Best Kids Loft Bed with Slide

By Katie Dyal

Most adults look forward to crawling into bed; however, with kids it can be a different story. Sometimes, getting your child to brush their teeth, put on their pajamas and settle into bed can feel like a great task. Pro tip- loft beds with slides are an excellent way to sneakily promote better sleep for your child. If you can get your child to see their bed as a place of fun, they’ll want to spend more time in it. 

Purchase a loft bed with a slide, and you’ll see that bedtime doesn’t have to be a battle. In this guide, we’ll tell you about our favorite loft beds with slides.

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The Best Kids Loft Bed with Slide

The Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide by Max & Lily

Max & Lily

Most Stylish Kids Loft Bed with Slide

The Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide by Max & Lily will really put a smile on your kid’s face. 

This fun twist on a bunk bed combines bedtime and playtime in a way that you and your kids will appreciate. This option is kid-friendly first but still maintains a highly sophisticated look. Who knew a bunk bed slide could look so sleek? Solid wood construction guarantees high durability and safe sleeping. To finish off the stylish aesthetic of this bed, incorporate a cohesive comforter set.


  • Two beds
  • Solid construction
  • High guardrails


  • Color requires routine cleaning
  • Less colorful than other options
  • Higher price tag


Most Whimsical Kids Loft Bed with Slide

Your child will live out their dreams in DHP’s Junior Silver Metal Loft Bed with White Slide and Princess Castle Curtain Set. 

This sturdy metal option comes with a polyester curtain that closely encases the frame. The illustrated curtain instantly transforms the look of this lofty sleep space into a pretty pink castle. Your child will love playing make-believe in a bed that’s fit for royalty. When it comes time for cleaning, simply slide off the curtain and throw it in the wash. 


  • Easy to keep clean
  • Fun design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Full-length guardrails


  • Lacks in sophistication
  • Metal frame can be noisy
  • Gender-specific


Most Fun Kids Loft Bed with Slide

DONCO’s Twin Art Play Junior Low Loft makes for all kinds of fun. 

This loft bed not only includes a slide but a chalkboard and climbing wall ladder as well. This playground-cum-bed will instantly invite your child to have an adventure. This bed is also very safe and well-built. Full-length guardrails, low height, and sturdy slat system ensure that your child is protected when it’s time for sleep. To make this bed set-up even more fun, add a colorful set of sheets to the mix. 


  • Includes chalkboard
  • Lower to the ground
  • Includes supportive slats
  • Great value


  • The color will get dirty easily
  • Hard to assemble
  • Chalkboard can get messy


Most Functional Kids Loft Bed with Slide

Our second DHP pick is the Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide. 

This simple yet functional product will provide your child with a fun slide and a sturdy place to sleep. Its slide is securely attached and features barriers on each side that will protect your kid on the way down. This loft bed has all the necessary features of a solid sleep space as well. Full-length guardrails, a metal slat system, a built-in ladder, and solid construction makes this option an easy favorite. 


  • Metal slat system
  • Full-length guardrails
  • Easy to clean


  • Basic design
  • Lacks in sophistication
  • Metal frame can be noisy

Benefits of a Loft Bed with a Slide in a Kids Bedroom

By choosing to put a loft bed with a slide in your kid’s bedroom, you are changing the overall environment. If you have a hard time putting your child to bed, these structures will make sleeping seem fun. In addition, their added interactive elements will tucker your kid out, thus promoting a deeper, sounder sleep. If you build it, they will go to bed. 

These clever pieces of furniture also allow you to save space. Stand-alone slides can be bulky and seem out of place, especially in a smaller room. A bed-slide combination will create open space and a more cohesive look.

How To Find The Best Loft Bed with a Slide

Loft beds with slides are inherently multi-purpose pieces, which means there’s more to consider when purchasing one. To make sure your list of criteria is covered, consider material, design, maintenance and added features. 

Material: The material you choose will tell you a lot about your bed. Wooden options are great for providing a more stylish look, sturdy construction, and long-lasting durability. Metal frames are wonderful too; these are easy to install, easy to clean, and can withstand the considerable weight.

Design: When it comes to design, pick a loft bed with a slide that makes you smile. These items promote sleep and play and should look simultaneously stylish and inviting. 

Maintenance: You may love the way a loft bed looks when fully set up, but make sure it can easily stay that way. If used correctly, these structures are going to get dirty. Know what you’re getting into when it comes to maintenance.

Added Features: Some loft beds with slides go beyond dual-purpose and include other fun features as well. Do a little exploring to see just how fun these furniture pieces can be.


Here’s an overview of the best kids loft beds with slides:

Loft Bed Material Most Rating
Max & Lily Pinewood Stylish 4.6/5
DHP Metal and polyester Whimsical 4.2/5
Pinewood Fun 4.5/5
Metal Functional 4.6/5

Who says bedtime can’t be fun? Treat your kid to a loft bed with a slide, and soon they’ll love their sleep space. We hope our favorites lead you to your perfect kid’s loft bed with a slide.

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