Best Mattresses for Arthritis in 2020

By Sheryl Grassie

Your mattress choice can make a big difference in managing your arthritis. If you suffer with joint pain and inflammation, a mattress that is comfortable and supportive is essential for reducing arthritis symptoms and getting a good night’s sleep. Comfort and support can be an individual preference, but experts suggest a firm base with top layers of memory foam as the ideal combination.

To help you find that perfect mattress, the one that will reduce your pain and swelling, we will walk you through our 7 top picks for best mattresses and then look at specific criteria, so you can make an informed choice. All of the mattresses profiled below offer amazing support and can make a significant difference in arthritis pain.

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Best Mattresses for Arthritis Sufferers

Please Note: Our recommendations for mattresses that help with arthritis are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

1. Purple


Editor's Choice

Best for:

  • All sleep positions
  • Those who need back and hip support
  • People who sleep hot

I sleep through the night, never too hot, never stiff in the morning!”

Linda K.
Customer Rating
4.6 / 5
MA Score
8.4 / 10

Medium firm-firm: 6.5/10

Trial Period

100 days

Purple is a truly unique mattress both in terms of materials and construction. It is made from a hyper-elastic polymer, which is molded into a grid pattern and is revolutionary in terms of support. It is in the foam family but unlike memory foam or latex. You won’t find another mattress like it.

Under the top layer is a dual layer of firmer comfort foam for the support you need to reduce arthritis pain. This mattress is recommended for athletes because of its exceptional pressure point support and how it promotes spinal alignment. Chiropractors stress the importance of spinal alignment in reducing pain from ailments like arthritis.  

In addition, we rated the Purple highly for its generous free return policy during the 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. If you are looking for a mattress that will hold up, Purple is also rated highly in durability, so you can keep that pain away for a long time.

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2. Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper Wave Hybrid

Best for Hip Pain

Best for:

  • People with back and hip pain
  • Those who need pressure point relief
  • Side sleepers

The mattress itself, is a comfortable ride through back pain, arthritis and a myriad of aches and pains.”

Customer Rating
4.5 / 5
MA Score
9.3 / 10

Medium: 5/10

Trial Period

100 days

If you have arthritis and pain in your hips, the Casper Wave Hybrid is a great solution. It has that highly recommended combination of firm support and plush comfort. There is an innerspring base with layers of memory foam on top, netting both comfort and pain relief. The memory foam is contouring and creates deep support for body parts that stick out, like your hips.

The Wave Hybrid is Casper’s most luxurious mattress and really can’t be beat for pressure point relief. It supports all sleep positions but is outstanding for side sleepers who need a bed with the ability to mold to their individual body shape. When the entire body is supported, it takes the pressure off muscles and joints and lets you relax at a deeper level. This results in far less pain in the joints and less overall arthritis pain.

Our review of the Casper Wave Hybrid netted high scores in a variety of areas. The mattress scores especially high in responsiveness and in durability Responsiveness refers to how easy it is to maneuver in the bed; can you roll over easily, get in and out without difficulty, that sort of thing. Durability rating looks at the lifespan of the mattress in relation to industry standards, and this mattress keeps its shape and offers amazing support.

Casper also rated highly in shipping, set-up, trial period, return policy, and warranty, all the details of your buying experience that really matter. Casper is committed to continually improving their products and service.

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3. Puffy


Best Memory Foam Mattress

Best for:

  • Combination sleepers
  • Sleepers with back pain
  • People who suffer from joint pain

Sleeping great through the night and no shoulder pain.”

Henry H.
Customer Rating
4.6 / 5
MA Score
9 / 10

Medium-firm: 7/10

Trial Period

101 days

The Puffy is a luxury firm memory foam mattress with two softer layers of memory foam and a firmer foam base that is exactly what is prescribed for arthritis. Puffy is well known for supporting all sleep styles and positions. It has great responsiveness, especially if you are a combination sleeper that changes positions throughout the night. The support from this memory foam mattress is notable and helps cut down on pain in the places arthritis lodges, so sleep is greatly improved.

Puffy also has a gel memory foam layer on top to create a cooler sleep surface. It has a second comfort layer of memory foam to support the contouring and cushioning of your body for pain associated with pressure points. The base is a firmer layer of poly foam that combined with the top layers makes for excellent joint support and is great for arthritis sufferers.

The amenities associated with buying a Puffy, like their sleep trial, return policy, and warranty are all highly rated. This bed-in-a-box mattress is shipped directly to you and is easy to set up.  It comes with a 101-night trail and free returns if it isn’t right. It rated a perfect 10 out of 10 for its lifetime warranty.

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4. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle

Best Budget

Best for:

  • All sleep positions
  • Those on a budget
  • Eco-friendly shoppers

After just one night of sleeping on the mattress I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt!”

Customer Rating
4.9 / 5
MA Score
8.7 / 10

Medium-firm: 6-6.5/10

Trial Period

100 days

Who says you can’t get a great support mattress on a budget? Certainly not Tuft and Needle, who have it as their mission to provide just that—a luxury support mattress, one that reduces aches and pains and generates better sleep, at a surprisingly affordable price. Tuft and Needle has some outstanding features and is a widely popular brand. Customers give it nearly perfect reviews.  

The Tuft & Needle mattress is created with a special proprietary foam called Adaptive Foam. This material provides a great balance of contouring and adaptive responsiveness. Plus, it has a cooling gel that makes it temperature neutral so your body heat won’t become trapped in the mattress. Overall, it provides exceptional comfort and support for people with or without arthritis.

The mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified against toxic chemicals and GreenGuard Gold certified. Tuft and Needle offers a no risk 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty, and received an outstanding 10 out of 10 for customer service.

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5. Bear Hybrid

Bear Hybrid

Best Cooling Mattress

Best for:

  • People who sleep hot
  • Those who need back support
  • Athletes

It also disperses heat very well, no longer waking in the middle of the night because I am overheating.”

Natasha M.
Customer Rating
4.7 / 5
MA Score
8.6 / 10

Medium-firm: 6/10

Trial Period

100 days

Do you have both arthritis pain? Are you overheating while you sleep? The Bear Hybrid is the perfect temperature-regulating choice, if you need great support for chronic pain, and a mattress that keeps you cool and comfortable. 

This extremely plush mattress has a total of 4 layers of memory foam:, one on the bottom and three on top with a substantial section of pocketed coils in the middle. The coils, along with breathable foam, keep the bed about 28% cooler than straight memory foam and add to that perfect balance of firm support and comfort needed for arthritis.

The Bear Hybrid performed especially high in responsiveness and durability. This means the Bear is easy to move around on and lasts a long time compared to other mattresses. Bear also received some very high marks for shipping, return policy, trial period, and warranty. Bear wants happy customers and works to make sure you have a good experience along with getting a great mattress.

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6. Layla


Best for Pressure Relief

Best for:

  • Those who struggle with inflammation
  • Side sleepers
  • People with joint pain

Gives support, but soft enough to not put pressure on my joints.”

Thalassa M.
Customer Rating
4.5 / 5
MA Score
8.8 / 10

Soft side: 4-5/10; Firm side: 7/10

Trial Period

120 days

Layla is an unusual memory foam mattress that is two-sided and copper infused. These two things make it stand out from the crowd and also make it great for arthritis. You can choose the firm side or the soft side or switch back and forth. Bad back? Switch to the firm side for a few weeks. Guests prefer a soft mattress? Switch to the soft side as needed. Layla allows you to figure out your preference without having to return your mattress. If it is too hard or too soft, just flip.

In addition, they infuse the memory foam in their mattress with copper. Why copper? Because it demonstrates beneficial effects on joints and inflammation. It is known to help with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, so you wake with less pain and swelling.

Other things that put Layla on the list include a 10 out of 10 score for shipping, sleep trial, returns, and warranty, the particulars of which include 120-night trial period and a lifetime warranty.

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7. AS3

Amerisleep AS3

Best for Back Pain

Best for:

  • All sleep positions
  • Couples
  • People with back and joint pain

It feels great to lie down on this bed—it supports without feeling hard.”

Customer Rating
4.6 / 5
MA Score
8.4 / 10

Medium: 6/10

Trial Period

100 days

The AS3 happens to be the most popular model of all the Amerisleep mattresses. It just does everything well. It has great motion isolation, sleeps cool, is long-lasting, and last but not least, is great for back and joint pain. There is nothing more you could want from this memory foam mattress.

Amerisleep is also concerned about toxic chemicals, and their mattresses have the CertiPUR-US® certification to ensure they are free from flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates to ensure better health and better sleep. And just like their name suggests, the AS3 is made in the USA.

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Buying Guide: Best Mattresses for Arthritis

What should you pay attention to when you purchase a mattress to support your arthritis? It can seem complicated if you aren’t familiar with all the terminology, but we will walk you through all the basics and make sure you know what to look for to be successful with your purchase. 

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover

How Arthritis Affects Sleep

Arthritis and sleep are interconnected. If you have arthritis pain, you are likely managing it overnight and having difficulty sleeping well. Interestingly, if you have trouble sleeping for other reasons, like sleep apnea or insomnia, it can lead to the development of arthritis.

When we discuss arthritis, it is inevitable that the topic of sleep comes up, and when we talk about what can happen from lack of sleep, arthritis is high on the list. The arthritis foundation estimates that 80% of people with arthritis have trouble sleeping making it commonplace to struggle with sleep.

If you have arthritis, you will need to address sleep to keep it under control. A lack of sleep adds to the inflammation that causes soreness and pain. This plays out slightly differently depending on the type of arthritis you have, and there are over 100 different types of arthritis. The most common ones are rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA). Here is a little more on each of them.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

First of all, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder where the body mistakenly attacks itself causing inflammation that primarily affects all the joints in the body but can affect internal systems as well.

What kind of relationship to sleep do people with RA have? Statistics indicate that a high percentage have insomnia with difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. This can be due to a number of factors like pain, stress, inability to get comfortable, medication side-effects, and more.  

The other side of this coin is that poor sleep can cause RA to flare. Lack of sleep can increase inflammation and the pain associated with RA. So, in a nutshell, it is hard to get enough sleep if you have arthritis pain, and if you don’t get enough sleep, it can make that pain worse.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disorder where you start to lose cartilage in your joints, mostly the hips, knees, and thumbs. This creates friction and pain and can cause sleep loss. About 70% of people with OA are challenged with getting a good night’s sleep. Age is a primary factor in developing OA.

The cause may be different than with RA, but again, pain prevents the sufferer from getting enough sleep. The pain with OA can even become centralized and amplified making it very difficult to sleep. Ironically, one thing that really helps the pain is enough good sleep.

Senior woman sitting on her bed in the morning yawning with arms raised in a stretch with her husband sleeping next to her

Sleeping Positions

Your sleep position factors into your arthritis pain as well. There are lots of tips on various sites that suggest keeping your legs straight, not sleeping in a fetal position, and making sure you have the right type of pillow for your preferred position. The truth is, what you find comfortable is the best position for you and for your arthritis. Here are some basics for the three predominant sleep positions and things to consider when looking for a mattress.

Side Sleepers

With arthritis and for side-sleeping, you want a mattress that will really cushion your joints. Recommendations are a medium to firm firmness option and memory foam is a great choice. Make sure you have a good pillow that helps keep your spine aligned.

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back has the advantage of putting your body in a neutral position and taking pressure off your joints. Back sleeping is also an easier position to keep your spine aligned and stress off your head and neck. If you sleep in this position, it can be great for your arthritis., Mmake sure you have a lower profile pillow that keeps you aligned. A medium firm mattress is great for this position with coils or foam, avoid a soft mattress.

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Stomach Sleepers

This position is not recommended because of how easily it can throw you out of alignment and cause more pain. Since we are looking to reduce pain with arthritis, if you do sleep on your stomach, look for a firmer mattress to keep you aligned or consider changing sleep positions.

What Type of Mattress is Best for Arthritis Pain?

Memory Foam Mattress

There are a lot of beds out there and memory foam has been very popular for some time, but is it good for arthritis? The answer is yes, but there are things to be aware of.

The most important thing is to get a firmer base with your mattress and a softer top. Most memory foam mattresses are layered and have a firmer base and cushier top built in. The base may be a different type of foam from memory foam. For the top of the mattress, memory foam is perfect for really supporting in a way that relieves pain.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have a 6-inch high bed of coils or springs as their base. These can be pocketed coils that are individually wrapped for better motion isolation, and they generally are topped with a pillow top or quilted top layer. This type of bed, without memory foam or latex, does not do as good a job at reducing the pain of arthritis so it is not ideal for sleepers with arthritis.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have a similar comforting feel as memory foam and they are very supportive. They are made from natural latex and are a great option if you are looking for a organic bed. These also will come with layers of different latex foam and other materials like wool or organic cotton. If you go for a latex mattress for arthritis, make sure you find one with a firm base that’s topped with a soft comfort layer.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids are one of the newer bed models with combinations of spring and foam, air and foam, or different materials for base and top. They can make an ideal bed for arthritis, and we have a number of them in our lineup for best beds for arthritis. Different types of hybrid mattresses have different attributes. For instance, a pocketed coil and memory foam hybrid might additionally offer great edge support.

How to Find a Mattress for Arthritis Pain

For a mattress to really help reduce arthritis pain, it needs to meet certain criteria. Look for good pressure relief, a firm base, a top layer that cushions and molds to your body, great spinal alignment, and motion isolation.

Pressure Relief

The pain of arthritis is generally felt in the joints, and to support arthritis, a mattress needs to support pressure points. Particularly if you sleep on your side, you need a bed that will accommodate by cushioning shoulders and hips, but other joints as well. When a mattress supports your entire body, it allows you to rest. Memory foam is exceptional for its ability to mold and support every part of the body that it comes in contact with.


You might have heard that a firm mattress is good for arthritis, and this is true, but there’s more to the story. Firmness is not synonymous with support. A firmer mattress is not necessarily more supportive. Firmness refers to the amount you sink into the bed, and that amount varies for each person depending on how you sleep, your weight, and your body structure. Just as arthritis affects people differently, firmness is experienced differently.

Even so, you do need to look for a firm supportive base to your bed. A strictly firm mattress may not provide enough cushion, and a completely soft cushiony bed may not provide enough support. Look for firm as a descriptor regarding the foundation of the mattress. You can find a firm base with all types of beds.

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Spine Alignment

If you look on mattress sites, you will see a lot of information and graphics demonstrating how a mattress helps keep your spine aligned while sleeping. So why is this important? Why does it matter? The answer lies in understanding that a curved spine can pinch nerves and restrict blood flow. If this happens it can increase pain and cause numbness, tingling, and inflame joints. It does the opposite of what you want to happen for your arthritis.

A straight spine in comparison, helps keep everything working and flowing, and this supports a decrease in inflammation and pain while you sleep. Mattress companies work hard to create support that allows for a nicely aligned spine.

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Motion Isolation

If you have arthritis, any movement can be painful. If you sleep with a partner, a child, or a pet that moves around, it can cause you pain. A mattress with good motion isolation can solve this problem and help you sleep undisturbed. Memory foam is the best material for virtually no motion transfer. Add that to a dense foam or pocketed coils base, and you have the perfect mattress for arthritis.

Consider a Mattress Topper

Maybe you wish you could get a new mattress but don’t have the budget for it right now. If your bed is firm enough and in good condition you can opt for a memory foam topper to give you the cushion and joint support of a new bed. Toppers are a fraction of the cost and come in a number of different heights. They can really transform your bed and are easy to purchase and set up.


Looking for the best mattress for your arthritis? There are great mattresses out there that meet all the criteria for reducing arthritis pain. Buy a bed with a top comfort layer to cushion joints and a firm supportive base to keep your spine aligned. If you have arthritis, the right bed can make a huge difference. Read mattress reviews, and see that people have completely eliminated their arthritis pain while sleeping just by getting the right kind of mattress.

As a reminder, here are our top mattress picks:

Consider one of the above for some real improvement in getting a good night’s sleep when you suffer with pain from arthritis.

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