The Best Mattress Bags for Storage and Moving

By Amanda Lasater

May 16th, 2023

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Mattress bags are an essential purchase for when you’re moving or planning on putting your bed in storage for a period of time. 

Most of us spent a pretty penny on our mattress, so we want to make sure that it is kept safe while in transport or in storage. Covering your mattress with a quality mattress bag will prevent stain, rips, bugs, and other problematic occurrences that may arise while moving. 

You may be thinking that a mattress bag is just a giant plastic bag, so how difficult could it be to pick one out, right? Well, there is a great deal of variety among mattress bags, therefore, it may be a little more complicated than you thought to find the best one for you. 

To help you find a quality mattress bag without having to spend hours searching, we’ve compiled a list of the best mattress bags on the market today. To learn more about which to choose, keep reading our buyer’s guide for shopping tips.

The Best Mattress Bags

linenspa mattress bag

Linenspa Heavy Duty Mattress Storage Bag with Double Adhesive Closure

Best Overall

Linenspa has developed into a well-known manufacturer of mattresses and mattress accessories, so it is no surprise that they designed a superior quality mattress bag. The bag is 50% thicker than many of its competitors, utilizing a 3 mil polyethylene material to resist rips and punctures.

And, if you are looking for heavier-duty options, the mattress bag also comes in a 4 mil or 5 mil option. These mattress bags are water and dust resistant to protect your bed or furniture from the elements, moisture, dust, unwanted critters, and anything else that may come in contact with your mattress while moving. 

The bags offer a universal fit, fitting regular and oversized mattresses up to 16 inches. But, one of the best features that this mattress bag has to offer is the adhesive seal. Unlike most of its competitors who require you to seal the mattress up with duct tape, the Linenspa mattress bag has its own convenient built-in adhesive seals.


  • Universal fit
  • Built-in adhesive seals


  • Only 3 millimeters thick, which may not be thick enough for rough moves
cresnel mattress bag

CRESNEL – Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage

Best Long-Lasting Mattress Bag

Twice as thick and strong as most competitor’s mattress bags, CRESNEL Mattress Bag was designed with durability in mind. The bag is made from super thick 5 mil polyethylene, a heavy duty material that will protect your mattress against rips, tears, and punctures.

Unlike other mattress bags that utilize a flat, 2D design, this mattress bag opens into a 3D shaped bag that has been customized to fit mattresses snugly. The bag is made to fit XL versions of each bed and even mattresses with pillow tops. 

For example, the queen version of this mattress bag will fit a mattress with a pillow-top of up to 14-inches. The bag is also made longer than the mattress so the overlapping end flap can be sealed tight with packing tape to keep out dust, bed bugs, and moisture. Plus, the lack of vent holes makes this mattress bag the perfect choice for long term storage.


  • Comes in a 2-pack
  • Extra length ensures total protection


  • Most expensive option on this list
uboxes mattress bag

uBoxes Queen Mattress Poly Covers

Most Affordable Mattress Bag

If you are looking for an affordable mattress bag that gets the job done then look no further – uBoxes Poly Mattress Cover is the perfect mattress cover for you. This mattress cover is made of 2 mil heavy duty polyethylene material, so it will provide your mattress with a great deal of protection from rips and tears while in transit. 

The mattress bag will also protect your mattress from any spills or moisture that it may come in contact with while you are moving. Overall, the uBoxes mattress cover is an affordable and easy way to protect your mattress from damage.


  • Lowest price of any on this list
  • 15” height allows for pillow-top mattresses


  • Only 2 millimeters thick, meaning it may be prone to tearing
movinghost mattress bag

MovingHost – Mattress Bags for Moving

Most Popular

Another heavy duty mattress bag that people love is MovingHost’s commercial grade mattress bag. The bag utilizes a 5 mil thick commercial grade plastic material to offer the best in mattress protection.

This material is long-lasting and cost effective as the bag can be reused multiple times. The heavy duty bag will protect your mattress from being cut or torn while getting it from point A to point B as well as prevent any moisture or stains from getting to the mattress. In addition, the extra-long design allows for a double-overlapping end flap that can be sealed up tight to protect against dust, moisture, and bugs.  


  • 5-millimeter thickness prevents rips or tears
  • Reusable


  • Does not come with built-in adhesive seals

Do You Really Need a Mattress Bag?

Mattress bags come in handy if you are moving and need to transport your mattress or if you need to store your mattress somewhere for a period of time. Whether you have hired a moving company or it is just you and some friends, the chances of your mattress being roughed up during transport is high. 

In this situation, mattress bags will protect your bed from rips, tears, punctures, liquids, and creepy crawlies. In addition, if you need to store your mattress, you will want a mattress bag to protect it from the elements, dust, and bugs. 

How to Choose a Mattress Bag

While shopping for a mattress bag, ask yourself the following questions to pick the best one for your needs:

  • How much protection does my mattress need? Mattress bags come in different thicknesses. The thicker the material, the heavier-duty the bag and the more protection it will offer your mattress from rips and tears. If you think that your mattress runs the risk of getting punctured during transit, then you’re going to want a thicker bag.
  • Will I reuse the bag? If you plan on reusing the bag, then you want to find one that was designed to be long-lasting.
  • Do I want a bag with an adhesive seal? Some bags come with their own adhesive seal while others come with an extra-long flap that requires you to seal it using duct tape.

What thickness should I choose?

This depends on how far you have to travel with your mattress and how much of a beating it will take during the travel. Most people are pleased with the protection they receive from a mattress bag with a thickness between 3 mil and 5 mil.


Do I need a mattress bag for moving? 

A mattress bag is never a bad idea for moving because it helps protect your mattress from getting snagged, ripped, or torn throughout the moving process. However, it’s not absolutely necessary. If you’re able to transport your mattress in a regular passenger van, you may not really need a mattress bag. However, if you’re planning on strapping your mattress to the roof of a vehicle or transporting it using a moving van or truck, a mattress bag is a very good idea for the sake of protection.

What should I cover my mattress with while moving? 

The simplest solution is to buy a mattress bag, slide the mattress inside, and seal. If you want to use something else, you could potentially wrap the mattress in blankets or a tarp to protect it, though those methods may not be as effective at preventing rips and tears.

Can bed bugs get through plastic wrap?

Bed bugs are wily creatures, and if you simply wrap your mattress in plastic wrap before putting it in storage, there’s a good chance they’ll find an opening and get through. Although bed bugs cannot grip onto the slick surface of plastic, they are very good at finding openings. Rather than risk the danger of bedbugs by using plastic wrap, use a sealed mattress bag to ensure that they cannot get in.


Compare the best mattress bags below: 

Mattress Bag Best for  Customer Rating
Linenspa Heavy Duty Mattress Storage Bag with Double Adhesive Closure Best Overall 4.5/5
CRESNEL – Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage Best Long-Lasting 4.6/5
uBoxes Queen Mattress Poly Covers Most Affordable 4.1/5
MovingHost – Mattress Bags for Moving Most Popular 4.7/5

Choosing the right mattress bag is probably more important than you first realized. No one wants to go through the hassle of moving just to find their much-loved mattress covered with mold or tears upon arriving at your new house. 

Whether you are moving or just putting your mattress in storage for a little while, you want to make sure that you use a mattress bag that will protect your bed from any unfortunate mishaps. Use our picks of the best mattress bags available to help you find the perfect mattress bag for your needs.