Best Lap Desks

By Katie Dyal

There is an exorbitant amount of lap desks out there on the market and one can be starkly different than the next. Much more than just a surface, these tiny tables can be made of all kinds of materials. Many of them feature fun details that will help you store or have access to belongings beyond your laptop. They also range in size, which can further affect their level of functionality. 

You’ll likely spend a lot of time with your lap desk, so make sure to add “long-lasting” and “comfortable” to your list of requirements. We guarantee that there is one out there for you – it may just require you to dig deeper to find the best one for your laptop to rest on. Read on to discover our top picks for the best lap desks below.

Our Top Picks for the Best Lap Desks

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Mind Reader

Best Budget

Mind Reader

The Adjustable Laptop Desk by Mind Reader is the perfect starter lap desk, providing comfort and function at an affordable price. 

Made of durable plastic with cushy pillow support, this product is both sturdy enough for heavy wear and comfortable enough for lengthy use. It adjusts to eight different angles and features a pop-up lip that securely holds your laptop in place. Sporting a classic black color, it makes a great option for adults and kids alike. This option is also easy to travel with. It is incredibly compact and even features an easy carry handle, allowing you to tote this desk around with you wherever you go.

The HUANUO Lap Desk

Best Luxury


The HUANUO Lap Desk brings a new meaning to “the lap of luxury,” and has so many perks that you may just ditch your office desk altogether. 

First off, the beautiful design exhibits a contrast of light-colored wood and heather grey fabric. The wood panel has a built-in tablet holder, pen holder, phone holder, and gripped mouse pad so you’ll be able to have everything you need at your fingertips, literally. This option is able to hold larger laptops that measure up to 17 inches. A dual bolster cushion base and wrist pad keeps your laptop both secure and at the desired angle you need, while providing exceptional comfort during long work hours.


Best Value


The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk will fit the criteria of all consumers and is currently available at an excellent discounted rate. 

With its thin silver carbon panel and all-around modern look, this model is sleeker and more minimal than most. Features include a phone slot, mouse pad, and plenty of stream-lined cushioning support. One noteworthy benefit of this particular product is its ventilation technology. The smooth, metal surface also allows for airflow, which will eliminate the danger of your laptop overheating. Lastly, an understated cloth handle grants you the freedom to travel with this incredibly lightweight companion.


Most Versatile


The Laptop Desk by SONGMICS means business, providing a structure that will allow you to set up camp or “office” with ease. 

The 100-percent natural bamboo offers a gorgeous aesthetic that is both eco-friendly and highly durable. The panel lifts up to provide five different angled positions. Underneath the surface also lies a drawer that allows you to sleekly store smaller items. This table’s folding legs give you the option of several different heights that will lock into place with a metal latching system. They can also completely disappear by folding underneath. Due to all of these modifications, it really can be seen as a multi-use table. Purchase this item if you’re looking for a lap desk, serving tray, art surface or all of the above.

What To Look For In Your Next Lap Desk

There are all kinds of fun and functional options for lap desks these days; however, they all vary greatly. Compare and contrast material used, the cushion provided, added benefits, and all-around design. If you’re looking for a lap desk that you can hunker down with, you’ll need to find one that hits all the marks.

Material: From wood to metal to plastic and beyond, the material will affect the look, feel, and functionality of these products. Some materials offer breathability, while others value durability most. Consider what you value most in order to find your perfect fit.

Comfort: This factor is so important. The first lap desk that catches your eye aesthetically may not necessarily be one you’ll want to spend long hours with. If you want to get the most out of your lap desk, it’s crucial to consider comfortability.

Added Features: Storage nooks, mousepads, and handles are just a few added features that can be found in lap desks. Some models even include parts that will hold your laptop in place. Do yourself a favor and spring on one that does more.


A lap desk can be a fantastic tool; it provides the flexibility to work (or play) in all kinds of environments without the bulk of a full desk set-up. Review our results for the best lap desks to find the surface that’s right for you.

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