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By Katie Dyal

Schoolwork, conducting business, and even free time activities are all done on computers today. The hours you spend engaged in digital media can take a toll on your health if you’re not conscious of the ergonomic need for raising your monitor to eye level. With so many options for monitor risers that do more than just provide neck, back and lumbar support, you’ll need some tips for purchasing the right product for you. 

Maybe your monitor riser needs to fit in with your home office décor. Maybe it needs to organize or help provide airflow for your computer. Get the most function and style out of the monitor riser you purchase with our list of best monitor risers below and our tips for how to choose the one that meets your unique needs.

The best monitor riser

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1home Wood Monitor Riser

Best wood

Natural and eco-friendly 

When you’re appointing your home office, an ergonomic monitor stand is every bit as important as the right throw pillows.

This black, matte-finished MDF wood monitor riser comes in two different sizes and raises your computer monitor a full 5.6 inches. Featuring two separate tiers and four non-slip pads for stability, this riser will hold up to 66 pounds of electronics. It also boasts a slot for your cellphone, a separate space-saving keyboard shelf that slides in and out, plus a hub to manage those unsightly cables. But the most user-friendly feature of this monitor is probably its easy assembly that includes only four boards to attach.

Why we love it:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Five-step assembly
  • Sliding keyboard drawer
Simple Houseware Metal Desk Monitor

Best metal

Sleek and organizing

If you’re looking for a modern, functional style in office space organization, you’ll love this black coated metal stand. 

At a practical 5.8 inches high, this riser lifts your monitor to an ergonomic viewing height that relieves back, neck and shoulder strain. It offers a sliding tray to organize files, paper, notebooks or envelopes. The four-sided storage compartments flank each side and are perfect for keeping your workspace clean and organized. Don’t want the drawer tray below? Just remove it and use on a shelf or store away until you need it.

Why we love it: 

  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Sleek black coating that wipes clean
  • Additional organization tray and compartments
Husky Mounts Monitor Riser

Best two pack

Versatile and changeable

As technology changes and you need to change your computer, having a versatile monitor riser is definitely a smart way to avoid additional expenses.

This option sports two separate riser stands that are sturdy, black metal construction. Use them separately to raise side-by-side computer monitors from four inches up to five and a half inches high or stack them on top of each other to gain a full 11 inches of rise. Since the legs are adjustable from four to five and a half inches, you can truly customize the height that really gives you the best ergonomic result. And an added bonus is the rubber padded legs provide nonslip security.

Why we love it: 

  • Customizable
  • Sturdy
  • Nonslip 
Superjare Monitor Riser

Best multifunctional 

Organize and adjust

The more variety and function you have to choose from for office supplies, the more productive and organized you can be.  

This riser really beats its competitors for functionality. Available in five different finish colors and with three interchangeable units, you have the option of building a riser solution that truly performs the way you need it to function. A simple screwdriver assembly makes installation a breeze and the maximum height of 4.64 inches offers a sleeker riser for your monitor.

Why we love it:

  • Flexible design
  • Easy assembly
  • Five finish colors
Simple Trending

Best drawer add-on 

Tidy and productive

Sometimes the key to real work efficiency is all in your ability to be organized. 

Made of modern metal construction and anti-slip suction cups on the legs, this riser brings ergonomics and organization together. With a built-in sliding drawer and four side storage pockets on the sides, you can stack monitor, computer, and desk supply all in one neat and tidy space. Versatile enough to use for gaming systems and printer supplies, you can maximize work or play efficiency with this monitor riser.

Why we love it:

  • Storage drawer and compartments
  • Simple metal construction
  • Optional two-pack purchase 
Huanuo Stand Riser

Best ventilated

Cooling and supporting

Gaming systems and computers that need plenty of airflow need an ergonomic riser with ventilation in mind. 

This product raises your monitor a full four inches and features key ventilation holes for airflow that will keep your game console or computer cool. Just connect the two included legs and your monitor riser is up and ready to go. Its solid steel construction will support up to 44 pounds securely and non-slip legs will hold your electronics secure while protecting your furniture. And if you need a little extra storage, use the lift space from the riser to store your keyboard or additional files and paper.

Why we love it:

  • Steel construction
  • Cooling
  • Easy assembly

How to find the best monitor riser

If you’re going to invest in a monitor riser that meets all your office and organization needs, take the time to consider what’s important to you. We suggest looking at material, height, storage, and weight capacity to help you narrow down the perfect choice for your workspace.

Material: The two basic offerings of material in risers are metal and wood. This is all about esthetics. What looks the most stylish and personal with your home or office décor? What reflects your personality more? Both are easily wiped clean so go with the material that speaks to your decorating plan.

Height: Some risers come in a single height while others are either adjustable or offer a second tier to attach. If your workspace chair or desk needs a boast that’s higher than the typical four to five-inch rise, you should consider risers that are more adjustable or offer a second, attachable tier. 

Storage: Are you a streamlined, digital-only worker? Or do you need office supplies, texts, and files? If you’re a minimalist, go for a riser that is sleek with few drawers or storage compartments. But if you need the extras to stay organized, you’ll benefit from the more versatile risers.

Weight capacity: If you’re a creative worker or a gamer in need of a larger monitor, considering the maximum weight capacity of the riser you choose is essential. You’ll also need to factor in the weight capacity of a two-tier choice if you’re planning to double mount some of the options that feature two separate risers to combine. 


Now that you know how many options you have to choose from when selecting a monitor riser, you’ll be prepared to decide which ones are the most significant to you. The perfect monitor riser for your desk could very well be waiting in the list you have above. Happy shopping!

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