Best Mattress Wedges

By Barry Bridges

May 19th, 2022

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When your bed isn’t achieving the loft you desire, your first thought is probably to change up the pillows. This isn’t a bad idea; however, sometimes our fluffy bed companions aren’t enough to give you the support you need or to cure the ailment you’re struggling with. But comfort doesn’t always come in a cuddly form – posture and positioning are a part of it as well. 

Although mattress wedges aren’t the most common bedroom item, you’ll be surprised by how fabulously they work. Try out one of these bed enhancers to instantly improve your sleep and bedtime routine. These are our top picks for the best mattress wedges.

The Best Mattress Wedges


Best Budget


The FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow is a winner in the realm of mattress wedges.

This option will add to the quality of your sleep at the fraction of a price. Made of high-density memory foam, this ergonomic wedge will instantly conform to your head and neck for unparalleled comfort. Measuring in at 24 inches by 28 inches, this product is the most portable on our list. This smaller, lighter option is an individual size and can be used on your couch while camping or anywhere you’re trying to catch some Z’s.


Best Luxury


The Avana Mattress Elevator takes the concept of mattress wedges to new heights. 

We hesitate to even call this product a mattress wedge – it goes above and beyond its competitors. This option will cover the full length and width of your bed, measuring in at an astounding 80-inch by 60-inch surface. Avana’s option is one inch tall at its lowest elevation, and seven inches tall at its highest. This gradual progression of incline will work wonders for your overall health by positioning your entire body perfectly. Made of durable, dense foam, you’ll receive firm support night after night.


Best Value 

The Wellness Wedge

The self-named Wellness Wedge by Wellness Wedge is your answer to an adjustable mattress elevator. 

This option fits underneath your mattress, making its comfort level a non-issue. You can continue to snuggle with your comfy pillows without having to directly feel the addition of a wedge. This product is made of plastic and is unique in that it comes in two interlockable pieces. These pieces allow you to modify your mattress wedge based on your preferences and needs. By stacking them on top of each other, you’ll enjoy a higher elevation as you sleep. If you prefer a slight elevation, place these pieces next to each other for a little bit of height that stretches farther across your bed.


Best Added Features


The Bed Wedge by SnugStop is a snuggly way to add elevation to your mattress. 

This option fills in the gaps where your bed is lacking comfort – literally. It fits seamlessly against your headboard and underneath your pillows. This wedge is outfitted in 100-percent cozy cotton and will blend right in with the rest of your bedding. One cool element of this product is it’s storage capabilities. This full-width wedge features pockets on each side that are just big enough to tuck away essential items.

Who Can Benefit from a Mattress Wedge?

Mattress wedges help to alleviate many ailments, which means they’re good for almost anyone. For starters, they improve circulation, which will benefit those who suffer from migraines. By promoting better circulation, they also stop the development of painful varicose veins. 

These wedges also help with breathing easier and can fix upper respiratory issues, sinus pain, and even chronic snoring. Acid reflux, sleep apnea, and neck pain are just a few other issues that these sleep wedges tackle. Also, let’s not forget about the general comfort they provide.

How to Find the Best Mattress Wedge

If it’s your first time purchasing a mattress wedge, chances are you’re perplexed about where to start. Navigating through the world of wedges is tricky due to the variety of options. Don’t worry, Mattress Advisors is here to help. Through this list of elements, you can get clear on what you’re looking for. 

  • Material: You may not be directly lying on your wedge; however, the material still matters. You’ll want to choose a comfy fabric that suits the rest of your bed. Also, the material should be extra durable and easy to keep clean. Your wedge will become a staple for your bed, and you’ll need to make sure it can last. 
  • Size: The size you choose depends on how big your bed is, and if you’re sharing it with anyone. Some mattress wedges are a smaller size – these are good to tote around for an impromptu nap or other on-the-go sleep situation. Others run the entire width of your mattress, offering full coverage support while you or your partner move around throughout slumber. 
  • Style: Believe it or not, mattress wedges come in many different styles. Some are light and portable, while others are full-on bed additions that are as substantial as your mattress. Before buying, ask yourself how committed you are to using your mattress wedge. Is elevation something you need every night, or just on occasion?
  • Additional Features: Some mattress wedges offer handy features such as adjustable layers, side pockets or ergonomic add-ons. Do a little exploring before jumping on the first one that interests you.


After reading this, you’re probably wondering why you don’t see mattress wedges more often. These bed elevators are a genius way to give yourself neck and back support without fluffing or adjusting your pillows. They are also helpful at healing more serious health issues. Once you try out what it’s like to sleep with a little slant, you’ll never want to fall flat again. We hope this list of favorites leads you to your new favorite bed accessory.