When you slip between the buttery covers and sink into the plush yet supportive pillows, it can feel as though all of your worries fade away.

So, why wouldn’t you want these same pillows on your bed? Say goodbye to pillows that don’t make you feel like a queen with our picks for the 6 best hotel quality pillows that you can buy for your home.

Best Hotel Quality Pillows

Cozy Earth Silk pillow

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow

Best Silk Pillow

If you like the smooth, cool feel of silk against your face, the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is a nice luxury option. The pillow is made from a high-quality blend of silk and bamboo that’s designed to be breathable and temperature-neutral.


Soft and fluffy, the Cozy Earth is a good option for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and anyone who likes a lot of puffy, compressive silk filling to their pillow. It comes with a 100-night sleep trial, so you have plenty of time to give it a test-run to see if it works for you.

Brooklinen Down Pillow

Brooklinen Down Pillow

Best Down Pillow

Those who love the super-soft, cloud-like feel of down will appreciate this fluffy pillow from Brooklinen. The brand’s Down Pillow has three levels of firmness—plush, for stomach sleepers; mid-plush, for back sleepers; and firm, for side sleepers—so you can get the optimal amount of comfort and support for your sleep position.


It’s made with clusters of Canadian down and feathers inside a cotton shell, and comes in two sizes, standard and King, to fit your bed. Just don’t throw it in the wash—this luxury-feeling pillow is spot-clean only, dry-clean if needed.

Shredded Foam Cooling Pillow Press Lifestyle

Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Best Cooling Gel Pillow

Hot sleepers will appreciate this memory foam pillow, which has multiple cooling technologies throughout designed to mitigate heat. On the outside of the pillow, you’ll find a breathable cotton-polyester blend cover that only softens with repeated washes, along with a Phase Change Material that keeps the pillow feeling temperature-neutral to cool.


At the core of the pillow, CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam provides plenty of plush-feeling support, while also incorporating a gel infusion that absorbs body heat and allows for more airflow. The foam also includes copper graphite, which is antimicrobial and helps further maintain cool temperatures. Outside of all this, the pillow is comfy and responsive, which suits sleepers who tend to toss and turn—and comes in high loft and low loft versions, so all sleep positions can get the support they need.

saatva pillow

Saatva Latex Pillow

Best Overall Hotel Pillow

This exceptional three-layer pillow is USA-made from a blend of high-quality organic fibers. The pillow has a 300-thread-count cotton pillowcase, which the brand says is the ideal thread count for comfort and breathability. Beneath its soft, smooth cover is a machine-washable outer pillow made from down alternative; this layer provides plenty of comfort and pressure relief.
The inner pillow is made from  American Talalay latex foam that’s responsive, supportive, and hypoallergenic—this latex core can also be removed if you want the pillow to feel less tall or firm. Together these layers supply a cozy, luxury feel that sleeps cool and has just the right amount of bounce.

Lagoon The Fox Pillow

Lagoon Fox Pillow

Best Washable Pillow

Stuffed with CertiPUR-US Certified shredded memory foam, the Fox pillow is a customizable dream. Just remove enough of the eco-friendly foam fill to suit your taste and get the right alignment in your preferred sleep position, and you’ll sleep comfortably and with fewer aches in the morning.


The pillow has a bamboo and polyester cover—which is designed to feel soft and luxurious against your skin—and a breathable, porous interior. The cover, liner, and fill of the pillow can all be machine-washed so you can keep the pillow looking and smelling fresh throughout its lifespan.

TEMPUR-Cloud® Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow


If you like a pillow with the hugging feel of memory foam, you’ll want to check out this Tempurpedic model. The pillow is made of Tempur foam that contours to your body weight and makes an immediate impression of your head and neck. It’s likely to work best for side sleepers, back sleepers, and combination sleepers due to its medium firmness, medium loft, and ability to adapt and respond quickly to any changes in position throughout the night. Hot sleepers will appreciate that the pillow feels cool to the touch. 


The Tempur-Cloud is on the pricier side, but it’s made with high-quality, premium materials and supplies a luxury feel akin to checking into a fancy hotel room. You can choose between a “hi” and “lo” option, though we found that the “lo” felt too high for stomach sleepers or any others who like a flatter, more compressed pillow. Be warned that the pillow doesn’t come with a sleep trial, so you can’t return it if it doesn’t work for you.

harmony pillow 2

Purple Harmony Pillow

Best Hypoallergenic

The Harmony pillow has a unique design akin to Purple’s mattresses. It uses an elastic polymer for support, which is shaped into a honeycombed grid pattern that’s layered over a latex core. All the materials are hypoallergenic—even the natural Talalay latex, which won’t trigger those with latex allergies. Because of ventilation channels in both the polymer and latex, the design also promotes good breathability and repels dust mites.


The pillow comes in three loft levels and two sizes, so it should suit a wide range of sleepers and sleep styles. As for the feel, we found the Harmony to be springy and responsive, while providing plenty of pressure-relieving support for the side sleepers who need it. Purple gives you a 100-night sleep trial and just a one-year warranty on this pillow, but also claims that its hyper-elastic polymer is designed for longevity—and to be your one-and-done pillow purchase.

Brooklinen Marlow Pillow

The Marlow Pillow

Best Adjustable Pillow


The Marlow pillow is one of the easiest-to-adjust pillows you can buy. Unlike many adjustable pillows, you don’t change its loft by adding or removing filling, or even pulling out an inner core. You simply zip or unzip two side zippers to tamp down or let out the height of the pillow, which makes it easy to tweak your comfort level overnight without having to get out of bed. It works well for back and side sleepers, given its overall level of firmness and fluff.


Hot sleepers will appreciate that the pillow sleeps cool due to a gel-infused foam construction, with mesh gussets along the side for ventilation. And budget shoppers will be interested to know that the pillow is an excellent value, even when not available through the brand’s frequent sales.

Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

Best for Back Sleepers

The True Temp pillow uses active particles from volcanic minerals to regulate temperature, so the pillow stays at what’s considered the ideal human temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. This is designed to make the pillow feel dry and cool-to-the-touch, which is a boon for hot sleepers who wake up sweating. 


But coolness isn’t the pillow’s only standout quality. It’s also available in three distinct shapes so you can get the one that best suits your sleep position. There’s the Classic, which has a normal pillow profile and best suits back and stomach sleepers; the Contour, which is curved for side or back sleepers; and the Ultimate, with three removable support inserts so you can configure it to fit any sleep position. Sleep Number even offers a quiz to steer you toward the best choice for you; all are designed to provide good support, comfort, and spine alignment for those who sleep on their backs. 

Best Hotel Pillow Buying Guide

There is no one perfect pillow for every sleeper. Choosing the right pillow requires understanding your needs and preferences and matching them with the various options available.

In this guide, we’ll go over

Types of Hotel Bed Pillows

Down Pillows

Down pillows are a type of pillow made using the warm, fluffy feathers found underneath a bird’s outer plumage. A down feather has a unique three dimensional structure whose fluffiness creates an unmatched enveloping sensation.

A 100% down pillow is an incredibly soft pillow with minimal loft, but very few pillows are made using only down. Most down pillows use a combination of down feathers and regular feathers. The regular feathers add loft and a firm support.

When you compare down pillows there are a few factors to consider.

  1. What is the percentage of down feathers vs regular feathers? As the ratio of feathers to down increases, a pillow becomes firmer. A combination of the two creates a balance of luxurious softness and proper neck and head support.
  2. What is the fill level? Higher fill levels mean that there are more feathers within. The result of more feathers is greater support and a fluffier, more robust pillow.
  3. What type of feathers are used? A goose down pillow is considered the ultimate in plush luxury, with an amazingly light and fluffy feel. As such, a goose feather pillow is one of the most expensive options. Duck down is another popular choice that is less expensive, but slightly less cloudlike.


  • Cloudlike, luxurious feel
  • Good longevity
  • Holds its shape well


  • 100% down is not very supportive
  • Expensive
  • Not machine washable
  • Sourced from animals

Down Alternative Pillows

Down alternative pillows are pillows made using synthetic fibers that mimic the comfort and feel of down pillows. Similar to down pillows, down alternative pillows tend to be light, fluffy, and soft. Their cloudlike feel is much like that of down, but without bird feathers, they are better for those with allergies and asthma.

Most people can feel the difference between down and down alternative pillows. While their soft feel and low-to-moderate loft suits similar sleepers (stomach and back sleepers), the sinking sensation is more airy than down. When compressed, down tends to become firmer than the synthetic fill in down alternative pillows.

Many people love down alternative pillows. They are a budget-friendly option that is cuddly and easy-to-shape to fit your unique curves. Plus, they’re made without using animal products.


  • Affordable
  • Made without animal products
  • Light and compressible
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Typically machine washable


  • Not firm enough for side sleepers
  • Slightly different feel than down
  • Variation between pillows makes it hard to know what you’re getting

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are made using the outer layer of feathers from geese or ducks. When compared to the inner down layer of feathers, the outer layer is less soft and more supportive.

Feathers are less expensive than down, and are commonly used as a core for down pillows. You can find all-feather pillows, although most will contain a small percentage of down feathers for a softer feel.

A 100% feather pillow is a good pillow choice for those who like firm pillows. With structure and loft that stays stable throughout the night, they provide the head and neck support that both side and back sleepers require. Feather pillows are not ideal for stomach sleepers who need a low loft, or anyone who wants a squishy pillow.


  • Less expensive than down
  • Firm support and high loft is good for back and side sleepers
  • Works well in combination with down


  • Not soft or plush
  • Not machine washable
  • High loft is poor for stomach sleepers

Memory Foam Pillows

Luxury hotel pillows are rarely made using memory foam, but that doesn’t mean that a memory foam pillow can’t feel incredible. Memory foam is at once supportive and marshmallow-y. Many people find memory foam pillows to be one of the most comfortable types of pillows available.

Memory foam responds to the body’s temperature, cradling the head and neck. Thanks to its ability to form to the body’s shape, it keeps the head and neck in line with the spine. These memory foam properties are beneficial for sleepers with neck pain as well as side and back sleepers.

There are multiple types of memory foam pillows. Some of our favorites include:

  • Shredded memory foam pillows: Shredded memory foam pillows feel much softer than those made from a singular piece of foam. Because the memory foam is shredded, you can shape it to comfortably cradle your head and neck. Many of these pillows offer adjustable loft, allowing you to find the right height for you. Thanks to these properties, the shredded memory foam pillow can suit the needs of side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.
  • Orthopedic memory foam pillows: Orthopedic foam pillows are designed to keep the head and neck properly aligned. You can find these pillows created for either back or side sleepers. They provide relief for neck pain, and some can help improve breathing and reduce snoring.
  • Traditional memory foam pillows: Traditional memory foam pillows are made using a singular piece of memory foam. They work well for those who like firm pillows, with their combination of give and firm support well suited for back sleepers.


  • Contours to the head and neck
  • Relieves neck pain
  • Provides support for side and back sleepers
  • Affordable options available


  • Do not feel like hotel pillows
  • Heavy
  • Can retain heat
  • Not machine washable

Gel Pillows

Gel pillows are any type of pillow that includes gel to encourage a cool night’s sleep. Gel does this thanks to its ability to absorb excess body heat without feeding it back to you during the night. Its heat-absorbing properties make gel pillows best for hot sleepers or those who like a refreshing, cool pillow.

There are two primary types of gel pillows.

  1. Gel-infused memory foam: Memory foam has the tendency to sleep hot. Because memory foam responds to heat, the heat can build up within and create a hot, sweaty night. Gel infusion counteracts this heat retention, supporting a cool night’s sleep.
  2. Poly-gel fiber fill: Pillows made with a synthetic poly-gel fiber have a similar feel to a down alternative pillow. The gel throughout contributes to a cool night’s sleep and keeps the fill in place, reducing uncomfortable filling separation.


  • Affordable options
  • Sleeps cool
  • Multiple varieties


  • Only available in synthetic pillows

Latex Pillows

You are unlikely to come across a hotel that uses latex pillows, but they are a great fit for many sleepers and therefore deserve a brief overview.

Latex pillows are a firm, breathable pillow. With very little give, latex pillows are best suited for back sleepers who like a solid pillow, not for combination, side, or stomach sleepers. Because latex is naturally breathable and helps to wick away moisture from the skin, latex pillows are a particularly good fit for those who wake up hot and sweaty.

You can find synthetic or natural latex pillows. Natural latex pillows are made from the sap of rubber trees, and they are one of the best pillow materials for the environment. Synthetic latex pillows are petroleum-based. Both types of latex pillows are incredibly durable and can last for ten or more years.


  • All-natural, organic, and eco-friendly options
  • Sleeps cool and dry
  • Great for those who like firm pillows
  • Doesn’t shift over the night


  • Heavy
  • Very minimal give
  • Expensive

What to Consider When Shopping for Hotel Pillows

Sleeping Position

How you sleep at night is the primary factor that determines the best type of pillow for you. A pillow’s job is to support the head and neck so that they stay in line with the spine. When this is done correctly, you can avoid problems like neck kinks and morning stiffness.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should be looking for based on the position you sleep in.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a lofty pillow that cradles their neck and keeps their head in line with their spine. Every side sleeper’s needs vary based on their body size. A pillow that is too thick or too thin will eventually cause neck discomfort.

Additionally, you want something that will allow your head to gently sink in. An excessively firm or soft pillow can move your head out of alignment. Some pillows that are well-suited for side sleepers include

  • Pillows with an adjustable loft
  • Shredded memory foam pillows
  • Pillows with an inner layer of feathers and an outer layer of down
  • Medium-firm down alternative or poly gel fill pillows

Stomach Sleepers

When you sleep on your stomach, your neck has to turn to one side or the other. Because of this, there is no way to achieve proper neck alignment when sleeping on your front. But if you are someone who finds that this is the only way you can sleep, the best thing to do is to sleep with no pillow or one that is incredibly thin. Avoid firm or lofty pillows as they will exacerbate neck misalignment and pain.

The best pillows for stomach sleepers include

  • 100% down pillows
  • Adjustable loft pillows
  • Thin alternative down pillows

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a pillow with a moderate loft and medium-firm to firm feel. The correct loft and firmness comfortably cradles the head while keeping the neck’s natural curve supported.

Some of the best pillows for back sleepers include

  • Memory foam pillows
  • Pillows made using a combination of down and feathers
  • Medium to firm down alternative or gel pillows
  • Latex pillows

Combination Sleepers

Are you someone who never knows what position you’ll wake up in? Combination sleepers switch from one position to another, tossing and turning regularly at night. Thanks to their sleep position variability and their frequent movement, combination sleepers have unique pillow needs.

Combination sleepers do best with a pillow that’s easily moldable. When a pillow can be flattened out for stomach sleeping and hugged together for side sleeping, it supports a good night’s sleep. Additionally, a lightweight pillow allows easy movement, and one with adjustable fill lets you find the best loft for the positions that you find yourself in.

Combination sleepers do well with

  • Shredded memory foam pillows
  • Down alternative pillows
  • Adjustable loft pillows

Thread Count

When you use pillowcases, you might assume that the thread count of a pillow’s outer cover wouldn’t matter. However, thread count does matter with certain types of pillows.

Thread count is especially important when you’re shopping for feather pillows. Feathers have a sharp middle point that can eventually stick through the pillow’s surface. A higher thread count means that there is less space between the threads, making it harder for pointy feathers to stick through.

The best hotel-quality feather pillows have thread counts of 300 or higher.


People with allergies or respiratory illnesses must be careful when choosing a pillow because some pillows exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Down and feather pillows are the two types of pillows that allergy sufferers usually avoid. While the feathers within are treated to reduce the likelihood of irritation, the feathers may still cause allergies for those who are particularly sensitive.

Another factor that is important to consider is how easy it is to wash the pillow. Some pillows, primarily down alternative and some other synthetic pillows, are machine washable. Thanks to their being easy to launder, those with allergies can regularly deep-clean their pillows to keep them free of mold, dust mites, and other allergens.


You can find hotel-quality pillows starting as low as $20, but most are going to cost you more. The following table outlines the average cost of the different types of pillows.

Pillow Type Average Cost
Down Pillows > $70
Feather Pillows $25-$75
Down Alternative Pillows > $20
Gel Pillows > $25
Memory Foam Pillows > $20
Latex Foam Pillows >$50


Best Hotel Pillow FAQs

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Hotels like Hilton, Marriott, and Westin are in business to keep people comfortable. As such, they have done their research to ensure that their pillows appeal to a wide variety of customers.

What kinds of pillows do luxury hotels use?

Luxury hotels typically use down or down alternative pillows. You may find some with gel-infusion or with a combination of down and feathers.

What size of pillows do hotels use?

Most hotels use a standard size pillow, which measures 20” x 26”.


Compare the best hotel pillows below:

Pillow Material/Type Best for Customer Rating
Saatva Latex Pillow Cotton blend cover with a latex core inside Best Overall Hotel Pillow 4.8/5
Cozy Earth Silk Pillow Bamboo and viscose cover with a silk interior Best Silk Hotel Pillow 4.9/5
Lagoon Fox Pillow Bamboo/polyester blend cover with shredded memory foam inside Best Washable Hotel Pillow 4.7/5
Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Memory Foam Pillow Knit cover with memory foam inside Best Cooling Gel Hotel Pillow 4.5/5
Brooklinen Down Cotton cover with down fill Best Down Hotel Pillow 4.7/5

Slipping underneath the covers of a high-end hotel bed is a wonderful feeling. When you buy a hotel pillow for your bedroom, you can enjoy a slice of luxury every night when you head to bed.

Most hotel pillows are made using down, feathers, or down alternatives. These materials deliver exceptional softness and cushion with just enough support for the average sleeper.

Have you found a pillow that makes your bed feel like a luxury getaway? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!