Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

Trying to fall asleep with shoulder pain sucks; try changing your old mattress.

By Loren Bullock

Shoulder pain is rather common for athletes and people with arthritis. When you have pain at night, it can make it hard to sleep, leading to groggy and irritable mornings where your shoulder is aching.

Investing in a good mattress can ease some of this pain and cure your sleepless nights. The best mattresses for shoulder pain typically offer the type of pressure relief that makes you forget there is even a problem with your shoulder; well, at least for long enough to let you sleep peacefully.

We’ll discuss some of the causes of shoulder pain, how a good mattress can help you sleep when you have shoulder pain, as well as the best mattresses to help you sleep with shoulder pain (and some awesome runners-up).

Best Mattresses for Shoulder Pain

Below, we’ve created a list of the best mattresses for shoulder pain and what they’re great at (because, of course, everyone’s shoulder pain is different). We’ll cover each mattress and mattress brand in detail as you read on.

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As you look through our picks and make a decision, make sure you are also consulting your doctor for their recommendations based on the cause of your shoulder pain. And remember, trying out a mattress that sounds good brings no harm to you. Every single mattress on our list come with a risk-free trial that spans for at least 100 nights.

Why trust Mattress Advisor?

Our sleep experts at Mattress Advisor conduct a mattress lab from which we’ve tested over 100 mattresses. Each mattress on our list and in our reviews has undergone a 6-point testing method and 8-point evaluation. Trust us—if anyone knows what makes a great mattress, it’s us.

Please note: while we’re experts when it comes to mattresses, we are not doctors. It’s always recommended that you consult with your doctor when it comes to choosing products meant to address health and pain issues. 

Editor’s Pick

Helix Midnight LUXE

Editor's Pick
  • Great for side sleepers.
  • Comes with an ultra-cool cover that regulates body temperature
  • Provides wonderful spinal alignment

Great bed. Great company. They are so accommodating and the mattress is perfect.”

Lewis L.
Customer Rating
4.5 / 5
MA Score
8.9 / 10

Medium firm: 6/10

Trial Period

100 days

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Highlights

The Helix Midnight Luxe is among Helix’s luxury mattresses, and scored an impressive 8.5 in our pressure relief test. This hybrid mattress utilizes its pocketed coil layer that offers a zoned-lumbar support, which cradles your shoulders.

The gel visco comfort layer provides cooling comfort and gentle support to help relieve your shoulder pain. The materials are all CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX certified to ensure a safe night’s sleep and limited off-gassing effects.

Read our full Helix Midnight Luxe review here

Best Luxury

DreamCloud Premier

Best Luxury
  • Scored a nearly perfect score in spinal alignment
  • Offers white glove delivery and mattress removal or donation
  • Made from 8 layers of coils and foam

Made the switch from a traditional mattress. Will never go back.”

Matthew S.
Customer Rating
4.6 / 5
MA Score
9.0 / 10

Medium-firm: 6.5/10

Trial Period

365 days

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Highlights

The DreamCloud Premier is a luxury 15 inch mattress made of 6 layers that work together to provide breathability, contouring support, and comfort. The top layer is made of cashmere and makes the mattress naturally bedbug resistant. The material is super responsive and moves as you move to help relieve pain in any position. DreamCloud Premier offers a generous lifetime warranty on their mattress and they offer financing to help you pay for it if needed.

Read our full DreamCloud Premier review here

Best for Shoulder and Neck Pain


Best for Shoulder & Neck Pain
  • Infused with copper to reduce joint inflammation and stiffness
  • Flippable mattress that offers customizable firmness
  • Implements a softening process in their fabric production

The comfiest bed I’ve ever slept on. My husband and I like soft beds and Layla’s soft side is perfect!”

Shannon C.
Customer Rating
4.5 / 5
MA Score
8.8 / 10

Soft side: 4-5/10; Firm side: 7/10

Trial Period

120 days

Layla Mattress Highlights

Layla is one of those dual-sided customizable mattresses. Flip to the soft side or the firm side depending on your preferences. If the cause of your shoulder pain is due to arthritis or athletics, the Layla may be for you. The copper-infused gel is great for inflammation.

This mattress scored a 9 on our pressure relief test and a 9.5 in responsiveness. On top of that, with the purchase of a Layla mattress you get a lifetime warranty should you ever come across any manufacturer defects.

Read our full Layla review here

Best Value


Best Value
  • Great for couples and pressure relief
  • Offers cooling properties for a great price
  • Only 3% of Nectar customers ever return their mattresses

This mattress is so comfortable! I really can’t get over it.”

Customer Rating
4.8 / 5
MA Score
8.7 / 10

Medium-firm: 5.5-6/10

Trial Period

365 days

Nectar Mattress Highlights

The Nectar gel memory foam mattress is made with the customer in mind. They boast that it will be the “last mattress you will ever need,” offering a lifetime warranty. It is compatible with every bed platform or foundation. Its cooling cover unzips for easy care and cleaning, so you can sleep comfortably and cleanly.

Read our full Nectar review here

Best for Side Sleepers


Best for Side Sleepers
  • Offers wonderful spinal alignment and reduces motion transfer
  • Unique airframe provides extra airflow
  • Great for all sleep positions

We received our Nolah over a month ago and love it.

Oscar M.
Customer Rating
4.8 / 5
MA Score
8.9 / 10

Medium firm: 5 - 6 /10

Trial Period

120 days

Nolah Mattress Highlights

Nolah’s airframe technology cradles your hips and shoulders for side sleepers to keeps their spines straight. For back sleepers, it helps you maintain the natural curve of your spine which eliminates any pain. Nolah mattresses come with a 15-year limited warranty and have a non-flip design. They are also non-toxic, and all of the foam used is CertiPur-US certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals.

Read our full Nolah mattress review here.

Best Innerspring Mattress


Best Innerspring Mattress
  • Luxury mattress with three firmness options
  • Great for back pain
  • Works well for heavy people
Customer Rating
4.8 / 5
MA Score
8.7 / 10


Trial Period

180 days

Saatva Mattress Highlights

Saatva’s original luxury bed gives you three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm, so you can pick the best bed for your needs. We recommend the soft or medium options for shoulder pain. Saatva’s spinal alignment also works well if you have back pain in addition to shoulder pain. Even with all of these pain-relieving properties, the Saatva innersprings keep you cool at night by allowing air to escape.

Read our full Saatva mattress review.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Because shoulder pain is so common, it is clear to see that there are many causes that people of all ages can have.


Millions of people visit the doctor every year for shoulder injuries. A sizeable chunk of these visits are due to rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and joints that holds the shoulder together. True to its name, it allows you to reach overhead and rotate your arm around. Injuries to the rotator cuff are often due to athletics: swimming, baseball, tennis, etc.

Another common shoulder injury is dislocation. When your shoulder is dislocated you will feel pain when you attempt to raise your arm or constantly feel as if your shoulder will fall out of place.


After years of putting wear and tear on your body, it’s not wonder that people become so sore with age. Your sleep is supposed to be a time of restoration and healing. That’s why it’s so important to find a mattress for seniors that takes these factors into account and support pain points.

Broken Bone

Sometimes, shoulder pain can be caused from a break or a fracture of the bone. Because the shoulder is a ball and socket joint, the shoulder pain can come when either bone is broken. Occasionally, a broken clavicle bone can cause shoulder pain as well.

Broken shoulder bones often require surgery, and much of the recovery period will be done as you lie on your bed.

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is simply just stiffness in the shoulder joint. This is caused by the thickening of your shoulder tissue capsules. When your shoulder is frozen any movement can cause pain and range of motion becomes difficult. This pain can last anywhere from 1-3 years.


Tendinitis is when your tendons become irritated or inflamed, causing pain. When you have tendinitis of the shoulder, it is often from sports, such as pitcher’s shoulder and swimmer’s shoulder. This pain of tendinitis is more of an ache than a sharp pain, but it can last for a few weeks.


When the fluid in your bursae sac swell, you get bursitis. These sacs usually pad you tendons, so when they swell, it causes painful rubbing or inflammation. Bursitis should go away in a few weeks.

X Ray image of patient who have shoulder pain isolated on white background, space for your message and idea medical concept

Sleep and Shoulder Pain

The amount of pressure you put on your shoulder as you fall asleep depends on your sleep position.

Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is the position that puts the most pressure on the shoulder and hip joint. However, since you only sleep on one side at a time, you should favor the non-injured shoulder as you sleep.

If changing the side you sleep on is too difficult, opt for a mattress with some give. If your mattress is too firm, it will press against your hurt shoulder and make your shoulder pain worse.

Back Sleeping

Sleeping on your back is the ideal position for people with shoulder pain. You place virtually no weight there, and with a firm mattress and good pillow support, maintain the natural curve of your spine as you rest.

Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on your stomach falls somewhere in the middle. It isn’t as much pressure as side sleeping, but it certainly isn’t great for your shoulders (or neck). People who are stomach sleepers need firmer mattresses to maintain alignment, but people with shoulder pain should shoot for medium firmness.

Mattress Qualities to Look for When You Have Shoulder Pain

Dealing with pain can destroy a good night’s sleep. That’s why so many brands have accounted for this and designed the best mattress for back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain. We’ll help you know what exactly to look for to know if a mattress is truly ideal for relieving shoulder pain.

Type of Mattress

How a mattress is constructed will determine how it affects your shoulder pain. Here are the best mattress types for shoulder pain:

  • Memory Foam: A memory foam mattress contours to your body and cradles your pressure points (in this case, your shoulders).
  • Latex: Latex mattresses are like memory foam, except they’re naturally cool. Memory foam and latex mattresses both offer pressure relief, but latex can be natural, if you are into organic mattresses.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress combines aspects of innerspring, memory foam, and latex to add the support layer of springs or latex and the comfort layer of foam.
Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one of the most important things to look for in a mattress when you have shoulder pain. This is going to allow you to place your hurt shoulder into the mattress without your pain worsening throughout the night.


No matter what pain you have or sleep position you use, spinal alignment is key at night. You want to make sure your spine is straight or in its natural curve at night, so you prevent back and neck pain.

Mattress Firmness

People with shoulder pain should shoot for a mattress with medium or medium-firm firmness. This allows for your shoulder to sink into the mattress comfortably, but not too far to where it messes up your alignment.

Tips to Relieve Shoulder Pain

While a good mattress will do you a world of good when you’re trying to sleep with shoulder pain, it isn’t the only thing you should consider.

Mattress Accessories 

If it doesn’t look like buying a new mattress is in your budget, you can always utilize mattress extras such as a mattress topper or mattress pad. A good memory foam or latex mattress topper will go a long way in adding comfort and support to your old mattress.

Pillow Choice

Make sure you are using a pillow that promotes alignment. If you sleep on your stomach, pick a flat pillow, and use an additional pillow under your hips. If you sleep on your side make sure the loft isn’t too high or too low. If you sleep on your back your pillow should also be a little flatter and another should be propped under your knees.

Sleep Position

The ideal sleep position for shoulder pain is back sleeping. If you decide to sleep on your side, sleep on the side of your good shoulder with a pillow between your knees.

Talk to Your Doctor

We would like to reiterate that, though we are sleep experts, we’re not doctors. If your shoulder pain persists at night or worsens, make sure you contact your doctor for further instructions or sleep tips.


Sleeping with shoulder pain can be rough both at night and in the morning. Waking up wishing that you had five more minutes and a throbbing arm sucks. Getting a good night’s sleep means having more energy, being more productive, and becoming healthier overall. Try changing up your mattress by trying out one of the ones on our list:

Accolade Mattress
1. Editor’s Pick Helix Midnight Luxe
2. Best Luxury
DreamCloud Premier
3. Best for Neck and Shoulder Pain
4. Best Value
5. Best for Side Sleepers Nolah
6. Best Innerspring Mattress Saatva
Sheets by a Window

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