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By Amanda Lasater

After a long day on your feet, going to bed can be an amazing relief. We work our bodies all day, and rest is key to mental focus, preventing muscle strain, and maintaining a balanced mood. So, when our bodies tell us the time for rest has come, the last thing we need on our mind is old, worn-out bed sheets. If you haven’t been washing your sheets once a week, then the odors, stains, and damages may have built up past repair. 

Bring a refreshing taste to your resting eyes with new king size fitted sheets. Having a new color, smell, or feel to our bedrooms can make going to bed a more joyful experience. When we go to bed ready to snuggle our worn out bodies, we are likely to wake up feeling refreshed. We have compiled a list of our top-picks for king fitted sheets, which we believe will be an integral step to getting you that peaceful sleep. 

The best king fitted sheets

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Most Soft

Many Colors for any room

Having a bed sheet that sparks feelings of elegance and comfort will propel you into a dreamworld much quicker than your old, worn out sheets. California Design Den’s 400 thread count king size fitted sheets come in 19 colors, making it easier to fit into your bedroom’s scheme.

Made with 100% long staple cotton fiber, these sheets breathe more easily than other materials and will keep your feeling fresh all night. 


  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Eco-friendly


  • Some pilling over multiple washes
  • Fading

Best fade resistant

Built to last

For the sleeper desiring high confidence in their king size fitted sheet investment, Danjor Linens makes a wrinkle and fade resistant sheet that will make upkeep easier than most. Measuring 78’’x80’’ and up to 16’’ in depth, these sheets will fit nearly any bed.

Made from microfiber technology, softness and comfort are expected when slipping under this product. With a selection of five sophisticated color choices, this bed sheet should have no problem fitting right into your bedroom. 


  • Wrinkle and fade resistant
  • Breathable 


  • Thin

Best in warm weather

Prevent moisture buildup

If staying cool through the night is key for your restful sleep, then AmazonBasics’ king size cotton fitted sheet could be the right choice for you. The method used to craft this product prevents moisture from building up causing night-sweats, and the 300 thread count allows your skin to enjoy the experience.

With a selection of 7 colors, these sheets will give you the satisfaction you need to enjoy bedtime. Take your deep sleep to the next level and allow a refreshing comfort to soothe you night after night. 


  • Cool in Warm Weather
  • Tight Fit


  • Fades 
  • Shallow Fit


Deepest fit

Big enough for any mattress

If you’ve had trouble finding a comfortable, reliable king size sheet to fit your thick mattress, then look to CGK Unlimited. With a depth of 18’’-24’’, this giant sheet is not only able to cover most mattresses, but it is also made with double-brushed fabric, making it ultra soft. It is also resistant to tearing, shrinking and wrinkling.

Having colorful options for your new sheets is important too, and these sheets come in 17 different colors. So, you’ll most likely find the right fit. Finding the perfect bed sheet for larger mattresses can be difficult, but CGK Unlimited makes short work of a normally stressful endeavor. 


  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Deep Fit


  • Complaints of minor pilling

How to find the best king size fitted sheets

Finding your next king size bed sheet doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Take the following factors into consideration when looking for your next bed sheet: 

Softness: The experience of going to sleep shouldn’t involve dealing with discomfort. Your bedsheets should draw you into them before you even step into the bedroom. Keeping your mind set on pleasing thoughts throughout the night will help you go to sleep and stay asleep. Softness will be a huge factor in this. Whether you enjoy a coarse feeling or a silky one, determining the right amount of softness is imperative for finding your next bedsheet. 

Best Deal: Your investment into your sleep produces good or bad experiences the next day, but purchasing a new king size bedsheet shouldn’t break the bank either. There are many options in the world when it comes to selecting your next bedsheets, and you need to know what is the best bang for your buck. Having a good idea of the average costs of bedsheets and how people experienced them will help you be more prepared to enjoy that investment. 

Best in Warm Weather: Everyone dreads nights where our minds or bodies are unable to relax and enjoy some “z’s.” Sleeping in uncomfortable heat is a surefire way to wake up exhausted and unprepared for the next day. By finding the bed sheet that keeps you cool throughout the night, these worries of midnight night sweats will slowly fade. 

Fit: For those who need a little extra fabric in their king size fitted bed sheets, finding deep fits is important. Your bed sheet not only needs to cover your mattress, but it needs to keep you feeling refreshed each morning. Searching for the right bed sheet can be arduous, and even more so when we have to search for larger sizes, but that is no reason to sacrifice comfort. Finding the right balance of a fit and enjoyment is the right way to tackle finding the fitted bed sheet for you. 


Maintaining a healthy sleep life can be difficult, and finding the right fitted bed sheets for you is necessary to keep sleep going. 

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