The Best Mattresses for Back Pain

The most important things to look for in a mattress when you suffer from back pain

The best mattresses for back pain

Back pain can be a real nightmare. In fact, more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives. If you’re currently sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t provide the proper support or spine alignment, there’s a good chance it’s actually making your back pain worse. Waking up achy, groggy or noticeably in more pain than when you fell asleep are signs that it might be time to kick your current mattress to the curb. (But make sure you have a friend do it – you have a bad back, remember?)

What does your mattress have to do with back pain?

Whether your back pain is caused by an injury, a physically demanding job or even stress, the way your body is supported while you sleep will have a big impact on how you feel when you wake up.

Your sleeping posture is just as important as your standing/sitting posture. You’ll wake up more refreshed if your muscles and joints are appropriately supported and relaxed while you’re sleeping.

When you’re standing up, your body is applying pressure to your spinal cord (because…gravity), which keeps it aligned to its natural curve. But when you’re lying down, pressure is released from the vertebrae. So, sleeping on a mattress that evenly supports your body weight and allows your spine to stay in its natural alignment will help you get that relaxed, refreshed feeling that might just seem like a far-off dream right now.

If your mattress does a poor job of cradling your body, it might be forcing your body to rest at an unnatural angle – meaning your spinal cord is not aligned, you’ll have added, uneven pressure on your back, and you won’t allow your muscles to fully relax and recharge. Translation: sleeping on the wrong mattress leads to pain, discomfort, and can increase your chances of developing a chronic back problem. No bueno.

But have no fear – we’re going to walk you through what to look for in a mattress that will help alleviate your pain, tell you about our favorite (and affordable) mattresses for the job, and as an added bonus, let you know what else you can do to have your best night’s sleep, even if your back isn’t in the best shape.

Your sleeping posture is just as important as your standing/sitting posture.

What to look for in a mattress when you suffer from back pain

Everyone’s body is different, so when it comes to choosing the best mattress, it’s really a personal decision. But there are two primary factors you should pay attention to while shopping for a mattress to help alleviate your back pain:

  1. The materials that your mattress is made from
  2. The firmness of the mattress

What materials should your mattress be made of to help with back pain?

Memory foam tends to be the best type of mattress to help cradle your body, relieve pressure points and keep the spine in good alignment, which also happens to be the things you want in a mattress that helps alleviate your back pain. Memory foam (and other foam blends) do a good job of evenly distributing your body weight – meaning you won’t get as much of that uneven pressure or discomfort that tends to stir up your back pain even more.

Compared to traditional spring or coil mattresses, memory foam tends to hold its shape longer, which means a) your mattress will last longer and b) it won’t sag or lose its support as quickly as other mattresses can.

While there are some latex and hybrid mattresses that can offer similar qualities, you probably want to stay away from innerspring mattresses if you really want to give your back the support it needs.

Innerspring mattresses don’t cradle your body as well as memory foam. Typically, each coil inside the mattress works in its own, isolated way, meaning they won’t work together to distribute your body weight and give you the pressure relief that your back needs while you’re sleeping.

There’s also a higher chance of your body “sinking” into some sections of the mattress over others, which can cause your spine to fall out of its natural alignment. Sleeping in this position can worsen your back pain and even cause new pains that you didn’t previously have. (Nobody wants that.)

When deciding on the best mattress for your back pain, airflow and cooling properties are also important to look for. First of all, you’ll probably sleep better if you’re not sweating throughout the night. But having decent airflow also helps improve the amount of oxygen your body gets. If your body’s temperature is regulated and it’s getting the oxygen it needs, it has a better chance of recharging and relaxing problem muscles and joints.

Memory foam tends to be the best type of mattress to help cradle your body, relieve pressure points and keep the spine in good alignment.

How firm should your mattress be to help with back pain?

You may have heard a rumor that sleeping on a rock-hard mattress is best for your back pain. To be honest, that sounds kind of miserable. And it’s also not true. While everyone’s preference is going to differ slightly, people who suffer from back pain generally prefer a medium-firm to firm mattress. (This is usually a 5.5 – 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.)

If you don’t believe us, here’s a little proof:

  • In a survey of 268 people with lower back pain, results showed that those who slept on what’s known as an orthopedic mattress (aka very hard) had the poorest sleep quality.
  • Another study showed that medium-firm mattresses reduced back pain by 57.2%, shoulder pain by 60.8%, and back stiffness by 59.1%. Overall, this helped improve the sleep quality of the study participants by 60.7%.

If you suffer from back pain, you probably want to stay away from super soft mattresses as well. Soft mattresses can conform to your body too much, which means you’ll sink into the mattress and lose the good posture that a firmer mattress will give you.

So, in summary:

  • The best mattress for your back pain will be medium-firm to firm (5.5-7.5 on the firmness scale).
  • A mattress that is too firm or too soft will not support your pressure points or distribute your body weight appropriately, causing your spine to fall out of its natural alignment and make your back pain even worse.
  • Ultimately, the best mattress for your back pain should make you feel like you are floating on air. (Doesn’t that sound dreamy?)

People who suffer from back pain generally prefer a medium-firm to firm mattress.

Our favorite mattresses to help alleviate back pain

Below we’ve highlighted our top mattress picks for people who suffer from back pain. If you want to read more about a particular mattress brand, we’ve got you covered in the next section.

What you won’t see here is our #1 pick – because (as a reminder) everyone is different, and back pain is personal. So, the best mattress for you might not be the best for someone else. Take a look at things like the firmness, materials and price to help you decide. And don’t forget – there’s no harm in trying it out. All of the mattresses we’ve reviewed here have at least a 100-night trial period and free returns.

Mattress Name Description Price* Mattress Review
  • Type: Foam combo
  • Firmness: Medium firm: 6/10
  • Trial Period: 100 days
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Summary: Foam blend mattress that's ideal for the average sleeper

9.1 / 10

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  • Type: Memory foam with graphite gel
  • Firmness: Medium firm: 6/10
  • Trial Period: 100 days
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Summary: Known to help relieve pressure points and aid in muscle recovery

8.6 / 10

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  • Type: Air foam mattress
  • Firmness: Medium firm: 5 - 6 /10
  • Trial Period: 120 days
  • Warranty: 15-year limited warranty
  • Summary: Temperature neutral AirFoam mattress known for offering great pressure relief

8.9 / 10

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  • Type: Copper-infused memory foam; flippable
  • Firmness: Soft side: 4-5/10; Firm side: 7/10
  • Trial Period: 120 days
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
  • Summary: Flippable memory foam mattress known to help people with back and joint pain

8.7 / 10

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  • Type: Hybrid: hyper-elastic polymer and foam
  • Firmness: Medium firm-firm: 6.5/10
  • Trial Period: 100 days
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Summary: Proven pressure relief for people with back pain; good for back and side sleepers

8.4 / 10

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Amerisleep AS2
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Firmness: Firm: 7/10
  • Trial Period: 100 days
  • Warranty: 20-year limited warranty
  • Summary: Memory foam mattress with cooling technology (part of Amerisleep's Firm Collection)

8.5 / 10

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* Price for a queen size mattress.


A few words from us:

  • We think Leesa has crafted a quality mattress that’s not too firm yet not too soft. The combination of its three foam layers provide contouring pressure relief, freedom of movement and airflow cooling.
  • The top layer of the Leesa mattress is made of perforated Avena foam which promotes breathability and airflow.
  • Because of its cradling technology, the Leesa isn’t necessarily best for any one particular type of sleeper, but rather supports your body in whichever position you usually sleep in (side, stomach or back).
Cross-section of layers inside the Leesa mattress
Inside the Leesa Mattress

Word on the street:

  • “Has enough support for my back to eliminate the back pain. Cool enough for comfortable sleep. Ordering and delivery were painless. Nice mattress.” – Robert W.
  • “I used to wake up with a stiff back. But since we have our new Leesa mattress there is no back pain or stiffness. Love it.” – Ute S.
  • “My boyfriend is a bike messenger and his back was always hurting. Having this awesome mattress has really been a game changer. No more back pain and some of the best nights of sleep we’ve ever had have been on this mattress.” – Erin M.

The 411:

  • Sizes available:
    • Queen: $940
    • King: $1,070
    • Cal King: $1,070
    • Twin: $525
    • Twin XL: $625
    • Full: $790
  • Delivery: Leesa ships free and will arrive at your door in 3-6 business days. (Shipping is also free to Alaska and Hawaii, but there is a $100 fee for returns.)
  • Setup: The Leesa mattress comes compressed, rolled and boxed. You will simply unbox the mattress, unroll it on your foundation, and wait for it to expand. You can also refer to this how-to guide from Leesa on proper setup.
  • Foundation: Leesa recommends a more stable, rigid base that will sufficiently support this foam mattress. You could also try adding a bunkie board instead of a new foundation as a suitable and wallet-friendly option. A bunkie board is basically a 2-3″ board that creates a flat, rigid surface to support your foam mattress and pairs nicely with traditional metal frames, platform beds, and slatted beds.
  • Return policy: If you decide to return your Leesa within the 100-night trial period, there are zero return fees and you do not have to worry about fitting your Leesa back in the box. They’ll arrange to have your mattress picked up from your home with no additional effort or cost on your part. Leesa will try to locate a charity in your community to donate the mattress.

Anything else?

  • Leesa donates one mattress for every 10 sold to non-profit organizations that serve homeless and at-risk individuals. They also plant one tree for every mattress sold. You can read more about their social impact programs here.
  • Leesa offers the following products in addition to the mattress:

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Bear Mattress Logo - Color

A few words from us:

  • Bear claims to be a great mattress for athletes or people with active lifestyles because of its pressure relief, cooling effects and muscle recovery technology, but even if you’re not active and still suffer from back pain, you can benefit from these features too.
  • Its three layers of foam are designed to respond to your body’s movements, which means great spinal alignment and support.
  • Bear is made with a cooling gel foam and a Celliant color to promote cooler sleep and increased blood circulation.
Cross-section illustration showing the foam layers inside the Bear mattress
Inside the Bear mattress

Word on the street:

  • “I liked my Bear Mattress after the first night, but now I can say that I love it after one month. It has helped my lower back aches and pains and my back is much less tight in the morning. I have recommended the Bear Mattress to all my family, friends and colleagues.” – Jill R.
  • “The bed is honestly the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I’ve owned both Tempurpedic and straight foam mattresses- the Tempurpedic was great for my back but uncomfortable for side sleeping, the foam mattress felt great sinking into, but terrible for my back as it was all sink and no support. The Bear mattress is just right- comfortable, cushions body with no pressure point pain, wake up feeling great! The perfect mixture of comfort and support.” – Google Customer Review
  • “I moved into my new home this month and ordered my first Bear Mattress. As an athlete with a very active lifestyle, a good night of sleep is key to my training! Bear Mattress is the perfect fit for me and my recovering.” – Shasta H.

The 411:

  • Sizes available:
    • Queen: $850
    • King: $950
    • Cal King: $950
    • Twin: $500
    • Twin XL: $650
    • Full: $750
  • Delivery: The Bear mattress ships free to the lower 48 states and will be at your door in 4-7 business.
  • Setup: The Bear mattress comes compressed, rolled and boxed. It is recommended that you have at least two people setting this up. You will simply unbox the mattress, unroll it on your foundation, and wait for it to expand.
  • Foundation: The Bear mattress is ideally paired with the Bear foundation but will also work just fine with any flat or slatted frame/foundation since it is memory foam. You can also use it right on the floor.
  • Return policy: If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 100 days, Bear will arrange for someone to come pick up the mattress and refund your money in full. They do ask that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights, as your body may need some time to adjust to the feel and support.

Anything else?

  • 1% of every Bear sale is donated to Good Sports Charity.
  • Bear also sells a cooling pillow with recovery technology ($95), a waterproof mattress protector ($110 for queen), and an adjustable bed foundation ($1,640 for queen).
    • You can save 5% when you buy the mattress, mattress protector, and two pillows together.
  • Athletes from around the world use the Bear mattress – you can check them out here.

Visit Bear


A few words from us:

  • If you suffer from back pain, but still prefer a softer mattress, then Nolah might be the one for you (firmness = 5.5/10).
  • Nolah’s top layer is made of a proprietary air foam which helps keep you cool, aids in relieving pressure and evenly distributing your body weight.
  • It also has shock-absorbing air pockets that support common high-pressure areas like low back and hips, head and shoulders – a benefit for side sleepers or people with back and joint pain.
Illustration showing the three different foam layers and cover that make up the Nolah mattress with a fox sleeping on top
Inside the Nolah mattress

Word on the street:

  • “I was nervous about buying a mattress online. What I found was it gave me time to compare customer ratings without the pressure of a salesperson. My bed is in the hottest room in the house but I have not been sweating! Also, my lower back pain has disappeared!! Love my Nolah!” – Janna G.
  • “It was easy to order and unpack the mattress. The mattress relieved my back pain and is really good quality. I waited for a month to see how it was and I’m so happy I picked this mattress online.” – Pauline N.
  • “As a side sleeper primarily I wanted a softer mattress. Nolah came up time after time as good for side sleeping. After only two days my back pain had subsided. What a relief! My back felt so good that I became acutely aware of lingering neck pain LOL…which has been greatly helped by a Coop Home Goods Eden pillow. My Nolah mattress has come through on all advertised advantages. It’s great for me and my side sleeping, and it sleeps remarkably cool.” – Steve C.

The 411:

  • Sizes available:
    • Queen: $849
    • King: $949
    • Cal King: $949
    • Twin: $519
    • Twin XL: $599
    • Full: $749
  • Delivery: The Nolah ships free and arrives at your doorstep within 5-10 business days.
  • Setup: The Nolah mattress comes compressed, rolled and boxed. You will simply unbox the mattress, unroll it on your foundation (if you’re using one), remove the plastic wrapping and watch it grow.
  • Foundation: You can use the Nolah mattress on any flat surface. If you have a box spring or foundation already, you can use them for the Nolah mattress as well. If not, you can place the Nolah mattress directly on the floor or another flat supportive surface. Slats work as well, but just be sure they are no more than 3″ apart.
  • Return policy: If you decide the Nolah mattress isn’t right for you after sleeping on it for a minimum of 30 nights and up to 120 nights, give them a call or write them an email requesting a return and they will send somebody to pick up the mattress. Once you send it the scanned pickup slip, they will refund you in full.

Anything else?

  • Nolah adopts one wildlife animal for each mattress sold. Before you complete the checkout process, you can choose which animal you would like to be adopted. You can read more about their mission here.

Visit Nolah


A few words from us:

  • The Layla is unique because you can actually sleep on both sides of the mattress depending on the level of firmness you prefer (kind of like a reversible bathing suit). If you’re not sure whether you’ll like a firm or soft mattress, then the Layla might be a good option for you. (The firmer side may be a better option to help with back pain.)
  • They are also one of the few mattress brands of their kind to infuse copper in their foam. Copper is known to help reduce joint inflammation and ease joint pain/stiffness, which is especially helpful for people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. (However, when you cover your mattress with a mattress protector and sheets, you won’t be reaping the benefits as much.)
Cross-section view of the layers inside the Layla mattress
Inside the Layla mattress

Word on the street:

  • “My husband and I both suffered from sore hips and backs from our old mattress. Not anymore! After one night the difference was astounding. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone looking for a great night’s sleep.” – Brenda K.
  • “About 6 months ago, we purchased a Layla and love it. We are both elderly and have a lot of aches and pains from arthritis, and my husband has had 3 major back surgeries. Comfort while sleeping is a must for quality of life when awake. We are sleeping longer, and wake up feeling more rested.” – Lloyd H.
  • “For the first time in months, I actually slept pain-free and had no pain upon getting up the next morning either. The comfort has continued now for several weeks! I actually look forward to going to bed now… I did flip the mattress to the firm side after about two weeks – I did like the firm, but I had less pressure point issues on the soft side so I flipped back to the soft side.” – Karen P.

The 411:

  • Sizes available:
    • Queen: $899
    • King: $999
    • Cal King: $999
    • Twin: $499
    • Twin XL: $599
    • Full: $799
  • Delivery: Most customers in the lower 48 states can expect their new Layla mattress to arrive in 4-7 business days from the day they order with free shipping. (There is a $100 shipping fee for Alaska and Hawaii customers.)
  • Setup: The Layla mattress comes compressed, rolled and boxed. You will simply unbox the mattress, unroll it on your foundation, and wait for it to expand.
  • Foundation: Layla recommends these options: put it on the floor, use a traditional bed that requires a box spring, get a platform bed, or try an adjustable bed frame.
  • Return policy: After two weeks, and before four months of the purchase date: If you decide that you don’t love your Layla mattress, they’ll pick it up from you and issue you a full refund. They will donate all returned mattresses to charity so there are no restocking fees.

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A few words from us:

  • The Purple sleeps cool, is great for spinal alignment and evenly distributes your body weight, making it a great option for people with back pain.
  • The Purple mattress is topped with a unique layer of hyper-elastic polymer. This pressure-releasing material is especially great for back and side sleepers – when you lie on your back, it will help your spine maintain its natural curve and when you lie on your side, it will help keep your spine straight. (Note: this is a unique material that might take some getting used to. )
  • The Purple is also great for equalizing pressure, meaning the heavier parts of your body won’t sink in deeper than others.
Cross-section of the Purple mattress layers
Inside the Purple mattress

Word on the street:

  • “It’s the best mattress I’ve ever used. I thought it was pricey at first, but it is worth every coin and every dollar! I broke my back around 2 years ago and still have some pretty bad pain where I broke it, but Purple has actually decreased the pain which is amazing! My mother has the mattress and actually was the one who recommended it to me after I got out of the hospital.” – Rachel C.
  • “I’ll admit I was leery about buying a mattress off the internet, sight unseen, but I went for it anyway because of the 100 day return policy. Well, they are never getting it back. I know it sounds crazy but after the first night of my first uninterrupted sleep in I don’t know how long, I awoke with NO BACK PAIN! I was seriously going to make an appointment with a chiropractor, but that is no longer necessary. I also want to add that my wife’s arm has always been numb when she wakes up in the morning, but that is no longer an issue either. If you’re on the fence about getting this mattress, GO FOR IT! You won’t be disappointed!!!” – Dan
  • “We were looking for a new mattress because our old conventional one was worn out and we suspected it was the cause of our aches and pains. We didn’t see results after a few days…we saw results after the FIRST NIGHT. Seriously. We didn’t know how badly we had been sleeping until we got this mattress. We love purple and are probably gonna come back and buy pillows, a bed for our son and a seat cushion for my office chair. Not sure how many years these are supposed to last but when they wear out, we will buy another. It’s that GOOD.” – Percella S.

The 411:

  • Sizes available:
    • Queen: $999
    • King: $1,299
    • Cal King: $1,299
    • Twin XL: $699
  • Delivery: The Purple ships free within the lower 48 states and typically arrives within 4-7 business days.
  • Setup: The Purple mattress comes rolled and in a cylinder case. You will simply open the casing, unroll it on your foundation (if you’re using one), and it will be ready to use right away. Watch this video to see how it’s done.
  • Foundation: The Purple just needs a sturdy surface to sit on, whether that’s a platform, slats (3″ apart or less), box foundation, an adjustable bed frame, or even the floor.
  • Return policy: If you decide the Purple is not for you within the 100-day trial period, you can return it for a full refund. They will come pick up your mattress and donate it to a local charity at no cost. Purple does ask that you try your mattress for at least 30 days.

Anything else?

Visit Purple

Amerisleep logo


A few words from us:

  • The Amerisleep AS2 is the ideal firmness for people who suffer from back pain – it will do a good job relieving pressure and supporting your body, without making you feel like you’re sinking in.
  • This model is most popular with back and stomach sleepers – it has thicker foam than the AS1 model and contains a transition layer which gives it a little more cushion.
  • The AS2 also offers great cooling properties – the top layer is designed to help wick heat away from your body and the cover contains Celliant, which is known to reduce pain, regulate body temperature, and promote healthy blood circulation.
Inside the Amerisleep AS2
Inside the Amerisleep AS2

Word on the street:

  • “I have a bad back that requires good support and my wife likes a softer mattress. We have bought a new spring mattress every 3-4 because I hat the valleys and ruts that happen. After 4 months we couldn’t be more happy.” – Styx
  • “I have bought other memory foam mattresses before. This one is better than any I’ve ever had! I can’t explain why. I just know I wake up in the morning after a great night sleep. I didn’t toss and turn. I didn’t wake up every hour and look at the clock. I didn’t wake up with sore joints or muscles. I just slept. And it feels great!” – Jeano
  • “We got this bed just about a week before our daughter was born and because of my pregnancy, I was experiencing serious back and neck pain. When we got the new mattress I noticed a difference the first night we had it. I woke up without the normal stiffness in my neck and ache in my lower back. I felt like I slept more soundly and the bed really supported my entire body, even my pregnant belly. I would buy this mattress again in a heartbeat.” – Sarah

The 411:

  • Sizes available:
    • Queen: $1,199
    • King: $1,499
    • Cal King: $1,499
    • Split King: $1,798
    • Twin: $899
    • Twin XL: $949
    • Full: $1,049
  • Delivery: The Amerisleep AS2 Ships free to the lower 48 states and usually arrives in 5-10 business days.
  • Setup: The AS2 mattress comes compressed, rolled and boxed. You will simply unbox the mattress, unroll it on your foundation (if you’re using one), and wait for it to expand. You can also watch this video to see how it’s done.
  • Foundation: Amerisleep recommends a flat surface for the AS2. You can use a flat or slatted frame, box spring with plywood, adjustable base or even set it on the floor.
  • Return policy: If you are not satisfied with your AS2 within your 100-night trial period, they will help you donate your unwanted mattress and give you a full refund.

Anything else?

  • There are actually 5 different mattress options offered by Amerisleep with varying levels of firmness, however the AS2 is generally the recommended option for people who suffer from back pain.
    • If you’re not sure which option might be best for you, you can also engage in a live chat with one of Amerisleep’s sleep experts and they’ll make a recommendation based on your size and personal preference.
  • Amerisleep sells an adjustable bed base ($1,900 for queen) as well as sheets, pillows and mattress protectors.

Visit Amerisleep

What else can you do to get a better night’s sleep when you suffer from back pain?

Sleeping on the right mattress has the biggest impact on alleviating your back pain, but there are other things you can try that may help reduce your pain even more.

The important thing to remember here is to listen to your body – if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If your friend with back pain has discovered the perfect sleeping angle/temperature/white-noise/pillow-position combo to reducing back pain, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best one for you. (You should give him/her a big high five though.)

The two things that may help further reduce your back pain are your bed’s foundation and your sleeping position.

Your bed’s foundation

People who suffer from back pain have claimed that sleeping on an adjustable bed frame helps them sleep better at night. Keeping your head and feet elevated can relieve certain pressure points better than lying flat on a mattress. Similar to how you elevate your leg after an injury, elevating these parts of your body can help with blood flow circulation and getting more oxygen to your muscles – both of which can have an impact on reducing pain.

Of the mattresses we’ve reviewed above, LeesaBear, Purple and Amerisleep all offer adjustable beds. If you buy the mattress and bed frame together, you can also save some cash money.

People who suffer from back pain have claimed that sleeping on an adjustable bed frame helps them sleep better at night.

Your sleeping position

Sometimes you can’t control your sleeping position – you might unknowingly change positions in the middle of the night or find natural comfort in one position over another. But your sleeping position can also have an effect on your back pain and overall quality of sleep. Here are some tips that might help you alleviate back pain in each sleeping position.

  • Back sleepers: Sleeping on your back is generally considered the best position to help with back pain. If it’s not easy for you to convert to sleeping in this position, placing a pillow underneath your knees can help reduce pressure on your lower back and maintain your spine’s natural curve. For added support, you can roll out a towel and place it under the small of your back.
  • Side sleepers: Placing a pillow between your knees can help keep your hips level and your spine in line. Using a thick body pillow can also help alleviate pressure and keeping you back in good posture while you sleep.
  • Stomach sleepers: Sleeping on your stomach is generally not recommended for people who suffer from back pain. This position provides your back with the least support and can cause your back to cave in unnaturally. If it’s hard for you to change positions, placing a pillow under your pelvis can offer you a little more support…however, you should be very careful as this can also cause added strain on your back and neck. Sometimes people who try this method actually find it more comfortable to remove the pillow from under their head. Hint: using a body pillow might also make it easier to convert to a side sleeper, which is at least better than sleeping on your stomach.

Back pain is no fun. The last thing you want is to start your day feeling sore and achy (and probably grumpy) because you didn’t sleep well. Getting a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep can have a huge impact on your overall health, energy levels and productivity. It can also help improve your back pain symptoms.

Even if your back pain won’t be completely eliminated, you deserve a mattress that’s going to help you feel rested and refreshed. If you suffer from back pain, we’d love to hear about what’s worked for you and how you’ve found comfort while sleeping. Share your tips in the comments below. We’ll count it as your good deed for the day.

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