The Best Loft Beds for Kids and Adults in 2021

By Alesandra Woolley

May 24th, 2022

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Loft beds are great bedroom fixtures for several reasons. The main reason being is they can give your kid a sleeping palace to call their own. These style beds are also fantastic at providing more space when you’re working with a small area. 

Most loft beds are incredibly easy to assemble and don’t require extra parts or accessories. Platform frames eliminate the need for box springs altogether and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one of these structures that don’t already include a ladder or a safety guard. All in all, loft beds are the no-brainer option when you’re looking to accommodate one or more kids. Continue on to learn about our top picks for the best loft beds and what to look for when shopping for your own.

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The Best Loft Beds



Best Budget Loft Bed

The Junior Loft Bed Frame With Ladder by DHP is a budget-friendly option that will make a great bed for your child. This top bunk loft bed offers just the right amount of space for sleeping, as well as extra space underneath for playtime, studying, or even enough room for a second bed or couch.

This space-saving design features a black metal finish, a small ladder, and guardrails that completely surround the bunk. Designed with younger children in mind, this item is a shorter height and can safely support up to 200 pounds of weight.


  • Appropriate for younger children.
  • A six inch mattress leaves plenty of room for safety railing to be effective.


  • Ladder steps are a bit narrow and hard to step onto.
  • Comes in many pieces to assemble and requires Allen wrenches.


Best Luxury Loft Bed

The Novogratz Maxwell Metal Twin Loft Desk & Shelves has everything you want and more in a loft bed. Aesthetically, this desk and bed combination has a contemporary look that’s so sophisticated you’ll be wondering if it’s meant for your child. A platform twin bed crowns this modern and industrial structure.

Underneath the bunk, you’ll find a full-length wood desk that offers plenty of study space. Two corner shelves help tuck stored items away neatly or give you the opportunity to decorate with knick-knacks, plants, or whatever else interests you. This option also has safety downpat. Since this loft bed is made of complete durable metal, full-length guardrails, an integrated ladder, and platform slats, you will have peace of mind, making it easy for you and your child to sleep better at night.


  • Available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • Bunk and frame are sturdy.


  • Round ladder rungs can be hard to climb with bare feet.
  • The parts are very heavy so arrange help when assembling.

Dorel Living

Most Functional

Dorel Living’s Milton Loft Bed runs circles around the bunk beds of yesteryear. The dark espresso finish and modern style of this option is very pleasing to the eye. The guardrails, ladder, and overall structure of this twin bed frame all feature repeated clean, parallel lines within their design. A low-height build will make getting in and out a breeze for your child.

This simple yet functional item fits easily into small spaces and will save you space by offering a large open area underneath. Durable wood construction proves to be very sturdy and will not only support your child but also last for years and years to come. This loft is complete with an easy climb step ladder and full-length guardrail with an open, airy feel, making it the perfect blend of style and functionality.


  • Safe lower height for small children.
  • Works well aesthetically with pre-existing furniture.


  • While sturdy, the wood is prone to cracking (during assembly, keep the power drill on the lowest setting)

Walker Edison Furniture Company

Best Space Saving Loft Bed

The Modern Metal Pipe Loft Bunk Bed by Walker Edison Furniture Company will meet your criteria and make your child happy, while saving you space! Metal piping makes up this structure, which provides excellent support and strength in a material that’s made to last and that’s easy to clean.

Two integrated ladders and high, wrap-around guardrails implement safety in a way that looks streamlined. A twin size loft bed sits at the top and below lives ample openness that will buy you more space. The underneath space at 58 H x 79 L x 42 W inches provides multiple use options. This option supports up to 250 pounds and comes in three neutral colors.


  • Enough room underneath for a dresser, nightstand, lounge chair, or even a computer desk.
  • Simple and contemporary design that is sturdy and versatile.


  • Round ladder rungs can be uncomfortable.
  • No opening at the top of the ladder.

What is a Loft Bed? 

A loft bed is a single bed raised high enough above the floor to utilize space below for various purposes. You can add storage for clothes, a computer desk, a couch, or anything creative that you can think of. The possibilities are limitless!

Loft Beds vs Bunk Beds

Loft and bunk beds are not the same furniture and do not serve the same purpose besides sleep. Bunk beds are strictly beds, whereas a loft bed also functions with other furniture as well.

Bunk beds are two beds stacked on top of each other, while a loft bed has just one bed. Loft beds tend to be lower than bunks, making them safer. Bunks come in limited sizes, but a loft can take any shape and be customized to work with many different types of furniture.

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Types of Loft Beds

  • A low loft is perfect for elementary school students. As the name implies, these lofts are lower to the ground for safety purposes, where the underneath space can be utilized as an extra play area. Add fun curtains if you like!
  • A mid loft is higher, which increases space underneath for storage and the like. It is best to use this type of loft starting at 8 years old.
  • A high loft works well for high school students and college students in dorms. These lofts leave enough room for furniture, like a dresser and couch or a computer desk underneath.
  • A corner loft combines two lofts at corners, which can create the ideal amount of floor space for two kids sharing the same room.

How to Find the Best Loft Bed

If you’re looking for a loft bed, chances are you’re either buying for a child or are looking to save space. These two elements are easy to look for, but it’s important to tune in to these other details. Consider the material, size, built-in features, and weight to find a loft bed that’s perfect for your needs.


Most commonly, loft beds are made of steel or wood. The material used will determine the weight limit, the overall look of the construction, and how to properly care for it. 

Weight limit

While heavier, wood can offer more storage options and versatility in configuration, whereas metal is more simple, lightweight, and affordable. Both materials are high-quality and offer long-term durability, although metal tends to last longer.

Wood will inevitably start to creak over time; however, wood loft beds may fare better in terms of sturdiness. Wooden bed frames are constructed with slats that offer greater support, and metal loft beds are rarely constructed with this feature. Weight limit varies by brand and product – be sure the products you’re interested in will accommodate your needs.

Overall look

Wooden frames are more elegant and traditional, where metal can have more of a modern, fresh feel. Wooden frames are glossy and can add a unique touch, whereas metal can come in a variety of unique colors with a total freedom of design.

Proper care

You should disinfect your bed frame weekly, as constant contact with skin leaves oil on its surface. With both metal and wood, you can disinfect with a solution of borax, white distilled vinegar, and tea tree oil. The difference with wood is that you should follow up with a furniture polish. Metal otherwise takes little to no maintenance.


Most loft beds are a twin size, but always check to make sure your frame and mattress are a match. If you’re trying to save space, pick one that’s as compact as possible. Also, be mindful that there needs to be ample room between your bed and your ceiling to prevent any accidents or discomfort. Just to note, a bed is a loft if the bottom edge is at least 30 inches above the floor, but most people on average install lofts that are at least 60 inches from the ground to make the space underneath usable.

Additional Features

Many loft beds feature add-ons. If you’re trying to make an office space underneath a lofted bed, why not opt for one that has a desk built-in? Many also come with shelves and storage units, which can come in handy and provide an opportunity to decorate in a fun way.


If you’re an adult in the market for a loft bed, it is so crucial to check the weight capacity before buying. Many can only carry up to 200 pounds and are not made to support people beyond young age. The average weight capacity is 220 pounds.

Pros and Cons of a Loft Bed

Whether or not to purchase a loft bed requires some fact finding, as well as understanding the pros and cons of having a loft bed. While the main benefits of loft beds are the space and fun they can provide, there are other important considerations to take into account.


  • Having additional space and storage is the primary reason many parents opt to give a child or teenager a loft.
  • Creating this additional space makes for opportunities to be creative on how to best use it.
  • Kids love lofts – they are just fun!


  • A loft bed, like bunk beds, can raise child safety concerns. Proper use and elevation of guardrails over the mattress is key. 
  • Assembly can be tricky and time-consuming, where you may just want to hire a handyman.
  • When you only have access to a bed by ladder, it is hard to make the bed as you don’t have access to both sides.
  • It’s not easy to tuck your child in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are loft beds safe for kids?

Child safety is the top concern when using loft beds. A child should be at least 6 years old before introducing a loft. There’s a chance a child can fall from the top or trip on the ladder. Make sure guardrails extend past the mattress, and choose your mattress thickness accordingly. Look for a loft with a ladder with wide tread that is easier on the feet and safe to climb. Guardrails should be on all four sides of the loft bed. Check product information to confirm weight capacity.

Can adults use loft beds?

Loft beds were once thought of as only for children and college kids in dorms, but that is no longer the case. Loft beds for adults are now created and marketed to apartment renters. As an adult, you may want to custom design your loft bed to fit your needs and your space.

How much weight can loft beds hold? 

The average loft bed can hold up to 220 pounds. Follow this guideline to ensure safety.

Are loft beds dangerous? 

They are safe, as long as you practice good judgment and stay mindful of general safety concerns involved with sleeping on an elevated surface. 

Do they make queen size loft beds? 

Yes, queen size loft beds are manufactured. They serve as great space savers, providing a depth of space underneath for additional furniture.

What’s the difference between loft beds and bunk beds?

The basic difference is that a loft bed includes just one bed with empty space underneath for storage or other furniture. Bunk beds include two beds, one on top of the other.


Here’s a recap of the best loft beds we’ve reviewed: 

Loft Bed Material Best for  Rating
DHP Metal Best Budget  4.5/5
Novogratz Metal Best Luxury  4.2/5
Dorel Living Wood Most Functional 4.2/5
Walker Edison Furniture Company Metal Best Space Saver 4.2/5

There are a plethora of variations from one loft bed to the next, which can make shopping for one difficult. As long as you pay attention to the materials, size constraints, and weight limit when shopping for your loft bed, you’re sure to find one of the best loft beds for your home.