Best Jade Rollers for Tired Complexions

By Amanda Lasater

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using jade for centuries – and for good reason. When used on the skin, jade calms irritation and inflammation through its ability to stay cool. Jade will also help to tighten skin and smooth fine lines. When formed into a rolling device for your face, jade rollers will flush out the toxins and bacteria stuck in your pores and under your skin. 

Overall, jade rollers can be a great addition to your skin care routine, but there are tons of them out there on the market. Trying to find an authentic, quality jade roller can be frustrating, so we’ve compiled a list of the best four jade rollers available today.

Our Picks for the Best Jade Rollers

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RoselynBoutique’s Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

Best Value

RoselynBoutique’s Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

RoselynBoutique’s Jade Roller is made with handcrafted jade and its updated design means that it is stronger and longer lasting than many other jade rollers out there today.

The design features a thick, reinforced handle that won’t crack or break – a common issue with some rollers. The gua sha scraper that is included with this set has a healing effect on skin and, when used in conjunction with the jade roller, will produce immediate results.

eDiva Natural Jade Roller– Gua Sha

Best Quality

eDiva Natural Jade Roller– Gua Sha

This jade roller by eDiva combines quality craftsmanship with 100% genuine jade to produce a roller that your skin will love. The roller features a sturdy handle and thick copper wire to connect all the different jade components together.

Simply roll the jade along your face, neck, and decollete to reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and stimulate lymph drainage. This set comes with a gua sha scraper that is slightly larger than your average scraper, allowing you to tackle bigger areas at a time.

Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools Set

Best Overall

Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools Set

The Deciniee natural crystal roller comes in two different options – jade or rose quartz.  Both use naturally cool stones to improve microcirculation and the flow of oxygen to your skin.

Skin will instantly appear smoother – especially when you use the roller to apply facial skin care products. Comparing the two rollers, the rose quartz roller is more effective at reducing wrinkles while the jade may be better for calming irritation and inflammation. 

MoValues Authentic Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set - Jade Roller for Face

Best Bundle

MoValues Authentic Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set – Jade Roller for Face

MoValues’ jade roller and gua sha set features a much deeper shade of green jade than most rollers on the market because it uses real Brazilian jade. In addition, this roller is made with a much thicker frame than many other rollers – and it’s stainless steel.

It is made from a single, molded stainless steel frame, so it has been made for years of rolling. Plus, this bundle comes with the roller, the scraper, a silicone brush, and a carrying case, making it a great deal for such a high-quality roller.

Pros of jade rollers

There are numerous benefits of using a jade roller as part of your skin care routine. Some of the most important benefits of jade rollers include:

  • Achieving lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic fluid is the result of fluid that collects around your eyes and cheeks. This fluid builds up and typically brains back to your cardiovascular system. The massaging and pressure that occurs when using a jade roller results in a draining of this fluid, therefore, it has been used for years as a method of treating sinus and immune disorder.  
  • Increasing blood circulation. The movement of the jade roller on your skin will help to circulate blood and keep your complexion young and bright. This will also help rid your undereyes of those pesky dark circles
  • Tones facial muscles. Jade rolling will help to prevent sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Helps to absorb skin care products faster. Using a jade roller will facilitate a faster absorption of facial products, which should also improve the effects of your products.

How to choose the best jade roller

There are many jade rollers out on the market today – and all are claiming to be the best. When you are shopping for a jade roller, examine the following characteristics:

  • Price. If the price sounds way too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t trust any rollers claiming to be 100% jade if they are in the single digits.
  • Materials. The worst thing that can happen is your jade roller breaks because it was made with a weak frame. Opt for a stainless steel frame. Also, make sure that the jade handle and rolling components are thick.
  • Construction. Frames that are glued together are not going to last. Period. Look for frames that are single molded to ensure that they will last.


Jade rollers are an excellent way to keep your skin looking young and blemish free – and who doesn’t want that? Plus, the smooth and cool feeling of this powerful stone on your face will quickly turn jade rolling into your favorite night time routine. Once you find your perfect jade roller, we recommend using it before bed to promote relaxation and help you get your beauty sleep

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