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Why Memory Foam?


Ten years is on the high-end of a typical mattress lifespan (7-10 years). A memory foam mattress tends to hold its shape better over time – meaning you won’t see as much sagging or drooping as you might with an innerspring or coil mattress. They’re also constructed with a more durable base layer of foam that adds support and strength.


A memory foam mattress offers great lumbar support (good for people who suffer from back pain), pressure relief, and body contouring. It also significantly reduces motion transfer: so if your partner moves around a lot or gets up during the night, you won’t feel it.

Memory foam will hug your body more than other mattresses will and won’t provide as much bounce as other mattresses. You’ll feel more like you’re sleeping “in” the mattress, as opposed to “on” it, but there are varying firmness options to choose from if that’s an issue for you. This also means that your body weight will be distributed more evenly, which helps reduce soreness when you wake up.

It’s worth noting that an overwhelming majority of people who own a memory foam mattress are very pleased with their purchase. The overall customer satisfaction rating for memory foam mattresses is 80%.


Many memory foam mattresses are under $1,500. This doesn’t mean you’re cutting corners. Rather, the mattress brands are cutting out unnecessary fees by selling directly to you, the consumer. By eliminating a fancy showroom, commission-based salesmen, additional marketing and wholesale markups, they’re able to sell you a quality mattress for a fraction of in-store prices.

While buying a mattress online, sight unseen might sound risky, you can’t really tell if a mattress is right for you until you sleep on it for about 30 nights. So “testing it out” in a showroom won’t do you much good. The mattress brands we’ve included all come with generous trial periods (100+ nights) so you can decide if you like your mattress or not in the comfort of your own home. And if it doesn’t work out, you can return it for your money back.

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