Best Laundry Pods

By Katie Dyal

If you’d like to make your laundry routine a little more stress-free, we highly suggest using laundry pods for a couple reasons. First off, if you don’t own a washer and dryer, lugging around a heavy container of laundry detergent can quite literally be a drag. Secondly, accidental detergent spills are so frustrating – detergent is not easy to clean up, and when you do, you’ll watch your money go down the drain. Accidentally spilling too much detergent in the washer onto a full load of laundry is another unfortunate story. 

Why wouldn’t you want to save yourself from all of the unnecessary drama? With laundry pods, all of these scenarios are eliminated. What’s more, they use just as effective formulas. To learn more about laundry pods, continue reading below.

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The Best Laundry Pods

  • Best Value Laundry Pods Solimo
  • Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Pods Seventh Generation
  • Best Long-Lasting Scent Laundry Pods – Gain
  • Best Overall Laundry Pods Tide

Fresh smell and powerful formula

Best Overall

We can’t say enough great things about these laundry detergent pods. First off, it’s “spring meadow” scent is a classic fragrance that everyone know and love.

It’s clean and slightly floral, yet still quite subtle. Don’t be fooled by its pretty scent though- this product is pretty tough as well. Tide uses a highly-concentrated formula in their pods that contain extra odor fighters and stain fighters. These pods will not only maintain your clothes – they’ll bring them back to life. Use this product with a great fabric softener and you’ll have laundry that looks and feels practically brand new.


Lots of pods for the price

Best Value

The Laundry Detergent Pacs comes with a total of 128 laundry detergent pods.

It’s safe to say this purchase will last you a while, no matter how much laundry you do. Each pod comes in a perfectly pre-measured dose for one average-sized load. To use these, simply drop in either a standard or high-efficiency washing machine and they’ll dissolve on their own. We like this option for its fragrance as well. Its fresh scent is a clean, neutral smell that’s not as overpowering as some other laundry detergents.

Seventh Generation’s Laundry Packs

Hypoallergenic and refreshing

Best Eco-Friendly

A purchase of these Laundry Packs will get you a total of 90 pods that work in all temperatures of water and all kinds of washers.

Both eco-friendly and efficient, these pods are completely hypoallergenic and free of harmful additives. No fragrances, dyes, or brighteners are within this detergent’s formula, making this an especially great option for those with sensitive skin. The quadruple-enzyme formula doesn’t need these additives anyway – it’s incredibly powerful on its own. These enzymes fight tough stains and keep clothes fresh and clean the natural way. 


Perfect for fresh-smelling sheets and clothes

Best Long-Lasting Scent

These Laundry Detergent Pacs Plus Aroma Boost is our favorite pod pick for long-lasting scent.

This option comes with a generous total of 96 pods, all pre-measured to suit a standard load of laundry. As the name suggests, all you need to do is fling one of these into the washer with your clothes and wait for fresh, clean laundry. These pods will not only make your clothes smell great right out of the gate – their scent will subtly linger as you wear them. Gain’s extend-a-scent fragrance releases throughout the day. Go for this product and you’ll stay fresh, clean, and smelling great for months to come.

How to Choose The Best Laundry Pods

Nothing brings on a great night of sleep quite like a set of freshly-washed sheets. Although you don’t have to wash your sheets every night, washing them very regularly is a hugely important part of sleep health. With that said, constantly looking forward to laundry can be a bummer. If you want to take the hassle out of laundry, we recommend using laundry pods. They’re so easy to use, you won’t even mind the process. Find your first package of laundry pods by following factors of formula, scent, brand, and quantity. 

Formula: All laundry pods are alike, but not equal. They can vary greatly in terms of formula. Do some research If you have sensitive skin – you’ll want to go for hypoallergenic options that avoid additives. We recommend only using hypoallergenic fabric softeners and sheets in this case as well.  

Scent: If you hate the scent of your laundry detergent, it doesn’t matter how clean it gets your clothes. We recommend going for a scent that smells nice but won’t overpower you or your clothes. Not sure what fragrance you like? If you’re buying online, doing a little investigating in the “reviews” section is always helpful. 

Brand: This factor is pretty easy to figure out. Many laundry detergent brands have been around for awhile – this is a testament to their consistent quality. If you’re unsure of what pack of laundry pods to get, it’s always a good idea to go with a brand that has a tried-and-true reputation. 

Quantity: If you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, check the quantity of the option you’re looking at. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you know just how far one pod will go. Most are suitable for a full load of laundry; however, some options require two to take on a large load. 


Laundry detergent messes are a thing of the past. Move on from your old cycle into a new one that’s just as effective. With laundry pods, your washing routine can be more convenient without sacrificing quality. 

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