Best linen bags

By Katie Dyal

Whether you’re doing your laundry or trying to efficiently store your textiles, linen bags will help you achieve the task. We recommend keeping the bedding you’re not using in linen bags – it will keep them fresh, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep for when you do use them.

These bags are great home supplies to have around. Keep your clothes protected whether you’re traveling, doing laundry, or simply storing them. Here are our favorite linen bags and what to look for when shopping for your own.

The best linen bags

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Best variety 

Durable and protective

When choosing the bags in which you’ll store your linens, variety is never a bad idea. 

This five-pack of variously sized linen bags will allow you to store all kinds of garments and textiles. Made of a polyester mesh, these linen bags will keep fabrics safe while allowing plenty of airflow. This element of breathability will keep bad odors away and protect the quality of your clothes. Each bag features a zipper at the top, which allows you to store its contents securely. 

Why we love them:

  • Zipper closure
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comes with various sizes
  • Great for travel

Best muslin

High-quality and soft

These muslin sachet bags are perfect for storing smaller items safely. Their soft fabric also lends to their amazing durability. 

With this purchase, you’ll receive 50 four-inch by six-inch bags which feature a drawstring closure. Each one is made of high-quality muslin, a fabric known for its strong weave, lightweight, and excellent breathability. These little bags will last a long time, and can even be run through the washing machine if they need cleaning. 

Why we love them: 

  • Perfect size
  • Great durability
  • Washable
  • breathable
  • Lightweight 

Best small-sized

Petite and practical

If you’re looking for a large quantity of extra-small linen bags, your search ends here. This option fits this preference to a T. 

Coming in a pack of 100 bags, these 3-inch by 4-inch bags are extra-tiny. They’re made of muslin, a resilient and eco-friendly fabric that presents itself in a natural ivory color. These are great for storing and separating smaller garments, like lingerie or socks. They can even be used for party favors, wedding gifts, travel pouches, and more. 

Why we love them:

  • Multi-functional
  • Extra-small size
  • Drawstring closure
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Large quantity
Green Atmos

Best versatile

Multi-functional and reusable

Are you looking for linen bags that can be a lot more than that? By purchasing this option, you’ll gain five quality linen bags that double as grocery bags, book bags, and more. 

Made of sturdy five-ounce cotton canvas, these burlap bags are made to last. They come in a 15-inch by 16-inch size, and feature handles that comfortably sling around your shoulder. You can take these basic bags anywhere. If you’re a yogi, use one of your five as a yoga bag. It perfectly fits a small yoga pillow and towel

Why we love them:

  • Can be used in all kinds of scenarios
  • Super durable
  • Washable
  • Reusable

Best large-sized 

Sturdy and substantial

If you’re looking for linen bags that can handle a huge haul of garments, look no further. This two-pack of large bags is your best bet for storing heavier capacities of linens. 

Made of resilient nylon, these 28-inch by 40-inch bags won’t rip, tear or stretch no matter how full they get. They also feature a drawstring closure that locks in and protects your linens. One of these and your favorite detergent are all you need for a successful laundry trip (and your dirty clothes of course.)

Why we love them:

  • Super strong fabric
  • Durable drawstring closure
  • Substantial size
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Fun selection of colors

How to find the best linen bags

Finding the right linen bags may not seem like rocket science; however, the journey to finding the ones for you may be more complicated than you think. The term “linen bag” is an incredibly broad definition for a lot of different products. These items can range from tiny cotton bags to extra-large polyester sacks. They can also serve different purposes from one to the next. All in all, it’s necessary to know what you’re searching for before you start. 

There are a few factors to take note of when shopping for these helpful containers. Figure out your preferences in terms of function, material, size, and closure, and stay within those parameters. Once you know how to look for linen bags, your search will get a lot easier. Here are our guidelines for finding the best linen bags. 

Function: The most important factor is the function. What are you storing? As you can probably guess, heavy comforters and delicate lingerie require different kinds of linen bags. It sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure you choose linen bags that function the way you need them to. 

Material: Choose the material of your linen bags based on the needs of its contents. Cotton and mesh are great options if you’re looking for breathability. However, if extreme durability is what you’re after, we recommend going with nylon or extra-strong polyester blend. 

Size: Similarly to function, you’ll need to know what you’re storing before you can figure out the sizing of your linen bags. If you plan on using your linen bag for laundry, we think bigger is better. Smaller options are great for more delicate items of clothing and can double as pouches for jewelry, gifts or other trinkets. 

Closure: The closure of your chosen linen bags will undoubtedly be an important detail. This choice comes down to how enclosed you want your clothes or other garments to be within their bag. If you want to make sure your bags’ contents stay put, we think a zipper closure is the safest choice. However, some heavy-duty drawstrings can create just as tight of a closure, and can also double as a carrying strap. Once again, it all comes down to what it is you’re storing. 

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