Best Maternity Pillows

By Katie Dyal

Bringing a newborn baby into the world is no small role. Pregnancy is all about preparation; getting the nursery ready, eating the right foods and checking with your doctor often are a few of your new priorities. You’re preparing for your new life in all kinds of ways. But have you thought about what sleeping will be like now that you’re pregnant? 

Your sleep style will definitely be affected as you adapt to this big change. Stomach sleeping is obviously out, and sleeping on your back is discouraged as well. Side sleeping with the right supports is by far the safest option for someone carrying a child. These pillows will provide the support you’ll need as you adjust to snoozing safely. Keep reading to see our top picks for the best maternity pillows.

The Best Maternity Pillows

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Best Adjustable Shape


The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow allows you to take a break from your aches and pains. 

This option is covered in a zippered 100-percent jersey-knit cotton cover that can be removed easily for cleaning. The shape of this item depends on your preference. When fully put together, it is a U-shape. However, with the option of removing the detachable extension, your pillow can become a C-shape and a smaller, separate body pillow. Measuring in at a 53-inch by 31-inch size, this massive pillow will come to your rescue time and time again. This product is so comfortable that you’ll treasure it even after your baby is born. Give it a cuddle any time you’re experiencing pain in your back, hips, knees or neck.


Most Supportive


The Pregnancy Pillow from QUEEN ROSE rises to the occasion when it comes to providing relief. 

The gorgeous velvet cover feels luxurious, and also looks more sophisticated than most of its competitors. The form of this pillow is like a U-shape, but better. It follows that model but also features ergonomic bends that serve as perfectly shaped pockets for your bump. Once you experience just how well this pillow can support you, you’ll use it day and night. Luckily, this option from QUEEN ROSE is up for the challenge. The filling is made of a fluffy yet durable polyester that can stand up to consistent wear.


Best c Shaped 


INSEN’s Maternity Body Pillow caters to you from head-to-toe. This C-shaped pillow is outfitted in your option of plush velvet or silk jersey and comes in a variety of colors. 

Filled with high-density soft cotton, this product can handle the pressure of relieving your pressure points. It basically covers all bases by targeting pain in your back, belly, hips, and knees. This pillow can be folded into multiple positions, allowing you to create your own perfect pillow if you find yourself tossing and turning. If you’re having an especially hard time, pair it with one of these mattresses that are especially comfortable during pregnancy.

Chilling Home

Best u Shape

Chilling Home

Chilling Home’s Pregnancy Pillow goes above and beyond to make your nine months a little more manageable. 

Whether you’re comfortably chilling at home or going through a rough patch, this pillow will quickly become your close companion during pregnancy. This option aims to relieve any pain you might be experiencing in one fell swoop. It’s U-shape wraps around your body comfortably, while ergonomic curves support your back and allow space for your bump. This option is filled with bionic polyethylene, a smart, high-density material that retains its fluffiness well. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t allow allergens or bacteria to come into your safe space. Throw on a soft blanket, grab a great book and allow your body and mind to relax.

How to Pick the Best Maternity Pillow

You’ve got enough on your plate – don’t waste time tirelessly seeking the maternity pillow that’s right for you. By paying attention to the right keywords, you’ll narrow down your search quickly so you can get back to lowering your stress levels. Your preferences in the areas of size, shape, and material will lead you to your perfect pick. 

  • Size: Maternity pillows range in size. Some are as small as a standard pillow, while others are made in sizes larger than you are. As you can see, we recommend an option that provides full-body support. Your whole body is experiencing change, and we think that’s worth noting. 
  • Shape: These pillows come in all kinds of shapes. Some have indents that support your belly, while others are meant to tuck under your neck and knees. We’re big fans of the U-shape option, which supports you on both sides so you can shift comfortably throughout the night. 
  • Material: Maternity pillows sport covers that come in all kinds of fabrics, so it really all comes down to preference. Comfort is key, so choose a material that feels cozy and soft to you. You may also want to pay attention to breathability – cooler fabrics such as cotton will keep you from overheating. If overheating is a side effect of your pregnancy that you can’t seem to shake, try out one of these life-saving cooling blankets.


This stage of your life will undoubtedly ebb and flow, but you shouldn’t have to suffer through it. With maternity pillows, you can ease some of the discomforts you’ll experience throughout pregnancy. This body-altering chapter in your life won’t just affect your belly. You’ll feel it in your hips, back, neck and knees as well. Don’t worry – there are ways to get the best of this added stress. Once you feel the support of one of these larger-than-life pillows, you’ll never want it to leave your side. We hope that this article has inspired you to lean on a maternity pillow of your own.

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