Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers in 2022

By Alesandra Woolley

May 6th, 2022

Sleeping on your stomach is the least common sleeping position, and probably the least healthy. The best mattress for stomach sleepers will provide the proper support and durability needed to keep the body in proper alignment and reduce pressure on the lower back.

In this guide, we’ll share our reviews of our best mattresses for stomach sleepers that meet these requirements. Then in our buyer’s guide, we’ll walk you through how stomach sleepers can find a good mattress that supports their sleeping position.

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Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

The WinkBed

winkbed lux firm mattress 1
WinkBeds Luxury Firm

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best For

  • Sleepers with back pain
  • Hot sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers or back sleepers
customer rating


our score



Medium firm: 6/10

trial period

120 days

WinkBed Highlights

Finding a mattress firm enough to support the stomach sleeping position can be a challenge, but the WinkBed offers four different firmness options (softer, luxury-firm, firmer, and plus), so you should be able to find a version that best supports your body type and sleeping position.

We recommend the luxury-firm option for lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers. Heavier sleepers who may require a bit more support should opt for the firmer or plus version. The WinkBed’s Mattress Advisor score for responsiveness (9/10) is also good news for combination back-stomach sleepers, since a highly responsive mattress is easier to move around on.

Mattress Advisor testing reveals positive signs for sleepers with back pain, as well. The luxury-firm version in particular scores 7.75/10 in pressure relief and 8.75 in spine alignment. The 8/10 score for cooling should contribute to the overall comfort of this mattress. However, what is most impressive is the WinkBed’s durability score, which is perfect 10/10. This means that the WinkBed shouldn’t sag easily, helping to ensure proper support and spinal alignment for many years.

The WinkBed is moderately priced, but we believe its high-quality materials make it a great value (starting at about $1,499 for a queen size, including sales and discounts). The 120-night sleep trial and generous lifetime warranty are in line with industry standards.

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Brooklyn Signature

brooklyn signature mattress
Brooklyn Signature

Best Budget Mattress

Best For

  • Budget shoppers
  • People with shoulder pain
  • All sleeping positions
customer rating


our score



Choose your preference: Available in soft, medium or firm

trial period

120 days

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Highlights

The Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Signature (medium) mattress is a great budget mattress for stomach sleepers, even for those in a couple due to its compatibility with various sleep preferences.

One reason we love the Brooklyn Signature mattress for stomach sleepers is that it is the perfect firmness level to offer support without irritating pressure points. This hybrid mattress also incorporates responsive technology, so it adjusts to your body as you move throughout the night. This makes it apt for stomach sleepers who often suffer from back pain due to a sagging or indented mattress.

The Brooklyn Signature mattress includes three layers. First comes a 2-inch foam top layer that includes responsive technology to adjust to your body’s movements and cooling gel for temperature regulation. Deeper within the mattress lies a 2-inch high-density foam middle layer that offers support and contouring comfort and a 6-inch high-density foundation layer that adds structure, firmness, and durability.

The standard price for a queen Brooklyn Signature mattress is $750, but you can click the link below to get an exclusive Mattress Advisor discount.

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Layla room 1

Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers

Best For

  • Sleepers who toss and turn
  • People who want pressure relief
  • Sleepers who want multiple firmness options
customer rating


our score



Soft side: 4-5/10; Firm side: 7/10

trial period

120 days

Layla Highlights

Restless sleepers, including those who use the stomach sleeping position, need a highly responsive mattress. The Layla mattress fits the bill in that regard, with a near-perfect 9.5/10 Mattress Advisor score for responsiveness. A mattress that reacts smoothly to your movement, as opposed to reacting against it, can make your tossing and turning less disturbing.

In Mattress Advisor testing, the Layla proved great for pressure relief (9/10) and solid in spine alignment (8/10). It’s also flippable, which makes it a versatile mattress. You can choose to sleep on the soft (4-5/10) or firm (7/10) side. We recommend that stomach sleepers use the firm side to get more lower back support.

Layla uses copper-infused memory foam in the softer and firmer sides. Copper has a great reputation for reducing joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness, which stomach sleepers are prone to experience in the lower back area. Each side also has a removable cover designed to promote temperature regulation. At the heart of the Layla is the Support Core, a 4-inch layer of durable polyfoam that helps the mattress resist sagging.

The standard price for a queen Layla mattress is quite affordable at $1,099. With the help of a Mattress Advisor discount or a holiday sale, you could pay even less.

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Loom & Leaf

loom leaf new e1591385424496
Loom & Leaf

Best Mattress for Spine Alignment

Best For

  • Heavier sleepers
  • Memory foam lovers
  • People who toss and turn
customer rating


our score



Relaxed firm: 6/10; Firm: 8/10

trial period

365 days

Loom & Leaf Highlights

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva earns a 9/10 Mattress Advisor score for spine alignment, a performance category that matters a great deal to stomach sleepers. A mattress that keeps the spine in a healthy alignment can help prevent a stomach sleeper’s lower back from sinking into a stressful “U” shape.

The 12-inch Loom & Leaf mattress has two firmness options: Firm (8/10) or Relaxed Firm (6/10). Both will work for stomach sleepers, it just depends on how much support and softness you are looking for in a mattress. The relaxed-firm mattress will be a better choice for people with sensitivity in the chest, hips, and other pressure points, as it provides a bit more soft cushion.

The Loom & Leaf mattress is topped with an organic cotton covering. Inside the mattress you’ll final cooling spinal gel, eco-friendly premium foam, and a dual-layer breathable support base.

The standard price for a queen Loom & Leaf mattress is $1,499, but it has a lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial. You can also can click the link below to get an exclusive Mattress Advisor discount.

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Leesa Hybrid

leesa hybrid mattrss
Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Best Mattress for Pain Relief

Best For

  • People with aches and pains
  • Restless sleepers
  • Couples
customer rating


our score



Medium-firm - firm: 7/10

trial period

100 days

Leesa Hybrid Highlights

The stomach sleeping position tends to put a lot of strain on the lower back, and for many stomach sleepers strain leads to pain. The highly rated Leesa Hybrid (9.4 Mattress Advisor score) is a strong candidate to help alleviate those aches, thanks in large part to its outstanding spine alignment and pressure-relieving qualities.

In Mattress Advisor testing, the Leesa Hybrid scores a perfect 10/10 for spine alignment. Factor in a 9/10 pressure relief score and you have a mattress that should do a great job of helping stomach sleepers maintain a healthy alignment during sleep as it supports pressure-sensitive areas, including the hips and neck.

The Leesa Hybrid’s memory foam, polyfoam, and innerspring layers are designed to work in concert to provide a balance of contouring and support. If you’re a plus-size sleeper, the hybrid model should support sleepers weighing up to 350 pounds.

Regular price for a queen-size Leesa Hybrid is $1,899, but discounts and sales have the potential to lower the cost considerably. Leesa’s 100-night sleep trial and 10-year mattress warranty are in line with the industry standard.

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Stomach Sleepers Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Stomach sleeping is the most rare position, so mattress aren’t always made with stomach sleeper’s needs in mind. As a unique sleeper, it’s important that you know exactly what to look for in a mattress and why it matters for your sleep and well-being.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over:

Why Stomach Sleepers Need a Good Mattress

Stomach sleeping is the rarest sleep position out there, accounting for only 7% of the adult population. People choose to sleep on their stomachs for a variety of reasons, from habit to comfort and pain relief, but like any other sleep position, most who choose it can’t imagine sleeping any other way.

Without the right mattress and pillow, this sleeping position can be really tough on your body. It puts a ton of pressure on your spine and chest, which may lead to back and neck pain, difficulty breathing, tingling nerves, pressure point pain and general achiness. The National Sleep Foundation even suggests that stomach sleepers try a new sleep position altogether.

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But we understand that’s a pretty steep request. Read on to learn which mattresses can provide optimal comfort and support in this position and more about what stomach sleepers should look for in a mattress.

What Type of Mattress Should Stomach Sleepers Sleep On?

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that supports their body to avoid sinkage and improper alignment in the spine. When you are buying a mattress as a stomach sleeper, two of the most important things to consider are firmness and construction.


Mattress firmness is a really important detail to consider when choosing a mattress for stomach sleeping. When you sleep on your stomach, your hips, chest, shoulders, and other body parts press into the mattress throughout the night.

To avoid pain at the pressure points and difficulty breathing, you’ll want to find a mattress that’s slightly soft on the top, but firm enough to provide spinal alignment. For this reason, a medium-firm mattress is usually the best bet for a stomach sleeper. The ideal mattress doesn’t allow you to sink in too deeply, but is still soft enough to provide relief at pressure points.

If you find yourself sinking into the mattress, you’re likely to wake up with a sore back. Sometimes, a firm mattress with a softer top layer will also do the trick.

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Materials and Construction

Multi-layered memory foam mattresses are usually comfortable for stomach sleepers, as they provide support while still lending comfort to pressure points. A firm mattress, such as one of our top picks for the best innerspring mattress, best latex mattress, or best hybrid mattress can still work, especially when it has a softer top layer.

On many mattresses, this soft top layer is important for reducing pressure on your joints. Whatever you choose, you’ll want something doesn’t break down too quickly, as a sagging mattress will not be comfortable for a stomach sleeper.

Stomach sleepers will also want to stay away from waterbeds and other mattresses with extremely soft surfaces or lingering depressions.

Spinal Alignment

Regardless of sleeping position, proper spinal alignment protects the spine and evenly distributes the weight of the body evenly. Stomach sleepers often find it difficult to find proper spinal alignment because a mattress too firm or too soft will lead to lower back pain.

Stomach sleepers should look for a balanced mattress that supports the natural curves of the body without causing the spine to dip or sink. Mattresses with zoned support layers provide softer support under the shoulders, for better pressure relief, and firmer support under the hips.

So the best mattress for stomach sleepers is:

  • Firm with a soft layer on top to provide pressure relief
  • Supportive of proper body alignment
  • Durable and does not sag

Sleeping Tips for Stomach Sleepers

Aside from trying to change your sleeping position (which trust us, isn’t easy), there are a few things stomach sleepers can do to alleviate pressure that’s placed on the head and neck in this position.

Here are three quick tips for sleeping better on your stomach:

  1. Use a thin pillow or no pillow at all. The flatter the pillow, the less angled your head and neck will be, which will protect your spine. Learn more by checking out our list of best pillows for stomach sleepers.
  2. Put a pillow under your pelvis. This will help keep your back in a more neutral position and take pressure off your spine.
  3. Stretch in the mornings. A few minutes of stretching will help get your body back in alignment and gently strengthen supporting muscles. Be sure to warm up with a little movement before stretching, and be gentle!

Our best advice, though, is to really start thinking about training your body to sleep in a new position (side or back).

A Closer Look at Our Selection Process

In choosing our best mattresses for stomach sleepers, we consider factors of particular importance for that sleeping position: testing scores for spine alignment and pressure relief, along with firmness. Here’s a look at how our selections stack up:

WinkBed 8.7
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid 8.7
Layla 8.0
Loom & Leaf 8.0
Leesa Hybrid 8.8

Note: The testing categories we focus on in this chart don’t reflect overall performance. Depending on your needs and preferences, you might put more (or less) value on particular qualities.

While stomach sleepers may not necessarily have picked the healthiest sleeping position, you still deserve comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. Remember, the best mattress for stomach sleepers with offer firm support, with a softer comfort layer on top. We hope this guide provides you with helpful tips on choosing a mattress that will give you just that.



What is the best mattress for a stomach and side sleeper?


Combination sleepers that rest on their stomachs and sides need a mattress that provides the best of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses with soft contouring under the shoulders and hips will provide deep pressure relief on the side. The coils will support the sleeper and keep the spine aligned when laying on the stomach.


Are memory foam toppers good for stomach sleepers?


Memory foam provides great pressure relief and can cushion the hips when resting on the stomach. As long as the topper doesn’t cause spinal misalignment and keeps the hips lifted, it will provide additional pressure relief. Some memory foam toppers also incorporate gel cooling beads to keep the sleeper cool.


How can I avoid sleeping on my stomach?


Using different types of pillows can help train your body to sleep in another position. A full body pillow or cervical pillow can help train your body to not sleep on your stomach. A positioning cushion will make it more difficult to sleep on your stomach and easier to sleep on your side.

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