Best Long Pillows

By Katie Dyal

Pillows range in shape and size and can make or break your sleep experience. Lack of support in a pillow can cause problems of tossing, turning, and beyond. To eliminate back and neck pain and their consequences further down the road, it is necessary to top your bed with pillows that provide you with adequate reinforcement.

Long pillows are the ultimate choice in utmost support and comfort. Sometimes your neck and back aren’t the only areas that require special care. Long pillows aim to cradle each part of you, spanning your body and cushioning you completely. What’s more inviting than pillows? Big pillows. Read on to discover our top choices for best long pillows and what to look for when selecting your own.

Our Picks for the Best Long Pillows

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EVOLIVE Ultra Soft Microfiber Body Pillow Cover

Best Long Pillow Cover


If you already have a long pillow that you love but you want to give it new life, opt for the EVOLIVE Microfiber Body Pillow Cover. 

This incredibly-inexpensive quick fix can makeover any ho-hum long pillow with a size of 21 inches by 24 inches and under. Velvety microfiber is a surprisingly comfy element that looks sharp and is easy to clean. This cover provides fifteen colors options, which means that finding one to match your decor will be a piece of cake.

MoMA Long Pillow

Best Luxury


With the Premium Quilted Body Pillow by MoMa, you get to decide just how much support you want. 

This pillow is fully adjustable with the pull of a zipper, allowing for down to be removed or added depending on the preference your sleep style calls for. The expertly-designed quilted top gives an added layer of comfort to an already-cozy pillow. The included 100-percent polyester pillow cases are durable, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and have good levels of breathability to boot. 


Best Support


The Decroom Memory Fiber Full Body Pillow is all about support.

This is a top-rated option for expectant and new mothers who need a trusted comfort companion while nursing, resting, and cooling off. Once you experience its capabilities, this option may turn into more of a sidekick than a pillow. This item is not limited to women only and makes a great lounge partner for both men and women alike, no matter the activity. The bamboo pillowcase creates a smooth surface that is exceptional at keeping you cool throughout the night.


Best Budget


Soft-Tex’s BioPedic Premium Body Pillow has a hypoallergenic antimicrobial fiber filling that keeps germs away and strikes a semblance to classic down. 

Dense enough to provide support but soft enough to cuddle up to- this option can be multi-positional depending on which comfort zone you’re trying to create. This long pillow is one of the larger options, measuring in at a generous 20 by 54 inches. All and all, Soft-Tex’s product has all the benefits you’re looking for at a price that you can’t beat.

What to Look For in Your Next Long Pillow

As you embark on the search for your ideal long pillow, a couple of things will cause you to shorten your search. Fill, thread count, and sleep position all play a part in providing your best quality rest. Keep reading for more explanation on these important key factors.

  • Fill: The type of fill you choose for your long pillow can transform your experience. Down is hands-down the fluffiest of them all. Down alternative is more affordable yet very comparable, and a good option for those who have allergies to the traditional version. Memory foam offers you support with technology that conforms to your body. Latex- similar to memory foam, conforms nicely but still has a little bounce to it. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine the fill that suits your preference.
  • Thread Count: For ultimate durability and plushness, follow this simple rule: higher thread count, better quality.
  • Sleeping Style: Your preferred sleep pose will tell you how much support you need. Side sleepers require a thicker model; whereas, stomach sleepers should go for a thinner option. If you sleep on your back, you’ll be most pleased with a medium amount of fill.


Long pillows are an underused bedding accessory that can affordably take your lounge time to the next level. With ranging shapes, sizes, and support on the market, your best bet can be found after the consideration of a few factors. Whether you’re looking to target specific pains and aches or simply create a fluffier sleep, long pillows can sometimes be all you need. Your perfect pillow companion awaits.

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