Best Humidifiers for Babies

By Katie Dyal

Yep, moms- add a humidifier to the list as another must-have for your little bundle of joy! A humidifier can do wonders for your little one, making it well worth the initial investment. 

A humidifier provides additional moisture to the air which improves your baby’s breathing conditions, as well as loosens all that built-up mucus that they’re more than likely to accumulate. 

As a new parent, you will need every bit of guidance to get the rest you need. After making sure you baby has the best crib mattress, baby swing, and a hundred other must-haves, a humidifier is just one of the many products that can save the day for both you and baby. Read along to find our top picks for the best humidifiers for babies.

Our Picks for the Best Humidifiers for Babies

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pure enrichment

Best Overall

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

There’s no better term than pure when it comes to the Pure Enrichment MistAir Humidifier! This ultrasonic machine safely moisturizes your baby’s bedroom air for up to 16 hours.

Your option of high or low speed settings are offered and you also can control the mist direction. This 1.5-liter water tank is the perfect size for a baby room and it provides an optional nightlight, as well as an automatic shut-off feature. It’s easy to clean and refill when necessary. 

vicks humidifier

Best on a Budget

Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

Everyone trusts Vicks for sickness, why wouldn’t you trust them on a machine that brings sinus relief? Vicks Mist Humidifier is filter-free and can run for up to 24 hours.

This one-gallon tank diffuses 95-percent bacteria-free mist and works great for cough and congestion relief. You can also use Vicks VapoSteam for medicated mist sessions! Once the tank runs empty, the humidifier will automatically shut off. It has two output settings offered and is noise-free. 

taotronics humidifier

Most Quiet

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers for Babies [BPA Free]

Your baby will sleep soundly and comfortably with the TaoTronics Humidifier. This humidifier was built with baby in mind. It’s FCC-certified and BPA-free which means it runs safely and smoothly for your little one’s room.

It has a vertical, oval shape to it which makes it the perfect addition on a nightstand or small space in the corner. It holds 60 ounces of water and with one hand, you can refill in seconds. This mist humidifier offers several features including a 360-degree nozzle, smart LED indicator, and auto shut-off!

levoit humidifier

Best for Large Rooms

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

If you need a humidifier for the entire house, the LEVOIT will do you some good. This humidifier has a tank size of six liters! It can run up to 36 hours long and easily covers up to 753 square feet of space.

You can customize the humidity level and adjust the mist speed with a remote control. An automatic shut-off feature is included, as well as a timer! You can set up your humidifier to run for one to twelve hours. When you need to clean your machine, simply take off the lid and avoid getting water in the air vent. It’s as simple as that. 

How to choose the best humidifier for your baby

Humidifiers are a safe and effective tool to promote your baby’s health. Here are a few things to consider when picking out a humidifier for your baby. 


Mom, you have enough to worry about. The last thing you need to add to the list is a confusing contraption that you have to refilter and clean every week. Some humidifiers will require you to change out the water after every use, while others may require weekly water replacements. Consider what you can take on and how often you’ll be using the humidifier. Be sure to research on the cleaning process of each humidifier you are looking at to decide which best fits your time constraints. 


Humidity levels, duration, and tank capacity are a few things to consider when shopping for a humidifier. Depending on your baby’s needs, you will want to make sure you buy a humidifier that can live up to your expectations. If you are using your humidifier for long periods of time, you may need a bigger tank size than the average. You should also consider the amount of time your humidifier will be in use to ensure that it can mist for the duration needed.


We recommend sleep soothers for babies to experience a restful night’s sleep but your humidifier may create a noise, too! Ultrasonic units tend to be silent, whereas evaporative machines aren’t as quiet. The additional noise can serve as white noise which your baby might like. It’s ultimately your decision what you think will work best for your baby. 


A humidifier can help your baby get a better night’s sleep and help promote their health and happiness. Humidifiers help loosen congestion, soothe dry skin, and promote better breathing habits. 

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