The Best Maternity Skin Care Products

By Katie Dyal

There are certain ingredients that expecting mothers should cut out of their routine while pregnant. You may need to add your skincare products to the no-go list where caffeine and alcohol currently reside. 

Fortunately, there are skincare products out there that are safe and effective for pregnant women. It’s common for women to experience different skin concerns while pregnant from all the additional hormones and body changes.

You deserve to have beautiful skin throughout your entire pregnancy! Skincare should always be a priority in your routine no matter what. Read along to find our top picks of the best maternity skincare products and what to watch out for when shopping the market.

Our Picks for the Best Maternity Skin Care Products

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burts bees belly butter

Best Overall

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Fragrance Free Lotion

Specially formulated for moms-to-be, Burt’s Bees Belly Butter is the perfect lotion to moisturize, soothe, and soften your skin. This all-natural lotion is made with shea butter, cocoa, and jojoba butters. It’s fragrance-free and non-irritating.

This belly butter is 99-percent free from phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, and SLS. It will help remove stretch marks and keep your skin smooth and refreshed all day long. It’s an absolute treat for a Mama Bee! 

stretch mark cream

Best for All Skin Types

Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy & Scar Removal by Mommy Knows Best

This is a clinically-proven cream that removes stretch marks and scars. Unlike most scar treatments, this cream has a 100-percent approval rate for a visible reduction in the appearance of stretch marks from all participants.

Mommy Knows Best created a retinol-free cream that works to remove stretch marks, age spots, scars, blotches, and skin discoloration. This cream works well on every skin type since it’s free from artificial ingredients, gluten, dairy, and other common allergens. 


scar cream

Best Organic

Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream Daily Moisturizer

Body Merry formulated a completely organic product that serves as another excellent body cream for expecting mothers. This body butter helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as prevents the skin from losing firmness and moisture.

Available in four ounces, this unscented body cream spreads evenly and smoothly within seconds. Not only is this cream cruelty-free and safe from chemicals, it’s rich with vitamins and antioxidants. Even though this butter is fragrance-free, natural aromas of rich oils, chocoa, and shea gives it a refreshing smell. Use this cream on your stomach and thighs twice a day for best results! 

Best Value

Earth Mama Belly Butter to Help Ease Skin and Stretch Marks

Containing organic herbs and oils, the Earth Mama Lotion is soothing on the skin all while providing exceptional results. This organic lotion eases irritated skin and targets emerging stretch marks.

Dermatologist-tested and clinically-proven to moisturize, soften, and calm a mother’s skin. There are no signs of petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, or artificial fragrance in this lotion. This lotion is perfect for expecting mothers; however, the compounds of this lotion can benefit anyone and everyone. 

How to choose the best maternity skin care products 

Your skin care products need to be safe to use while pregnant. Your favorite face moisturizer may not make the cut but there are other products out there that can give you the refresher and confidence in your skin that you need. Here is what you should watch out for when shopping for maternity skin care. 


There are certain ingredients that will directly affect the health of your baby. Industry experts say that expecting women should avoid any products that are made up of formaldehyde, aluminum chloride hexahydrate, and DHA. Pregnant women should also avoid the use of parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances and petroleum. 

Each skin care product will disclose the exact ingredients that make up their products. Be sure to do your research on which products you’re currently using and when adding new ones during this phase of life. 


Maternity skin care is an essential part in providing optimal health to an expecting mother and her growing baby. There are several maternity-approved products out there but always consider the in-depth ingredients before making a purchase. Once baby arrives, we’re here to help you get the best night’s sleep possible as you take on motherhood. Read up on our sleep guide for exhaustive parents! 

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